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So, it didn't go as fast and as smoothly as I had wanted but:

- I've created a post for all my stories of 2016 and added a link to the first story of this year.
- I've updated my all stories of 2015. All 21 stories/chapters written last year are posted with links. (Not bad for someone who didn't think she'd write another B&S story. :) )
- I've lifted the restriction on leaving comments. It had been set to 'registered users only' after I got spammed too much. For now it will be possible for 'everybody' to leave comments. However, if the spamming return I will change this again to 'registered users only'.

Also regarding the side-box on right:
- My "LINKS-LIST TO MY STORIES" has been updated with 2016 as well.
- My "LINKS" now also has a link to "Sylviane's stories", which are basically my non B&S stories
- And there's a link to my personal blog "Difficult is good", though I've been a bit quiet lately... :P
- I've deleted the link to Ioan Gruffudd's forum ioanzone, as the place seems to be rather inactive.

Hoping to be able to post some more B&S/K&S stories soon! :)

Tags: 2016, marea67 - all sorts of things

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