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fanfic: Be careful what you ask for. Part 4/4

Be careful what you ask for. Part 4.

By Marea67
About: Kevin / Scotty
Rate: NC-17 for sexual content.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Scotty misses something, can Kevin provide?
Extra info: Taking place between 2.12 and 2.13.


Once the door is closed behind Kevin, he quickly goes to kitchen to clean up the mess. Throw away some leftovers, everything in the dishwasher, all to make sure, that the first thing Scotty will NOT have to do tomorrow-morning is worry about the kitchen. Of course, the kitchen is usually very clean, Scotty is so well trained, that he does it almost on automatic pilot. He checks his watch. Seven minutes…. Scotty should be undressed by now… Kevin smiles, turns off the lights in the kitchen and returns to the door of the bedroom...


In the bedroom Scotty stares at the door for almost a minute. Not completely getting what was going on in Kevin’s head. But the whole evening had been … mhmm, how should he call it… entertaining?... so far. He reminds himself of what Kevin said, so he takes off his clothes and puts them on the side of the air-mattress. He shivers as the cool sheets hit his naked body, but he tries to relax.

There’s something so silly about all this and at the same time it turns him on. There’s a game going on and he doesn’t know the rules. He even doubts that Kevin knows them. But he doesn’t care. It is all exciting. And he had to admit, their kissing in the car had worked a lot better this time, than the first time. They had been caught by some of guys living at Scotty apartment block, who had tapped on Scotty’s car and yelled obscenities at them. For one moment he and Kevin had felt scared, but the men left them alone after that.

On the other hand…. Once he had dropped Kevin off at his apartment, Kevin had not wanted Scotty to go home alone, through the small dark corridor that led to the door of Scotty’s apartment. So Scotty had spent the night safely in Kevin’s arms, in Kevin’s bed, in Kevin’s loft. He smiles at the memory. But his thoughts get disrupted when the door slides open… He sits up.


Kevin comes in, ignores Scotty, but goes into his side of the bedroom and turns on the lights by the side of his bed. And only now does Scotty notice that the curtains, used to create a wall, are actually transparent. With the lights on behind Kevin, he can clearly see him crossing the room, casually throw his telephone on the bed, remove his t-shirt, exposing his chest. Scotty takes a deep breath.

He would love to run his fingers through that chest-hair, caress Kevin’s stomach, feel him tremble under Scotty’s touch, but he stays firmly on his air-mattress. Kevin unbuckles his pants and slowly removes them. With a grin Scotty realizes that Kevin is one of those few men, who can still turn him on, wearing nothing but underwear and .. white socks! Not that he’s wearing them for long and eventually the last piece of clothing comes off and Scotty bites his lip.

Kevin is clearly aroused and Scotty’s mind conjures up some scenarios on how he would love to help Kevin get rid of the aroused state… Scotty’s breathing becomes more shallow. Not that he notices it, because he’s only paying attention to Kevin lying down on the bed. As through a veil he can see Kevin touch himself. The little hissing sound he makes, igniting a fire in Scotty.

His eyes follow the slowly, hypnotizing way Kevin strokes himself and Scotty doesn’t know what to do. Should he go to Kevin? What is Kevin expecting from him? He is so mesmerized by Kevin’s fingers, that the sudden sound of his own cell-phone ringing scares him half to death. Annoyed at the interruption he picks it up, surprised to see it’s Kevin calling him. He looks at Kevin, still on the bed, still on his back, his hand slowly playing.

“Hi.” Scotty’s says as he opens the telephone connection.
“Hi. Just thought I’d let you know I got home safely.”
“I can see that.” Scotty says breathlessly.
“Oh?” Kevin teases.
“Why else would you call me?”

There is a little chuckle from Kevin and it strange to hear the sound of the murmur of Kevin’s voice on the other side of the room, but hear the words clearly in his ear.
“..want to play a little game?” Kevin asks.
“Oh. … Alright.” Scotty replies slowly, not sure if it’s a good idea to agree.
“Why don’t you turn on your lights as well?” Kevin suggests and with suddenly clarity Scotty understands why the lamps are on the floor. So Kevin can see him as well from his side of the room.

