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Fanfic: Running away for Christmas 09/10

Running away for Christmas 09/10

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: Well, if I'd tell you, you wouldn't have to read it.... ;)




2 days to Christmas


The snowball hits Scotty in the back of the neck, giving him a brutal wake up. With a yell he sits up.
“What the….?” He looks up to see Kevin laughing so hard that he’s crying. “Did you do that?” He fumes.
“Sorry.” Hiccups Kevin with laughter. “… but that was too big a temptation to let it pass.”

“I hate you.” Scotty grumbles, but he can’t prevent the little smile that curls around his mouth.
“I’ll make it up to you… I promise hereby that I will make love to you all day….”

Scotty wouldn't mind if he did, but he sweetly reminds Kevin:
“Nice idea, but have you forgotten that I will fly back today?”
“Not a chance.” Kevin informs him.

“We can’t go anywhere. We’re completely snowed in. Fortunately, the oldies-station has suddenly decided to become more of a news-station. And they have given bulletins explaining the sudden snowfall and how numerous places are cut off from the outside world. That includes us.”

“We’re snowed in? But …. Last night there wasn’t that much snow, just a small layer.”
“Well, not anymore.” Kevin replies cheerfully. Scotty gets up to check. Looking through the window he can see the entire world has become white.
“This is beautiful…” Scotty says, he’s in awe by the view.

“Yes, it is. It also means that we’re not going anywhere. For now at least. I hear that snowplows are working as hard as possible to clear the roads, but I assume it will take a while for them to get here. We’re not that important… We have enough food and hot drinks to keep us warm. There’s enough wood for the fire-place as well. Nothing to worry about.”

“I wasn’t worried.” Scotty quickly gets dressed and he follows Kevin into the kitchen. When he sees Kevin make scrambled eggs, his stomach starts to growl. He’s actually rather hungry.
“Here you go, sweetheart.” Kevin offers him the eggs and he leans over for a kiss.

“Are you sure you don’t want any for yourself?”
“In a bit. I have to think of you first…. Considering we’ll make love all day, you need something extra.” Kevin winks.
“Oh, riiiiiiiiiight…” Scotty pretends to be enlightened by the explanation.


For the first time in a long time they have breakfast together, in peace and quiet. At first it feels odd to both of them and they can’t help but occasionally glance at each other and grin.
“I feel like I’m skipping school or something.” Scotty eventually says.

“Yes, I know the feeling. When was the last time we actually had time to sit down and have breakfast together like this? No kids, just each other, no rushing, just…” Kevin doesn’t know how to finish his sentence. Scotty’s hand slides over his.

“Now, how about that love-making you promised me? That has been a while as well. Making love this late in the morning?”
“Shouldn’t we clear up first?” Kevin teases the ever-cleaning cook in Scotty.
“Are you crazy? It’s time off! …. First we get dirty, then we clean up.” Scotty grins.


Later that day


Kevin turns to his back.
“That was amazing.” He sighs.
“I agree. There’s nothing like sex at 4 in afternoon.” Scotty pulls up the blanket around them and Kevin turns to his side to wrap his arm around Scotty.

“And I have missed this too, just enjoying lying in a bed with you in my arms.” Scotty tells Kevin sweetly, stealing a quick kiss. It’s the third time they made love today, for lack of something better to do, but also because they finally have the freedom to do so without getting interrupted by someone or something.

“Yes. It’s not like I regret having the kids or a lot of work, but sometimes it means that I miss out on quality time with you. Especially the spontaneous moments.”
“On the other side, if we wouldn’t have the kids, work and family, we’d never realize how important moments like these are.” Scotty points out. Kevin raises his head.

“Since when are you suddenly the practical one?”
“Since you started talking about creepy things like ‘feelings’…” Scotty teasingly pulls on one of Kevin’s curls.
“I know, I should cut my hair.”

“No! Definitely not! I like it this long.”
“Starting to look like a poodle again.”
“But I love those curls.” Scotty pouts. “For me?”
“Alright. Just a few days longer. Until we get back to LA.” Kevin promises.

“I love that about you….” Scotty kisses Kevin again, but then rolls off the mattress.
“Where are you going?” Kevin asks.
“Making us something to eat. Don’t know about you, but all that love-making is making me hungry.”

Kevin rolls over to the other side of the bed, relishing the warmth that Scotty has left.
“I should make coffee….” He sighs.
“I’ll make us some.” Scotty promises. But when he returns 15 minutes later he finds Kevin, naked on the bed, in a deep sleep. He smiles and puts down the coffee and sandwiches. It can wait.


“So, you’re completely snowed in?” Chad asks. “Will Kevin and Scotty be snowed in as well?”
“Probably. You know your uncle’s cabin.” Chris answers. “I don’t think I’ll be flying them anywhere any time soon.”

“That means they won’t be home for Christmas. I feel a bit guilty.”
“Wasn’t that the initial plan?” Chris asks.
“Well, yes. But I was being selfish. I had no right to take away their choice to come home. I just wanted them to have some time to get back together.”

