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Fanfic: Running away for Christmas 08/10

Running away for Christmas 08/10

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty and a bit of Chad and Chris, the pilot
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: Well, if I'd tell you, you wouldn't have to read it.... ;)




Still 3 days to Christmas


They clear up the table and Scotty takes some hot water to get the dishes ready to be washed. Meanwhile, Kevin prepares some coffee for them to drink. With the coffee slowly brewing, Kevin helps Scotty by drying the dishes and putting them in place. He’s amused by how good this feels.

“I used to hate to have to help mom do the dishes.” Kevin confesses. Scotty smiles.
“Not my hobby either, but without a dishwasher, we have no choice but to keep it clean, if we want to continue to eat. Chad’s uncle didn’t waste money on kitchen-ware. Unless he has a secret stash somewhere, I count 4 dishes and 4 glasses.”

“On the other hand, we have a bazillion coffee-cups.” Kevin points out.
“Yeah, I don’t get that either. I counted at least eighteen of them.” Scotty  agrees.
“Maybe he ate a lot of soup.” Kevin suddenly thinks out loud. "That's what my father used to do when we were alone. He'd open up a can of soup."

“Oh, that could be it. We should ask Chad, when we speak to him.”
“So, are you going back home? I need to stay here perhaps a day or two more, but I can imagine that you want to go back to Café 429 before Christmas. To make sure that everyone has a decent dinner.”
“I don’t know. I feel like I’d be running away again.” Scotty shrugs at his indecisiveness.

“Don’t wait because of me. I was acting like a fool. I should never have reacted the way I did. You’re needed at the restaurant and I need to do my job and report back to Chad. So, please, go. It will be alright. We’re good.”
“Are you sure?”

“Then I’ll call this Chris first thing in the morning, and ask him if he can fly me back to Ontario and I’ll see how I get back to LA after that.”
“Good.” Kevin nods that he agrees with Scotty’s choice and together they finish washing the last dishes.

Scotty insists on quickly cleaning up the rest of the kitchen as well. To put a bit of extra energy in their work they turn the music a bit louder. Rock ‘r’ roll takes over from the twist and “Blueberry Hill” gets replaced by the “Black hills of Dakota” until “Sentimental Journey” ends with “Arriverderci Roma” .

“I have to say that I love that music. It reminds me of my father. He always played this old music.” Kevin sighs.
“He did?” Scotty asks. With all the negative stories he has heard of William this somehow surprises him.

“They’re the songs of his teenage-years. Dad listened a lot to the radio I assume. He would always know the song and the singer, when he’d hear a song on the radio.”
“Did he have a favorite?” Scotty asks and Kevin has to think this over, before he can answer.

“Don’t really know. I’ve always suspected that he was more interested in songs than artists. And it's not like he many records at home. He preferred listening to the radio… But I think he had secret little crush on Doris Day. He knew an awful lot of her songs. And because of that, I know a lot of her songs as well.”
“How gay!” Scotty teases.

“Don’t think Dad ever saw it that way.” Kevin laughs too. “Finished your coffee?”
“Yes.” Scotty hands Kevin his cup for Kevin to clear and he watches how Kevin moves around in the kitchen. “I had forgotten how sexy you are.”
“Me? Sexy? In this old apron?” Kevin waves the orange apron up and down.

“It matches your eyes perfectly.”  Scotty jokes.
“You’re obviously colorblind.” Kevin takes off the orange apron and puts it on the table. As he walks over to Scotty the radio switches to “Only you” by The Platters. Scotty switches off the big light in the kitchen, leaving the kitchen only lit by a small light above the counter.

“Can I have this dance?” Scotty asks, way too formally, with a little bow. Kevin takes Scotty’s hand and lets himself be pulled closer, and they gently sway along to the music. Scotty’s strong arms seem to cocoon Kevin in a love that he had almost forgotten existed. The whole world seems right to him again.

“Only you can make this change in me, for it's true, you are my destiny, when you hold my hand I understand the magic that you do, You're my dream come true, my one and only you.”
Words had never seemed more true to Kevin. Scotty means more to him than he could ever express.

Scotty’s strong hands slide down Kevin’s back, pulling him even closer to his own body. They gently sway to the music, bodies close to each other, for one moment the entire world around them is forgotten. Scotty places a little kiss just under Kevin’s ear and Kevin raises his head, lips parting. Their kiss is warm and sweet.