He quickly turns on the light and picks up the phone again just in time to hear a little hitch in Kevin’s breathing. He looks at Kevin only to find Kevin’s gaze on him and he smiles as he hears Kevin give his next instruction.
“Under the corner of the airbed is a piece of cloth, use it as a blindfold.”
“Kevin, you know I don’t like…” Scotty starts, not liking games that require him to be tied up or something like that, but Kevin’s reply is a soft:

“Sssh, I know. I am not going to do anything else. Trust me. I just want you to concentrate on my voice and trust me. So, please, for me… use it as a blindfold.”
Scotty decides to trust Kevin on this. He puts the phone in his lap and ties the ends of the cloth behind his head, his hands blindly feel for the phone and once he picks up it up, he can hear Kevin close to him again.

“Now, lie down…” Scotty follows Kevin’s instructions, because of the darkness around him, Kevin’s voice seem to vibrate even more in him than usual. “… and think of your favorite lover…. And I do mean ME, not Brad Pitt.” Scotty chuckles at Kevin’s warning. He tries to relax and not to laugh. Kevin follows Scotty’s moves from behind the curtain. He can clearly see Scotty and it is exciting. He cups his phone in his hand to create an even more private atmosphere.

“Scotty, I wish I could be there with you in your bed. That I could touch you.” He says softly and Scotty gets hot and cold at the same time, because he knows that Kevin is watching him. But because of the darkness and curtains he can imagine he is another place then Kevin, where Kevin cannot see him. And Kevin’s voice on the phone becomes even warmer, almost dreamily, as he continues:

“All I have to do is close my eyes and imagine you there on your bed. On your back. Naked under the sheets…. It is warm enough in the room and you miss me. You miss my presence in your bed, but you can imagine I’m there with you ….” Scotty has no problems with that. “… and you lower the sheets so I can see you.” Scotty wants to throw the sheets aside, but Kevin, anticipating, quickly says. “Not too far down…. You want to tease me…. Want to make me guess,…. For now.”

Scotty pushes the sheet to halfway his belly and leaves it there.
“You can imagine me being there with you, caressing your face, the side of your neck….” There is something surreal about this. It is pitch-black around him. With one hand he holds the phone close to his ear, but he can hear Kevin from two places in the room at the same time. With the other hand he gently touches himself, as if he were 16 again, dreaming to be touched like that by Andy, of the soccer-team, who of course never even noticed Scotty’s existence.

Sitting on the foot of the bed, Kevin watches Scotty’s hand slide down his own chest and bites his lip. This is more exciting than he expected. He lifts his hand and lets it follow Scotty’s hand in the air. He can almost feel Scotty’s skin under his fingertips. His breathing trembles a bit, he can’t help it. But this is about Scotty and Scotty has to come first. And, yes, there is a double entendre in that thought, he jokes in his mind.

“And you push the sheet down even further… hand sliding down your belly,… not so fast… It’s not a race….” Kevin softly teases. Scotty grins for a second, but then his fingers slide over a sensitive spot and he knows it and responds to it…. He holds his breath, but then, without further hesitation and without Kevin’s voice guiding him, he moves his hand between his legs. And Kevin smiles. So Scotty is really ready for this.

Scotty knows exactly how he wants to be touched and caressed. His hand moving with the ease of years of experience, but then he hears Kevin, mockingly:
“Are we in a hurry, love?... You seem to be moving ahead of me.” Scotty feels a blush come to his cheeks.
“You do know how to turn a guy on.” He replies.

“Oh, good, then don’t stop…. But move slowly,… I don’t want you to come… Just. Yet..” he almost whispers, getting off his bed and moving closer he can see how aroused Scotty is. The evening has been long and he left Scotty dangling long enough he feels. He sees a painful look cross Scotty’s face, for just a second and he realizes that Scotty is close and trying to hold back.

