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Fan-ficlet: Tango for two, please

Tango for two, please.

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rated: G
Disclaimer: Written with love (still) not for money (still)
Summary: After the missed tango in “Last tango in Pasadena” Kevin feels he should make it up to Scotty.


When he hears Scotty come in, Kevin quickly puts the leaflet back amongst his papers. He’s still not sure. He knows that Scotty would love this, but … Kevin isn’t sure that he will love it too. But Scotty would… Torn between his desire to please Scotty and fearing that he will do something that he himself will hate, Kevin takes another look to make sure the leaflet is well hidden, before he gets up to greet Scotty.

“Hi, babe, long day?” Kevin asks, just before he kisses Scotty. It’s supposed to be just a quick kiss, but Scotty pulls him back for a more thorough kiss, that leaves Kevin breathless for a few seconds. When Scotty finally lets go of Kevin, Kevin feels a bit wobbly in the knees.

“Too long, but I’m glad to see you…” Scotty takes off his coat and wraps his arms around Kevin again and though Kevin hopes for another head-spinning kiss, all he gets a small kiss on his nose. “And what have you been up to?”
“Oh, Robert-things. You know.” Kevin shrugs it off. Scotty raises an eyebrow.

“Robert-things? Wow, that’s … very articulate.”
“My mind isn’t on the job right now.” Kevin shakes his head.
“No, mine either. If I never, ever, have to serve another fish, any fish, it would still be too soon.” Scotty sighs and trying to stretch a bit to relax his muscles.

“Yeah… I’ve been thinking, that… maybe we need to … do something. To clear our heads.”
“Kevin I just pulled a 10 hour shift, because Roberta broke her toenail today. I’m dead-tired.” Scotty points out.
“No. Not for tonight. I’m tired too. I can’t bear to read another paper. No… it’s not that…”

He walks over to his desk and pulls out the leaflet from under his papers and he holds it up.
“This is what I’m talking about. I mean, I didn’t get the other night, with Luc, but if this is something you'd want to do…” Scotty takes the leaflet from Kevin’s hand.

“Tango-lessons?” He asks, clearly confused.
“Yes. That night, with Luc, you really wanted to learn to tango and … because I was such an ass, it didn’t go according to plan and … I’m sorry about that.”

“We already made up..” Scotty reminds him with a little grin, Kevin can’t help the heavenly smile that comes to his face for a few seconds, as he remembers how he had cried and begged Scotty for satisfaction… but then he snaps out of it. That was a few days ago.

“Yes. But you wanted to have some fun and I realized that we hardly have time these days to do something ‘fun’. So, I thought, that maybe we could take these dance-lessons together and… you know… have fun. I called several places, however  this one has no objections to gay couples.”

“Kevin, you hate dancing.” Scotty states the obvious.
“No. I don’t. It all depends on who I’m dancing with and .. I love dancing with you. And if you want to lead, then I’ll be the one to follow.” Kevin surrenders. Scotty looks down at the leaflet, hiding his loving smile and he feels all warm inside. Kevin will never stop to surprise him.

“You don’t like to follow.” Scotty shakes his head.
“I never did. But I trust you. And I love you. And if you really want to learn to tango, we can learn.”
“I could ask Luc to teach me.” Scotty mentions casually.

“I don’t want you to dance with Luc.” Kevin replies decidedly, feeling a little pang of jealousy come up at the idea of Scotty in the arms of another man, even if the man is as straight as they come.
“I don’t want to dance with anyone but you.” Scotty grins sweetly.

“Good. Should we register there?” Kevin asks. Scotty looks at the pictures of the dancing couples. It looks all very pretty, but somehow he doesn’t believe it’s something for Kevin and him to do. He gets up and walks up to Kevin. He wraps his arms around Kevin and kisses him. “So,…?” Kevin asks between kisses, assuming the answer is yes.

“No.” Scotty answers.
“I would love nothing more than to dance with you…” Scotty starts.

“Then why…?”
“… But I’d rather tango with you in our bedroom, where no one can see us and I can put you in any position I want.” Scotty whispers in Kevin’s ear. A little smile comes to Kevin’s lips.

“I don’t know about that… I was looking forward to some lessons, because there are quite a lot of steps I don’t remember.. and I could use some refreshing of my memories…” He gently teases, while he takes Scotty’s hand and guides him towards the bedroom.

“Oh, hon, why don’t I give you a little reminder of how to tango?”
“You think you remember everything?” Kevin grins.
“Let’s start with the basics and work from there…” Scotty kisses Kevin and pushes him towards the bed.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - short story

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