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Fanfic: The magic what????

The magic what?

By Marea67
Scotty, Jordan, Mario, Quinn, Ted and John.... And Kevin/Scotty
Rate: just read the story.... I'm too lazy to think about this.
Disclaimer: written with love, not for money.
Summary: The lobster/champagne scene haunts me and I was feeling silly.

And it is allowed to leave a comment, if you like the story... or even if you don't. :)


Jordan is the only one to really notice that Scotty’s mind is not exactly on their evening out. Scotty, Jordan, Mario and Quinn have joined up with Ted and John at Quinn's place to have their regular evening together. A night to gossip, eat, drink and have fun, but while the others are loud and they are joking around, Scotty isn’t his usually bright smiling self.

“Scotty, are you alright?” Jordan asks suddenly. Scotty seems startled to have been called away from his thoughts.
“Yes. Sorry. Just a bit tired, ‘s all.” He answers. With the others now looking at him as well, Scotty begins to feel a bit uncomfortable. “Really. I’m just tired. I have a lot on my mind.” He tries to explain, only realizing his stupidity after his words have left his mouth.

Now, of course, they’ll want to know what his problem is.
“What’s the problem? Can we help?” Mario asks.
“No… It’s just… Something happened… And I can’t seem to make up my mind about what to do next.” Scotty sighs. Jordan is the first to get it.

“Is it that Kevin again?” The look on Scotty’s face proves that he has guessed right. Jordan sighs. “What has the spawn of Satan done this time?”
“Nothing. It was my own stupidity.”
“Yeah right.” Mario isn’t convinced.

“Three nights ago, I came home with lobster and champagne. It hadn’t been used for a birthday-party… And Kevin and I had a few drinks… And…”
“Scotty, did he get you drunk again?” John asks.
“No. Yes. No. I mean, I got drunk on my own. And so did he. On his own.”

“What happened?” Jordan’s eyes narrow, he can guess.
“We had sex.” A collective gasp goes through the others and Scotty hears exclamations of ‘Oh, no!’, ‘Well, that was stupid’ and ‘How could you?!’. He hardly dares to look up.
“Scotty, he’s dating somebody else!” Mario says shocked. “You’re the one who always says that we shouldn’t screw around with someone else’s guy!”

“Somehow that never applies to Kevin.” Jordan reacts, immediately throwing Scotty an angry look, because Scotty has kicked him in the shins. The warning glance that Scotty throws him in return, reminds Jordan of the fact that he’s the only one in this group who knows about Kevin’s relationship with Chad Barry and that Kevin and Scotty had slept together during that Valentine’s night.

“Kevin has a relationship with some minister, right?” Ted asks.
“Yes….” Scotty answers. “He did. Not anymore though. He and Jason broke up.”
“O!.. M!... G!... Because of you and him?” John asks in fake shock.
“Sort of…” Scotty answers vaguely.

“That poor guy. Found out that Kevin had betrayed his trust by doing it with someone else and he broke up with Kevin…” Mario deduces, obviously feeling some sympathy for Jason. It reminds Scotty of the fact that Mario and his latest boyfriend broke up because the man couldn’t keep his hands off other guys.

“Not exactly. Kevin broke up with him.” Scotty answers. Jordan sits up a bit straighter than before.
“Because of you?” He asks.
“Because of me.” Scotty answers.

“Why? What exactly does he want from you?”
“He wants to be back in a relationship with me.” Scotty carefully looks from one to the other. “And I think that he thinks that he means it.”
“But you think that he could be wrong?” Jordan now wants to know.

“I don’t know. It’s hard to decide. Is it because of me? Is he feeling guilty because we slept together? Or that I was just… ‘a warm body after lobster dinner’…” Scotty laughs cynically although the others probably don’t know why. “What will happen if Jason comes back? And they are face-to-face again? He seemed so much in love with Jason. He worked so hard to make it work.”

“Without much success, if I recall correctly?” Jordan points out. “How did he call him again?”
“Reverend God-forbid-I-call-you-back.” Scotty shrugs.
“Yes. Doesn’t sound like someone still madly in love… More like someone who’s bitterly disappointed.”

“What I don’t get is: Why do you keep falling that guy? He’ll hurt you again. He always manages to make you miserable.” Mario points his straw at Scotty, but the way the straw is twirling it would appear that Mario isn’t all that sober anymore. “So why put yourself in a position to get hurt all over again?”

