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welcome to my fantasies
Killjoys episode 1.01 
20th-Jun-2015 08:50 pm
scotty clouds
Just watched the first episode and .... I like it and will definitely hang on for the 2nd episode.

So, it's not exactly Star Trek. It doesn't seem to have that many, if any, aliens. (Something I wish they would have, because I just love aliens). It is not a bad show so far. And it helps that Luke spent a lot of time shirtless. It is truly an added bonus. :)

It goes without saying that my main focus will of course be D'Avin and John. I got not issues with Dutch, and I am trying to keep an open mind. It's just that after 3 seasons of that god-awful Elizabeth Jennings I'm completely fed up with the so called 'strong women' who are nothing but bitter women who suffer from perpetual PMS. I'm not sure what Dutch's background is, so I'm withholding any further comment.

I am curious what D'Avin has against her though. I thought that maybe something about her fighting (or assumption of her training) triggered some memory in him. I like D'Avin's relationship with John. The push and pull routine, of both fighting each other and still loving/respecting each other felt real. It's obvious that they care deeply for each other, are protective of each other, yet I think the show gave a good explanation for the distance between them and how they lost each other and will have to get to know each other again.

I loved the fight-scene between them in the cage. :) It was good to see John give as good as he got. Though I was, of course, rooting for D'Avin, I liked how they dealt with it.

The short stand off between Dutch/D'Avin reminded somehow of Philip/Elizabeth in the first episode of The Americans. I can't seem to help but think of Matthew when talking about Luke and vise versa - they're in my blood! :)

And I sincerely, SINCERELY, hope that they weren't lying when they said that there wouldn't be love-triangles/love relationships between the characters, because it certainly felt that they were toying with the idea of D'Avin/Dutch by the end of the episode and by the way D'Avin reacted to her.

A few of the other characters that we saw seemed interesting, not sure if they'll be back, but I did see a promo for the next episode that (I think!) had Ian Tracey in it. Hope that is true, because Ian is a good actor as well. So, looking forward to that.

Now, I have to start making a D'Avin (& John) userpic.

I'm wondering ... if Philip and D'Avin would fight.. who'd win? ... I'd be rooting for Philip (natch), but I think it would be D'Avin... Well, as long as they kiss and make up afterwards.... ;)

I might make some screen-caps of Luke later on.
20th-Jun-2015 07:16 pm (UTC)
I liked it too. It's not my kind of show but I think it's interesting and I like that they have a lot of humour in it.

John is my favorite character so far, he seems kind and loyal and I think it's refreshing that he didn't like violence and didn't want to kill the monk or anyone.

Dutch intrigued me a lot, her past seems pretty bad and traumatic, and I really like how the actress portrays her, very vulnerable and she doesn't seem bitter at all even if she's strong.

Davi'n is the most pshyco of the three and normally I'd hate him, but he's played by Luke so I can't really hate him, not too much anyway :) I think Luke, Aaron and Hannah do an amazing job, pretty good acting.

I think Davi'n doesn't have anything against Ducth but he's feeling protective of John and he lives in a world where you can't trust anyone. I like Davin's and John relationship too, it's true that it seems very real.

They will not go for the love triangle because they all said that John and Dutch have a relationship without any sexual attraction between them, but for what they said it seems that Ducth and Davi'n will have a romantic or sexual relationship. It's not a love triangle because John is not involved.

And I think that in a fight between Davi'n and Philip it's clear Davi'n will win specially if there are no guns involved. :) The big question is if Davin' will win in a fight with Elisabeth because she seems to have superpowers in "The Americans" :)

20th-Jun-2015 08:59 pm (UTC)
I don't think that Dutch is bitter, just that it seems to be the cliché thing. Hard youth, tough cookie, most likely not raised by her own family (most likely murdered), cynical, balls-kicker, perfect fighter, never wrong about anything... and that's what I'm fed up with. I guess I can't really believe that some show will give us a strong woman without all the clichés, but Killjoys is most welcome to shock and surprise me.I'd welcome that. :)

***but for what they said it seems that Ducth and Davi'n will have a romantic or sexual relationship ***
I sincerely hope not. I liked the idea that they are both protective of John, but without them ending up in bed for it.

*** The big question is if Davin' will win in a fight with Elisabeth because she seems to have superpowers in "The Americans" :) ***
Yes, she'd most likely win with one hand tied behind her back and without a hair out of place because that how "amazing" she is. /end sarcasm.

Well, I'm waiting for episode 2 and perhaps some more insights in the lives of Dutch and D'Avin. And while I'm curious about their stories, I'm also curious as to what John's story is.

20th-Jun-2015 09:51 pm (UTC)
Yes, you're so right about clichés, why can't they show a strong woman who is not a fighter or balls-kicker? For a science-fiction show with a very strong woman as a lead who is not the cliché and who uses her intelligence instead of violence there is the amazing show "The ministry of time", this is the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNL3CRysV5w It's a Spanish tv show that it has been a hit in social media but I don't know if it's availabe with english subtititles. But it's a real amazing show, very intelligent and it breaks all the clichés. So, if you can, watch it!

I'm laughing out loud with the image of Elisabeth figthing and winning Davin' with one hand tied behind her back. lol!

Edited at 2015-06-21 05:32 am (UTC)
21st-Jun-2015 05:31 am (UTC)
Thinking about what you said of the clichés I think Ducth is not exactly what you say.I liked her very much in the episode and thinking about why I think she can't be compared at all with Elisabeth, Elisabeth is a pshyco, extremely cold and lethal who doesn't even love her kids and who is incapable of laughing. She's really frightening. Ducth in only one episode have sacrified herself and put in danger her job and her life only for helping her friend. She's funny and seems to be very warm and vulnerable, even with all her traumatized past. She reminds me a lot of Kalinda from "The Good Wife", they are strong and balls-kicker, but they are also loyal to a fault and will do anything for their friends.

Edited at 2015-06-21 05:34 am (UTC)
22nd-Jun-2015 07:55 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry if I wasn't clear, but every time I read 'Strong woman' it conjures up the idea of women like Elizabeth, because Elizabeth is generally considered as someone who's 'strong'. (I don't agree, but then I hate Elizabeth)

I expected Dutch to be like her. Cold, tough, impersonal and perpetually in a bad mood, because walking around with a face like you just drank vinegar aparently proves you're 'strong' and I'm glad that Dutch is not like that. She didn't meet my expectations and I'm happy with that.

I agree that E is a terrible person. No matter how much people try to tell me that "she has feelings but just doesn't show them", I no longer believe that.
22nd-Jun-2015 01:19 pm (UTC) - Killjoys
Enjoyed this first episode of Killjoys. I'm a huge fan of science fiction and Killjoys looks to be a good addition to this genre. Of course, the fact that Luke is in it certainly helps. Liked the interaction between the brothers and hope it will continue through future episodes. Dutch was OK, and I completely agree with you and am hoping there won't be any love triangle. And honestly as of now I'm not rooting for a D'Avin/Dutch relationship either.
22nd-Jun-2015 08:00 pm (UTC) - Re: Killjoys
I love science fiction as well. I was more than excited for this show, and I'm not disappointed. I'm just careful with being too enthusiastic just yet.

A pilot of a series is always difficult. They have to introduce characters, worlds, new rules, background-storie, new storylines, not keep too many secrets, but not reveal too much either...

It was a good pilot, it got my attention and made me want to continue watching this. Curious about the next episode.
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