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Killjoys episode 1.02

What I take from this episode.

Dutch: Considering that several other critics (not that I am one) have written how amazing, super, fantabulous, amazeballs and awesome Dutch is, I suggest that you, if you want to read all the praises on Dutch's super-womanhood, you search for those nice interviews.

I already said that since Elizabeth Jennings I'm kinda fed up with 'super-women', even though I do like Dutch. Because, contrary to Elizabeth, Dutch has emotions, she's curious enough to ask 'why' and she has a sense of humour. And she has a gruesome past that shows that, unlike EJ, you don't have to turn into a psycho because of it. Other than that, I'll leave her to the fanboys to drool over.

John: I truly like him. He's a good brother, a good partner and someone who takes real good care of his ship too. And he's smart and doesn't see the necessity of using force when you can you use your brain, even though he's not afraid to fight, if he has to. (Maybe this sounds silly but he reminds me of Justin Walker somehow)

D'Avin: What can I say? Perhaps, because of I'm a fan of Luke, I'm taking D'Avin's side too much, but Dutch's constant bickering on him got a bit on my nerves. I liked how he fought back though, even pinching her weapons. (Liked Dutch's 'Cheeky!' protest when he did.)

Just because he's a soldier, doesn't mean he's an idiot. He did have a few points to make. And I'm glad that he had the opportunity to show how good a soldier he actually is. And that he's brave enough to get himself shot first to give Dutch and the girl a chance to escape on that roof-top. And I'm glad she did listen to him eventually, rather than follow the usual 'ignore and find out the hard way' routine.

Besides, I was a bit suprised that, when following Simon, D'Avin was constantly on his guard, checking left, right, up and down, knowing that they are in enemy territory and in a battlezone. And yet, Dutch, half the time, didn't even look where she was walking. Anyone could have simply shot her, she seemed oblivious to the world around her... unless she would have known about the sniper because of her spidey-senses. I don't know. I just just felt rather foolish to me. It was only because she wasn't paying attention that D'Avin could so easily take away something that belonged to her.

What I also liked was that D'Avin trusted his brother to be on time. Trust issues seem to be going on between all three. I read that some thought that the 'not-so-happy' look on John's face, when Dutch suggests that D'Avin becomes a Killjoy, is because he's not happy with his brother joining, but I think it's more that he doesn't trust Dutch about the missing 10 minutes and that he thinks she's up to something. He knows that she was lying.

Funniest moment: Pree offering D'Avin work as a sexer (prostitute) and D'Avin's face.. Priceless! :)

Will post some screen-caps tomorrow, as it's past 1 in the morning here in Holland. :)
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