“Guy must have a magic dick.” Ted replies, making Scotty choke on his drink and making the other just look at Ted with an astounded look on their faces. Ted is usually the most quiet of them all, so for him to come with such a remark leaves them all flabbergasted. Ted looks from one to the other, before softly continuing:

“What?! Some guys have that thing that makes everyone just gaga over them? And perhaps this Kevin is one of them? Magic dick?”
“Magic dick?... Just a dick, I’d think.” Jordan mumbles under his breath. “Care to illuminate us?” He now teasingly turns to Scotty who’s still trying to clean his drink from his shirt.

At first Scotty has no idea what to say, but then he shrugs.
“Magic? … What is magic? Magic would be too big a word for it…. Don’t get me wrong… It all works just fine and I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. Not a single one. But magic? Not exactly.”

“That was too much info.” Jordan says.
“Shouldn’t have asked.” Scotty answers, while slowly a smile comes to his face. “I should really enjoy what I can get, while I can get it, right?”
“Yep.” Mario nods.

“Would he really want to be back with me?” Scotty wonders.
“He’d be an idiot not to.” Mario answers.
“Kevin is no idiot.” Scotty says.
“Then you have your answer.” Ted points out philosophically.


Scotty tries to be as quiet as possible, but he hits his toe on the foot of the bed and an exclamation of pain, followed by a muffled curse, wakes up Kevin.
“Back from your night out?” Kevin turns on the light, so Scotty can see where he’s going.
“Yes. Go back to sleep.” Scotty answers sweetly.

“Kiss goodnight first.” Kevin orders, pulling Scotty closer, tasting the sweet alcoholic drinks on Scotty’s lips. “I think I’m getting drunk by proxy here. How much did you drink?”
“Too much.” Scotty admits, giving in to the warm mouth on his shoulder.

He runs his fingers through Kevin’s hair.
“I want you.” He whispers and Kevin grins.
“And then you’ll tell your friends of how I took advantage of your drunkenness?”
“Probably.” Scotty answers, hushing Kevin up with a deep warm kiss.

Kevin pushes Scotty over, so he ends up on his back. Kevin seems to be coordinated enough to get Scotty’s shirt open and Scotty sighs when Kevin’s mouth finds a path on his chest, the one that only Kevin seems to know about, the one that turns Scotty on like crazy… Scotty pushes up his lower body, giving a clear indication of where he wants to Kevin’s mouth to end up.

He moans when Kevin unbuckles his pants, but then Kevin suddenly stops.
“Maybe I should be more careful…. Your friends already seem to hate me…” Kevin teases.
“No, they don’t. They think you have a magic dick.” Scotty moans. Kevin had resumed kissing Scotty’s chest and belly, but this answer leaves Kevin to look up.

“What?” He asks. Scotty wants to pull Kevin’s head down again, but Kevin tears his head away. “I have a what?”
“Don’t matter. Pllllllease don’t stop!” Scotty makes another effort to get Kevin to go on.
“No. It matters to me. What have you told them about me?”

“Nothing.” Scotty moans, but Kevin lets his thumb slide over Scotty’s swollen cock.
“Tell me or I’ll stop.” He threatens playfully. The little noise of shock and disappointment that Scotty makes is too cute and so Kevin teasingly moves his fingers again. “What were they thinking again? And why were they thinking that…?”

Distracted by Kevin’s occasionally teasing strokes and touches, which take him out of this story, Scotty tells Kevin about the conversation he had tonight.
“So they think I can make you go gaga? I have a magic dick?” Kevin can’t help but laugh, but then, with one tug he pulls down the remaining clothes on Scotty body.

“Maybe I should find out how crazy I can make you?” His lips caress Scotty’s hard cock teasingly. “What do you think?” The inarticulate sound that comes from Scotty’s lips reveal how much he anticipates what is about to come. “Yeah, I thought you’d like that.” Kevin grins and he lowers his head.

He can feels Scotty’s fingers in his hair, as he brings Scotty closer to his orgasm. Scotty encourages him with little sounds and by pushing his body up to Kevin’s mouth. Just when Scotty is about to come, Kevin stops, much to Scotty’s deep disappointment. Out of breath and slightly confused by the sudden stop, Scotty looks at Kevin with confusion in his eyes.

Kevin reaches for the nightstand and when he comes back he kisses Scotty’s lips.
“I think that I know who has the magic dick between us…. And I want to feel it inside me… Now!” Kevin hands Scotty the lube. Scotty and Kevin look at each other, both feeling very giddy.

“We’re so weird.” Scotty grins and they both start to giggle at the same time. Their kisses are playful and when Scotty is ready, Kevin reaches for the light-switch. Beyond this point Scotty knows exactly what to do and as he turns over to his belly, Kevin smiles in the dark.


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