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The Americans season 4 episode titles and synopsis


Episode 4.01 - Glanders
Picking up on the heels of last season’s finale, the season 4 premiere of The Americans sees Philip and Elizabeth dealing with the fallout of all they’ve wrought. What will happen when the FBI finds out about Gene’s suicide? How will Pastor Tim deal with the revelation that they are Russian spies? And will they be able to handle a dangerous, new bioweapons assignment?
Written by Joel Fields & Joe Weisberg; directed by Thomas Schlamme.

Episode 4.02 - Pastor Tim
Philip tries with increasing desperation to get rid of a sensitive and dangerous package as family tensions in the Jennings House reach a boiling point when Paige shares a secret of her own.
Written by Joel Fields & Joe Weisberg; directed by Chris Long.

Episode 4.03 - Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow
(Airs March 30, 10:00 pm e/p) – Paige copes with new burdens that come with her family’s secret – as Philip and Elizabeth struggle to contain their cover without destroying their daughter.
Written by Stephen Schiff; directed by Kevin Dowling.

Episode 4.04 - Chloramphenicol
(Airs April 6, 10:00 pm e/p) – A devastating flaw during a mission forces Philip, Elizabeth, William and Gabriel to confront the depths of their patriotism… and their mortality. In Russia, in striving to be a better person, has Nina put her life on the line?
Written by Tracey Scott Wilson; directed by Stephen Schwartz.

Episode 4.05 - Clark’s Place
(Airs April 13, 10:00 pm e/p) – Philip must consider his life with Martha and make a crushing choice from which there is no coming back.
Written by Peter Ackerman; directed by Noah Emmerich.

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