They stop dancing, too busy kissing to remember how they should be moving to the music.
“I want you.” Scotty whispers when the music stops and another song is about to start. Kevin looks at the fireplace where they have dragged the mattress to.

Their bed is waiting for them. He looks back at Scotty, a question in his eyes.
“Make love to me tonight.” Kevin’s voice is soft, but Scotty can hear him loud and clear. Holding Kevin’s hand in his, he guides Kevin to the bed, where he kisses Kevin once more.

His hands slip under Kevin’s sweater and Kevin moans softly when those fingertips caress their way up his spine. Scotty lifts up the sweater and pulls it over Kevin’s head, then he takes off the t-shirt as well, exposing Kevin’s naked torso to the cooler room. Kevin shivers and Scotty immediately takes Kevin in his arms again.

He holds him as close as he can while they continue their kisses. He gently pushes Kevin down on the mattress and his kisses move from Kevin’s lips to the side of his neck. Kevin runs his fingers through Scotty’s hair and guides Scotty’s face further down. He arches up under Scotty’s touches and kisses.

Scotty takes his time. He kisses his way down Kevin’s arm until he reaches Kevin’s fingers, gently sucking on them as a promise of what’s to come. Kevin’s breathing has become somewhat louder. Scotty moves down Kevin’s chest, wasting a little time playing with Kevin’s nipples until Kevin’s impatient moving tells him that Kevin wants more, so much more.

Teasingly slow he moves down to Kevin’s belly-button, making Kevin giggle like a little boy and Scotty can’t help but laugh as well. He opens up Kevin’s pants which allows him to continue his way down Kevin’s belly, where he stops and looks up at Kevin. Kevin lifts up his lower body and within seconds he’s naked on the bed.

Kevin awkwardly moves his hands to his sides, suddenly a bit too aware of the growing love-handles, but Scotty shakes his head and takes Kevin’s hands into his own and he moves them away from Kevin. His fingertips slide over Kevin’s chest and belly and Kevin moves his body to the touch. He’s so aroused.

Scotty resumes the kissing, picking up where he had left off, at Kevin’s belly and Kevin’s breathing becomes faster and more superficial. He pushes himself up to Scotty’s mouth, but Scotty teasingly ignores Kevin’s silent pleas for satisfaction. He kisses Kevin everywhere in the most sensitive areas, but moves around the hardness that begs for his attention.

“Ssscotty, please,….” Kevin’s hand finds grip behind Scotty’s head and he pushes Scotty’s head down.
“Awwww, is that what you want?” Scotty grins at Kevin’s tortured moan. “Why didn’t you say so?” His mouth engulfs Kevin’s hard cock and Kevin can’t help but using his other hand now as well at pushing Scotty’s head down on him.

Scotty’s quick movement with his head, signaling that Kevin nearly chokes him, makes Kevin immediately let go and Scotty thanks him by reminding Kevin what he can do with that beautiful mouth of his. Kevin moans and cries while Scotty sucks him closer to an orgasm. He’s so hard and he wants it so much that Scotty has to stop to let Kevin calm down somewhat.

Kevin protests to this rather loudly and Scotty laughs.
“I’m not going to let you have all the fun.” He answers, tapping Kevin gently on his nose with one finger. Kevin knows what that means and for a moment a very happy smile comes to his face, that fades about just quickly.

“I didn’t bring anything…” He starts. “I came here to get things organized in my head, I didn’t come here with sex on my mind.”
“Lucky for you then that I did have hot make up sex on my mind.” Scotty winks and from his bag he gets the lube.

“You think of everything, don’t you?” Kevin’s big smile has returned in all brightness.
“… Aim to please…” Scotty answers.
 “And please me you will.” Kevin answers, taking Scotty’s hand and guiding it over his swollen member. “I want you… I want you so much.”

“I know. And you’ll have me.” Scotty lies down on top Kevin and Kevin enjoys the heaviness of that strong body on top of him. Scotty kisses Kevin and plays with him, touches him, caresses him and guides him to turn over, where he softly bites Kevin’s neck, lets his lips move along Kevin’s spine, while his fingers prepare Kevin to receive him.

