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Fanfic: Running away for Christmas 02/10

Running away for Christmas 02/10

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Chad.
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: Well, if I'd tell you, you wouldn't have to read it.... ;)




Still 7 days to Christmas


Kevin feels much better when he returns from his visit to Chad. There’s something about Chad. There's that feeling that he never cares about much in the world anyway. Kevin knows that Chad had his own ups and downs, but Chad can always find that silver lining in the sky, that little positive thing that escapes others.

It had been good to talk to someone and to tell what had been on his mind. Or rather clear his mind somewhat and find some perspective. Scotty often reminds him of his ‘annoying brain’ and Kevin knows it’s a problem sometimes. And it’s nice to be able to talk to someone.

It used to be Scotty that he could turn to. Used to be. Because lately Scotty is more involved with Café 429 than with Kevin. Kevin doesn’t hold it against Scotty though. He knows all of the excuses. Scotty is the main provider in the family, has a restaurant to run. And of course, the kids take up a lot of their ‘free time’. He can see the logic. But his emotions...

So, perhaps it’s better that he spoke to Chad first. At least now he has a better understanding of what is going on in his head. He knows that once he will tell Scotty that he really needs him, Scotty will listen to him. And Chad had insisted that he’d speak to Scotty and let him know what had happened these last two weeks.

Chad’s advice had been good and Kevin can’t wait to talk to Scotty. However, the house is empty and on the table he finds a note:
“Our new apprentice is sick, I am at Café 429. It will be late before I get back home. Don’t wait up for me.”

Kevin’s good mood sours a bit. For a moment he considers going to Café 429 and talk to Scotty, but he knows it won’t work. There’s too much going on at the restaurant to have a normal conversation with Scotty anyway. And he’s tired and he doesn’t want to wait up for Scotty to come home. So he sits down and writes:

“Scotty, we need to talk. When you get home, regardless of how late it is, wake me?” He wonders if he should add that it’s important, but he figures that Scotty will understand this. He can’t remember the last time he had asked something this specific of Scotty. Confident to have gotten the message across, Kevin goes to bed and turns off the light.


Past midnight, so 6 days to Christmas

Scotty quietly puts his keys on the table. It’s nearly 3 in the morning and he’s tired. With his apprentice-cook sick and his other chef-cook on holidays, he had had no choice but to work in the kitchen himself. With the flu raging, he had to send two of his waitresses home, because he had considered it unhygienic that they’d be uncontrollably sniffling and sneezing over the food he had prepared.

It had been a busy night. Two larger orders had been botched up, because the wrong food got served, due to a waiter who had used the wrong codes. A lot drama and complaining had ensued. And though the guests had eventually left with full bellies and a happy smile, it had taken all the energy out of Scotty to get it done.

He picks up the note that Kevin had left and he reads it three times. He weighs waking up Kevin and having a long conversation, that he feels he can’t have right now, against being as quiet as possible and letting Kevin sleep. He opts for the second option and writes under Kevin’s message:

“Sorry, too tired and not in the mood for a talk. I hope you don’t mind that it will have to wait until tomorrow. S.” For a moment he toys with the idea of adding a smiley, but Kevin might think that Scotty doesn’t take the message seriously. Anyway, there’s a good chance that he’ll wake up together with Kevin anyway and they’ll have their talk then.

When he enters the bedroom, he sees Kevin in their bed. He’s in a deep sleep and Scotty doesn’t question the wisdom of his decision. It’s good to let Kevin sleep. They’ll talk later, not now. He carefully lies down on the bed. Kevin moans a little, but doesn’t wake up, and Scotty gets as far away from Kevin as possible, so he won’t wake him up by touching him.


Kevin places Scotty’s answer back on the table. Seriously? Kevin had never asked Scotty for a talk before. Not like this. Kevin shakes his head. Does Scotty even know he still exists? Kevin takes a quick look at the clock. He still has time. Time to wake up Scotty and talk to him. But what’s the point? If Scotty is this disinterested?

He grabs the piece of paper and simply adds ‘Fine. Whatever.’ to the ever-extending written conversation. He grabs his car keys and he leaves, papers under his arm. Once he’s at his car, he opens the trunk. His suitcase and weekend-bag are already packed. He did that last night.

He puts his remaining papers in his bag, checks to see if he has his passport and wallet. He really doesn’t need much else. He’ll get the rest at the airport. Behind the wheel of his car he hesitates. Perhaps he should go back up and wake up Scotty and talk to him? He lets his forehead rest on the steering wheel. Should he do it?

He breathes in deep and exhales. No. He had tried. He had failed. And he was too tired for more attempts. There’s too much going on in his head. He’s not angry at Scotty. He can’t even feel disappointed that things didn’t work out as he had thought. All he feels is this wall that he keeps walking in to and he’s done with it.

He starts his car and his last moment of second-guessing his choice passes. He has taken care of everything. The kids are at Nora’s. His office is closed. His answering machine is on. Scotty... Well, Scotty doesn't care. The only thing left to do now is send a message.
“Chad, tried to talk to Scotty. Failed. I’m out. K.” And he drives away from the house.


Chad reads the message that Kevin had sent him and sighs. Why does Kevin always have to be such a drama-queen? And now he wonders if he had done the right thing in wanting to ‘help’ Kevin. Kevin had been worn out and he had looked like he desperately needed some rest. But not talking to Scotty hadn’t been part of Chad’s plan.

Not much he can do about it now though, he has to shoot a commercial and people are waiting for him and he doesn’t want to talk to Scotty on the phone. It will have to wait until tonight and he’ll have to go to Scotty in person and tell him what had Kevin had told him. And perhaps Scotty will listen to him.


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