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welcome to my fantasies
Not sure what to think.... 
17th-Mar-2016 11:45 am
the americans ps 02
... should I just stop watching "The Americans" and just bingewatch the episodes, once this season is over? During the last episode (4.01) I must have checked the counter at least 4 times to check if the episode was still not over, that is how bored I was.

Can't ignore the fact that Matthew is doing a wonderful job and he is a joy to watch, I love how Philip seems to become more fractured with each episode and that it seems to go on in the new season, but he can't carry the show on his own.

The only thing that still slightly fascinates me is his relationship with Martha, which is FAR more interesting than the one (or lack thereof) with Elizabeth. I've grown to care too little for the other characters. Paige, the invisible son, Stan, Nina, The FBI, The Residentura are  all too insignificant and uninteresting.

Not sure anymore if it's still worth my while to sit through it.

Maybe I'm just disappointed, because yesterday I caught up with "The Blacklist" and at first I wasn't sure if I wanted to catch up, because I hadn't been too impressed with the last 2 episodes before the winter-break, but I got caught up and every episode had me BEG for the next. It's a feeling that The Americans just never gives me.

If Matthew weren't in it, I would have given up on this show, by the 4th or 5th episode or something. The only thing that keeps going back is the wonderful job that Matthew does.

I'm really in doubt.
18th-Mar-2016 11:18 am (UTC)
I'm sorry you don't like it. But that's the thing with TV shows: some you love, others not so much. I want to like a whole bunch of shows that everyone else loves, but it's just not happened.

Maybe wait until the season is over and watch all of it in one go, so that you can skip the bits (with the less interesting actors) you don't care much for?
18th-Mar-2016 09:00 pm (UTC)
Yes, I've been thinking the same. Matthew is phenomenal in playing Philip, I can see the acting skills, but the show... sigh.. Guess, I'm just not someone for spy-business. Give me death, murder and mayhem on other levels anytime. :)

I agree, there are shows that 'everybody loves', but that I, for the life of me, can't get in to. Friends or Aly McBeal for instance. My colleagues LOVED them, next day they'd be talking about them and how good they were, and I couldn't understand why. They weren't 'bad', just 'not my cup of tea'.

Sigh. Once a weirdo, always a weirdo, I suppose. ;)
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