Scotty is so close, so hard, the skin tight, muscles screaming for release.
“Kevin… Kevin… Please, I don’t know how long….” He whispers, begging for Kevin to end the game.
“Stop. Take your hand away.” Kevin orders.
“No.” To Scotty this is not an option. “Please, Kev, stop this. Let me….”
“Take. Your. Hand. Away. Now.” Kevin says, low and merciless and then softly whispering: ”Trust me.”

With a sob, Scotty lets go. It takes all his self-control to do it. He breathes heavily. He tries to control himself, but his entire body aches for satisfaction.
With his lips close to the telephone, Kevin says softly:
“Thank you for trusting me.”
Scotty tries to say “Kevin” and beg for release, but his voice fails him.

Not that it matters, because he feels the airbed move and a fraction of a second later, Kevin’s mouth is on his swollen cock and though Kevin sucks very gently, to Scotty, being in the dark, completely unaware of where in room Kevin had been, it is a shock that runs through his entire body. Something inside him explodes. With no rational control left he pushes Kevin’s head down and his body up, half choking Kevin.

His moan is loud and Kevin is pretty sure the neighbors must have heard that one. Kevin has expected the instantaneous reaction, but not the pressure on the back of his head, but he doesn’t mind. The inarticulate sounds Scotty makes are worth it. He keeps using his tongue and mouth, even if it is more slowly and with less pressure. He lifts his hand and lets it gently caress Scotty’s torso.

Scotty’s rush just seems to go on and on. As he is still in the dark, his brains (or what is left of it) concentrate on the fingertips on his already sensitive skin. They send shiver after shiver down his spine and he jerks accordingly every time Kevin’s fingers find another soft spot. His breathing has become superficial. His muscles are starting to relax. He softly pushes Kevin’s head away.
“Please, no more.” He whispers, as his body is starting to ache from the release.

Kevin lets go. Scotty’s body relaxes even more as Kevin slowly gets up from the airbed to look down on Scotty’s body. The long day at work, the exertions of the evening and the total release of all tensions are taking their toll on Scotty. Kevin stands there motionless watching as Scotty’s breathing goes from superficial to deep and calm. He smiles. Scotty has fallen asleep and rather than have it annoy him, he feels very satisfied.

Careful, not to wake up Scotty, he removes the cloth around Scotty’s eyes and he switches off the telephone. He leaves one of the lights on so he can see Scotty from his bed. He covers Scotty with one of the sheets. Scotty makes a little noise, but stays asleep, looking absolutely angelic. With a little grin on his face Kevin caresses Scotty’s hair and he whispers:
“I bet you didn’t know telephone-sex could be this exhausting, huh?….” And he goes to his own bed.


Scotty opens his eyes. Disorientated he looks around him. A little light next to the air-mattress is still on. Next to him is a soft wall of curtains and he’s not in the same bed as where he has been waking up in these last months. He’s on the air-mattress. Why? Then it all comes back to him. His remark last week, Kevin’s little game tonight. The ‘phone-sex’, which was first to them. And a very good ‘first time’ as well and he starts to grin at the memory.

As he sits up he can see Kevin asleep in his own bed. He left the lights on beside his bed as well, he fell asleep while reading, Scotty can tell by the book next to him and the way Kevin is sleeping in a half seated position. He shakes his head with tenderness at the view before him. That sweet idiot has gone through all this trouble for Scotty and it touches Scotty more then he imagined possible.

He knows that Kevin can be so insensitive or inconsiderate sometimes, but he loves Kevin so much…. He wishes that he could somehow show that Kevin. The night had been too good and with a bit of shame he has to admit that he had not thought of satisfying Kevin and it bothers him. But Kevin had a week to prepare all this and Scotty would have to do some improvising. He puts aside his phone, but then he picks it up again, he throws it up in the air and catches it again. He has an idea.