They don’t talk, they don’t have to, they both know what the other one likes and how they want it. Kevin relaxes under Scotty’s touch, allowing him access to his body. Feeling Scotty inside him, the tension builds. Scotty takes his time, making love to Kevin in the most intimate and drawn-out way possible. He leaves little kisses on Kevin’s body, pushes him further to the edge by caressing him wherever he can, except where Kevin wants to be touched.

He teases with slow, deep thrusts, knowing that Kevin wants more, but he gathers all his strength to try to remain in control of himself as long as possible. Underneath him he can hear Kevin cry out his name, begging him to let him go, words sometimes incoherent, but the little noises really don’t leave much room for other interpretations.

“Kevin…” Scotty finally sighs, unable to control himself any longer. He can feel how Kevin responds by bracing himself for what it to come. Scotty smiles and picks up the speed of his thrusts. Kevin responds him to him perfectly, bodies melting together to one rhythm and Scotty’s grip on Kevin’s body tightens.

Kevin gets pushed further down on the bed, trapped between Scotty’s body and the mattress. His body screams for release, his muscles ache with the tension, his cock all is swollen. He’s so close to the edge, but he can’t give in just yet. But Scotty has other plans.

His hand pushes underneath Kevin and finds what it’s looking for. Kevin gasps at the touch. It’s too much. With a loud cry he lets go It’s both painful and pleasant at the same time. Painful because he’s been take from the edge too many times, but pleasant because he’s finally allowed to come…


Kevin caresses Scotty’s hand, as it gently rests on his belly.
“…Good?” Scotty asks, not sure if he wants to sleep or stay awake.
“I’m good.” Kevin answers. “You?”
“Just perfect.” Scotty puts a little kiss on Kevin’s cheek.

“We should do this more often.”
“I agree. I think we’ve neglected this aspect of our marriage for too long.”
“Not sure if we neglected it, but we certainly didn’t spend as much time on it as we should have.” Kevin acknowledges.

“A mistake we should correct.” Scotty grins.
“I’d love to… Later on?”
“Later on.” Scotty promises and he watches how Kevin closes his eyes and how that warm body, that’s pressed up against his, begins to relax.

He smiles. It had been too long since he had seen Kevin fall asleep in his arms. He caresses away a stray curl on Kevin’s forehead. Kevin’s body is soft and heavy on his arm, but he doesn’t care, he wouldn’t want Kevin to be anywhere else. He closes his eyes as well. To know that Kevin is alright and at peace, gives him the chance to relax as well.


Outside, the temperature drops even further. Inside, Kevin and Scotty are safely tucked away under and between the sheets and several layers of blankets. Their bodies are entwined to find even more warmth. Kevin had drifted off to Scotty’s tender caresses and Scotty hadn’t been able to stay awake for much longer either.

The first snowflakes melt on the roof, but as the temperature drops even further, the next ones begin to stick to the roof tiles. Slowly but surely they start to form a thin layer of snow. The snowflakes become bigger and bigger as the night progresses. Quietly, but surely, the entire world around the cabin turns white.

Layer upon layer piles up as the night moves on. Branches on trees grow heavy with ice and snow. The path gets covered until it’s completely gone. It will become difficult to get to the shed from the outside. The silence becomes even heavier. It seems as if every sounds gets muffled by the thick blanket of snow.

Inside the cabin, Kevin wakes up, still a bit groggy from the sleep. The fire is nearly dying and so he quickly puts another log of wood on the fire to keep the fire going. Scotty moans in his sleep, but Kevin’s actions don’t wake him up. Kevin smiles, a look of deep love for his handsome husband is on his face.

He gets back under the blankets and snuggles up to Scotty. In his sleep, Scotty turns over and he wraps an arm around Kevin. He pulls Kevin closer. Kevin lets his hand follows the curves of Scotty’s naked body under the blanket. Scotty makes a smacking sound with his lips and Kevin can nearly not hold a little giggle in.

He bites his lower lip and he watches how the fire in the fireplace lights up Scotty’s face.
“I love you.” He whispers and he caresses Scotty’s face with one finger. Scotty makes a little noise, his eyelashes flutter, but he doesn’t seem to have heard Kevin, until…
“I love you too.” Scotty suddenly whispers back, still in a deep sleep, and Kevin smiles.



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