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8 years LiveJournal!!

Can't let go of this place. Last year I had had enough. I couldn't see any reason to continue. Thing is, after a year, I realise that it's not about 'the others', it's about me. And as much satisfaction as it gives to KNOW that someone is reading my stories, I have to admit that I prefer the process of WRITING even more.

I've missed K/S. Perhaps I needed the break. And I'm not going to say that I will post every day from now on. But I have my "K&S-A to Z" which I will be working on. There's Robert/Jason story on my mind, still working on how to get from A to B though, because the McCallisters aren't Walkers. The Christmas-story is nearly done (will probably start posting that one from the 15 Dec on.)

As for the rest of story-writing:
I've had two/three different stories (non-B&S) in my head for quite a long time and while writing for the NaNoWriMo this year I suddenly understood that those weren't seperate stories, but ONE whole story, taking place in the same town. So, I'm excited about that story.

Not sure if/when someone will read it though, because to make things weirder, I'm writing that story in my own native Dutch. :D I like complicated! :D
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