“You meant well, I suppose.”
“I need you to do something for me… I need you to go up there with your snowplow and set them free, so they can either get home or get everything they need to get for a good and comfortable Christmas.”

“And of course all expenses will be paid by you?”
“Naturally.” Chad rolls his eyes. As if Chris had to do this for nothing! “Put it on my account. I will pay for them, just like I’ve always paid for my uncle.”
“I’ll see what I can do.” Chris promises.


Kevin and Scotty never knew that you could get so tired from doing absolutely nothing but making love, read a book, talk, conjuring up a meal or just sleeping. But it’s hardly nine o’clock, night has fallen and both of them are too worn out to stay awake any longer. And with Scotty’s arms tightly around him, Kevin is the first to fall asleep and Scotty isn’t far behind him.


1 day to Christmas


It’s the roaring of the snowplow that gets Scotty’s attention first.
“Sounds like it’s getting closer.” He puts aside his book and opens the door. He immediately recognizes Chris as the pilot who had brought them here. “Can we help you?” He asks.

“I think I’d better ask that question to you. Chad had ordered to clear a path to the cabin, so you can go into town if you need to. But there’s still not much chance that you can get back home before Christmas though. I’m not flying anyone anywhere until at least the 27th.” Chris explains.

“I’m sure we’ll live.” Scotty grins.
“I hope it’s not too much of an inconvenience.” Chris says, now that he sees Scotty, and Kevin appearing behind him, he feels a tad bit guilty for lying to the two men. Scotty shakes his head though.

“It’s alright. It’s fine. It would be nice if we could go into town and get some extra things for Christmas, but other than that we’re fine where we are.”
“Not too cold?”
“No. We can manage just fine.” Kevin replies.

“Well, you can go into town now. The roads are still slippery here and there and they’ve predicted more snow tonight. So, maybe, you’d better get a room at the hotel there?”
“We’re fine here.” Kevin answers with confidence.
“Any message I can give Chad?”

“Just tell him that we’re very grateful for his help.” Scotty says with a huge smile. Chris nods and he’s off again. Scotty turns to Kevin. “Path has been cleared, we can get to the main road again. Chris thought that we might want to go home today, I hope that’s alright with you that I told him ‘no’?”

“It is with me. I had planned to stay a little longer anyway. But you? Café 429?”
“Can wait. Once we’re in town and we can use our telephones, we should call home though. Talk to Nora, Saul…. The kids.”
“We will. Your car or mine?”

“We’ll take both and bring one back. I can’t see any reason to continue to hire two cars, when we only need one. And I want to get some last-minute groceries.”
“Busy day ahead. Let’s go…” Kevin suggests and they return to the house to get their keys and get moving.


They find a table at the diner and order a hamburger, fries and coffee.
“Did we forget anything? I feel like we should have made a list.” Kevin smiles.
“Well, let’s see. I’ve spoken to Saul and Café 429 is doing great. I have nothing to worry about, he says. So, I’ll take his word for it.” Scotty shrugs.

He has no idea how adorable he looks with red cheeks and nose, his eyes full of energy and his hair sticking in all directions because he just has just pulled his woolly hat from his head and his hair is static. Kevin has to use all his self-control to not kiss him right there.
“I called Chad to let him know we’re alright.” Kevin nods, that he hasn’t forgotten.

“We both called Nora, spoke to the kids, they’ll have their gifts. So they’ll be fine as well.” Scotty nods. "I’ve managed to get us some nice food for Christmas… Well, mostly leftovers, because a lot has been sold out, but I can make a good meal out of what I could still buy, I’m sure.”

“Me too.” Kevin nods, having faith in Scotty’s cooking. They both laugh at their little conversation. “Bought you a little gift.”
“Sneaky! I like that… Don’t worry, I did the same. What would Christmas be without a gift or two? Though I have to say that the choice was rather limited.”

“I won’t complain, whatever it is. Promise.” Kevin’s fingers slide over Scotty’s. Their eyes meet. “Can we go home now? I want to be with you.” His voice and eyes tell Scotty that it’s more than just being together that Kevin wants. Scotty nods. They quickly pay their bill and leave the diner, ready to get back and enjoy some more quality time with each other.


Night falls, but this time Kevin and Scotty aren’t that tired. They’ve both bought some Christmas-ornaments and they found a little Christmas-tree that was still unsold. It isn’t much, but the house isn’t big, they didn’t have much preparation, so they will have to do with what they have.

Still, once Scotty turns on the lights in the tree, there’s a nice glow to the tree. It puts them in a Christmas-mood, something that neither had really felt so far, because they had been so busy with their own problems. Now, at least, they can smile at each other with expectation in their eyes.

They put their presents under the tree. It’s the smallest Christmas they’ve ever had. No family, no large dinner, no billions of gifts under the tree, but they’re happy and when Scotty finally takes Kevin in his arms and kisses him, Kevin can’t wait for Scotty to turn the lights off, so they can celebrate their love just one more time.



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