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Fanfic: Running away for Christmas 10/10

Running away for Christmas 10/10

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: Well, if I'd tell you, you wouldn't have to read it.... ;)






Kevin wakes up when Scotty carefully gets back in bed. The mattress moves somewhat and Kevin turns over.
“’Morning.” He hums. Scotty smiles.
“’Morning.” Scotty moves closer to kiss him and Kevin lets him.

“Look what I found…” Scotty dangles the mistletoe over Kevin’s head. “Merry Christmas…”
“Really? This early in the morning and you already want to take advantage of me?” Kevin asks teasingly.

“Yes, I want to take advantage of you...” Scotty answers without hesitation. “But it will have to wait until later, because first I want breakfast, but the coffee isn’t ready yet.” He snuggles up to Kevin and Kevin puts an arm around him.

“Something smells good. What it is it?”
“Made cupcakes, but I couldn’t find all the ingredients I wanted, had to settle for what they had, and lost the fight with the oven…” He holds up his finger showing a clear sign that he had burnt himself.

“Awww, poor baby.” Kevin coos and he takes the finger to place a kiss on it. “Better now?”
“Not quite…. Do it again?”
“You know that this will lead to us not eating cupcakes anytime soon?”

“They’ll have to wait another 15 minutes anyway….” Scotty suggests.
“Why didn’t you say so?” Kevin turns Scotty on his back and begins to kiss him even though they both know that morning sex usually doesn’t bring much satisfaction, but it’s been so much fun to play and tease and rediscover each other these last few days.

A sharp alarm puts an end to their playing though, without either man getting what they want.
“Hold that thought…” Scotty says with regret, letting his thumb slide along Kevin’s hard cock. “I have to get to the cupcakes, before they burn.”

“Come back to bed as quick as possible.” Kevin begs.
“I have a better idea. Why don’t you pour the coffee while I rescue the cupcakes?” Scotty asks and though Kevin’s face shows that he preferred to wait for Scotty’s return, Scotty reaches out to Kevin nonetheless and helps him up.

Kevin quickly puts on his pajama-pants and follows Scotty to the kitchen only to find a nicely made up breakfast-table. Coffee, tea, cupcakes, bread, orange juice, jam, maple syrup.… It’s all there. Scotty may have a few cupcakes in oven, but he had already made a entire batch earlier and it smells heavenly in the kitchen.

“Merry Christmas..” Scotty whispers as he takes Kevin in his arms.
“This is lovely, baby.” Kevin shows his gratitude with delightfully long kiss.
“I should make breakfast for you more often… If you always say ‘thank you’ this way…” Scotty moans between 2 kisses.

“First let’s see if it tastes as good as it looks….” Kevin grins as he takes a step back. He could feel that Scotty is getting very excited. And he wants to keep Scotty that way. Just a bit aroused and wanting more.
“I hate you.” Scotty knows exactly that Kevin is playing with him.

While they have their breakfast, they flirt and every sentence practically becomes one with double entendre. They laugh and talk, grinning when they feet end up touching and playing with each other under the table. Like a couple of teenagers on a first crush they giggle, but they also dare each other to take it further.

Until Kevin puts his cup down.
“It’s cold outside. We’re not expecting anyone… Why don’t we leave the breakfast for what it is and go back to bed….?”
“I thought you’d never ask….” Scotty answers.


Scotty cries out as Kevin brings him closer to his orgasm. His hands are in Kevin’s hair, pushing down his head. He gasps when Kevin’s fingers caress him. His body aches with the need for release, but Kevin isn’t letting him go.

It feels like they’ve been having sex for hours, not that Scotty is complaining. He begs Kevin to go on and Kevin complies. Scotty closes his eyes so tightly that tears start to form. And, suddenly, it all needs is that one last touch, that one second, to tip the scale and Scotty finally lets go…


“I can’t remember the last time we had this much sex…” Scotty sighs.
“I don’t think we ever had, not even after we had gotten back together.”
“Though … way back then, we had no trouble with being more spontaneous…”

“True.” Kevin nods.
“Remember that afternoon, when a meeting got cancelled and you came home just to have sex with me and then go back to the office?”
“Oh, those were the days…” Kevin reminiscences.

“Now that Daniel will be going to school, can we perhaps become a bit more spontaneous again?” Scotty wonders.
“You mean: have sex at two in the afternoon …?” Kevin wants to know. Scotty nods. “I don’t know… I’m not sure I still remember how to do that.”

“What? And now I´m supposed to remind you.. Again?! ...  You’re insatiable!”
“And you love it. Even though you´ve created a monster….” Kevin immediately acknowledges with a smile.
“I’m not complaining.” Scotty wants it to be clear.
“Didn’t think you would be.” Kevin takes Scotty in his arms and kisses him again.


“I love this sweater, I swear I do.” Kevin holds up the sweater with the reindeer print high enough that the sleeves don’t end up on his dinner-plate. The sweater is hideously tacky, slightly too big and in screaming colors, but quite warm too. From across the table Scotty looks at him with tears of laughter in his eyes.

“I knew you’d hate it, but it was too difficult to resist buying one for you.”
“I will wear it whenever we meet your friends. And I’ll tell them how my loving husband picked this one for me personally. Just to show me how much he loves me… and to prove his fashion-sense.” Kevin promises.

“Don’t you dare!” laughs Scotty. “I want you to wear it only for me, so I can undress you as quickly as possible.”
“I’m going to hold you to that!” Kevin leans in and kisses Scotty’s lips. The kiss is a bit longer than is required, but eventually they both sit down again.

“This is lovely as well.” Scotty sighs. Kevin has given Scotty a cook-book with all sorts of suggestions of how to use maple-syrup, something that Scotty turns out to have fallen absolutely in love with. “But some of these aren’t good for your diet…” He teases.
“Let me guess. You’ll sacrifice yourself and eat them on my behalf?”

“I just might…”
“How courageous of you…” Kevin laughs. “You know that I won’t let you, right. We’ll fight!”
“I know… but think of the make-up sex we’ll have. It will be glorious..” Scotty winks.

“Oh, we don’t have to fight to have great sex. Make-up or otherwise.” Kevin points out.
“Prove it…” Scotty dares him.
“Old age… Memory isn’t what it used to be…” Scotty reminds him.

“Oooooh, rrrriiiiight…” Kevin nods, all understanding now. “But what about dessert?”
“Afterwards…” Scotty tells him. Kevin reaches out to him and takes Scotty’s hand to go back to the mattress.
“Don’t forget to bring that mistletoe…” Kevin grins.


“You’re right… Sex is always good between us. Make up or otherwise…” Scotty sighs. They’ve decided not to get dressed again and share a bucket of ice-cream in bed.
“Merry Christmas, sweetheart.” Kevin mumbles, stealing a quick kiss.
“Merry Christmas.” Scotty replies, stealing the kiss right back.


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