The phone rings and still half asleep Kevin picks it up.
“Huhemm?” is about as articulate as he can get.
“Are you home?” a voice asks and Kevin slowly wakes up. It’s Scotty on the phone.
“Yeah. Why? Where are you….?” He asks, trying to chase the cobwebs from his head.
“Stay there, I’ll be right over.”

As Kevin wakes up further he wonders why Scotty is ‘coming over’, he lives in this loft. Where was Scotty that he had to call Kevin at…(watches clock)... 3.30 at night… His eyes see the curtains halfway his room and the light behind it showing the empty airbed and the pieces fall together in Kevin’s mind. But where is Scotty? The door slides open and he gets his answer.

“Lucky I still have your key.” Scotty says as he comes in. He stays in the shadows of the room, but Kevin can see him hold up his keys. Kevin gives Scotty a puzzled look and Scotty says: “I need your help, Kevin.”
“With what?”
“I am on the run… from the police.” Scotty’s voice sounds grave.
“You are?” Kevin is stunned.

“Yes.” Scotty comes a little bit closer and Kevin sees he’s wearing Kevin’s rain-coat.
“Why?” Kevin wonders, still not sure if he’s dreaming or woken up.
“I got caught.”
“With what?” Another DUI? Drugs? What?

“Carrying a concealed weapon.” Scotty answers dryly.
“A weapon?” What on Earth…?
“Yeah!” Scotty replies seriously, opening the raincoat with one movement and exposing his erection and revealing that he’s wearing absolutely nothing under the coat. It takes Kevin about 5 seconds to get what is going on and then Kevin tries, not very successfully, not to laugh out loud.
“Oh. Wow….” He replies, blinking a few times. “The police must have been impressed.”

“They were, they wanted one of those themselves, but I just felt,… you know… I should keep this to myself…” Kevin nods in agreement, his eyes sparkling with fun and he pushes his hand to his mouth not to laugh. “ …. and now I need a place to hide it."
“That will be hard.” Kevin speaks as sincerely as he can.

“Oh, trust me, it IS hard, very hard.” Scotty replies as seriously as possible, not quite able to control his laughter.
“I know a place, but it will take some help to squeeze it in.” Kevin grabs the lube.
“Of course. Will it be safe there?”
“Trust me, I’ll guard it my body…. and soul.” Kevin’s voice is soft and low as Scotty slowly lets the raincoat slide off his shoulders, as if he’s giving Kevin a mini-striptease.

On his back Kevin enjoys Scotty touches, preparing him, his eyes shining with expectation as Scotty takes his time and occasionally kisses him or moves his body against Kevin's to keep his own arousal and to excite Kevin even further.
“I think we’re ready.” Scotty says softly. But when he’s ready to move closer to Kevin, Kevin stops him.

“I am not sure I want to take this risk. IF we get caught by the police I could be considered an accessory to the crime. An accomplice.”
“Help me out with this and I will be in your debt… and at your mercy.” Scotty promises.
“Oh…. Wow…. Hide it before the police gets here then.” Kevin grins.

Scotty’s smile is equally sexy as he gently penetrates Kevin. Once inside, he makes a little hissing sound.
“It fits perfectly.” He says.
“Told you.” Comes Kevin’s smug reply. Scotty becomes equally smug and answers:
“See, I can even move it a bit.” He immediately adds motion to the words, making Kevin moan as all sorts of sensations flood his body.

“Shall I tell you a little secret?” Kevin teases as soon as he has breath under control again. Scotty raises an eyebrow in question. “If you put your hand right here… and squeeze a little… or more… You won’t regret it…”
“Oh?” Scotty feigns ignorance, but once he follows Kevin’s advice, he has to admit that Kevin’s reaction is… most interesting … to repeat and repeat again.

Scotty looks down on Kevin as he enjoys Scotty’s slow thrusting. Kevin’s eyes are closed, his lips are a bit parted, his breathing turning into soft moans in the rhythm of Scotty’s thrusts. His fingers gripping the sheets as he tries to move a bit faster to push Scotty to do the same, but Scotty doesn’t. Actually he is more interested in Kevin’s satisfaction then his own right now.

“Scotty…” Kevin pleas. “Scotty please.. I want…” but he swallows his words away as Scotty moves a little faster. Kevin can feel Scotty move inside, but it’s Scotty’s hand around him that drives him crazy. He gets more aroused no matter which movement he makes. Scotty realizes that Kevin is close and moves faster, taking Kevin over the edge with ease. Kevin’s cry, the way he holds his breath and contracts his muscles around Scotty are all Scotty needs to let go as well.


Kevin notices Scotty’s existence again, when he sinks down on the bed beside him, rolling on his back trying to catch his breath again.
“Wow. That was so good.” Kevin says in admiration. Scotty grins. He couldn’t agree more. Quietly he stays beside Kevin for a while. But then he turns on his side to be able to see Kevin.
“You know, I was wrong.”

“’Bout what?” Kevin asks, already close to falling asleep.
“About us. And not doing everything right. We did everything exactly as we were supposed to.” He says with certainty. Kevin nods.
“I think so too….. Still, I didn’t mind this evening slash night to prove my theory.”

“Me neither.” Scotty grabs the blankets and pulls them up, now that’s he’s cooling off. He wraps his arm around Kevin’s waist and lets his mouth rest against Kevin’s shoulder, so he can easily move his head to be kissed by Kevin. Kevin switches off the light. They notice the light on the other side of the room is still on. But they are both too lazy to get up and turn it off. And they don’t worry about it too long as sleep overtakes them.


When Kevin wakes up it is early in the morning and Scotty isn’t anywhere in the bed or the bedroom. Kevin gets up and quickly goes to the bathroom as nature calls. While washing his hands and throwing some cold water in his face, he realizes that Scotty probably woke up before him and would most likely be in the kitchen making breakfast. He goes back into the bedroom and opens the sliding door.

“Kevin Walker! You better be naked in bed and fast asleep when I come in with the breakfast to surprise you.” Scotty warns from the kitchen and Kevin quickly throws his underwear on the floor and slides under the covers, faking being asleep just in time for Scotty to walk in. Scotty ‘wakes’ Kevin with a kiss that would make Sleeping Beauty envious and Kevin doesn’t mind it at all.

“Breakfast.” Scotty announces.
“For me..? What an unexpected surprise!” The knowing smile they share makes Kevin reach out and kiss Scotty again: “Thank you, my love.” He says quietly, before both he and Scotty divide the sandwiches and orange juice. He is about to take a sip from his hot coffee, when Scotty’s phone rings. Scotty picks up.

“Jordan! What a surprise to hear you awake at this hour…! What?.. Oh…. Oh, no… Oh, I’m so sorry for you.” Seeing Kevin’s curious face he moves his lips to articulate ‘Jim and Jordan’ and then he lets his thumb slide across his throat.
“They’re through?” Kevin whispers astounded. Scotty nods quickly and replies with an “awww” to whatever Jordan is saying.

“Jordan, if you need a shoulder to cry on…..” Scotty says, seeing Kevin make a face.”Oh, alright, whatever you think is best for you.” Scotty then says, Kevin understands from this the shoulder is not needed. “You know what, drop by tonight and have dinner with us. I will make your favorite and get you drunk.” Kevin smiles as he hears a little laughter on the phone.

He puts everything back on the tray, while Scotty finishes the conversation. With the tray on the floor, where it’s safe, Scotty turns to him, slides under the covers and moves close to Kevin.
“How is he?” Kevin is a bit concerned.
“Coping. He caught Jim kissing another guy last night at a party. He was upset, but is now convinced that Jim wasn’t good enough for him anyway.”

“He isn’t.” Kevin agrees and Scotty is touched.
“I agree.” He says and he gently kisses Kevin. “So, have you played all your games, or do you still have a trick up your sleeve?”
“Considering you wanted me naked, all sleeves are off.” Kevin replies between two kisses. “But if just ordinary hot sex is good enough for you,…?”
It is.

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