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Killjoys episode 1.01

Just watched the first episode and .... I like it and will definitely hang on for the 2nd episode.

So, it's not exactly Star Trek. It doesn't seem to have that many, if any, aliens. (Something I wish they would have, because I just love aliens). It is not a bad show so far. And it helps that Luke spent a lot of time shirtless. It is truly an added bonus. :)

It goes without saying that my main focus will of course be D'Avin and John. I got not issues with Dutch, and I am trying to keep an open mind. It's just that after 3 seasons of that god-awful Elizabeth Jennings I'm completely fed up with the so called 'strong women' who are nothing but bitter women who suffer from perpetual PMS. I'm not sure what Dutch's background is, so I'm withholding any further comment.

I am curious what D'Avin has against her though. I thought that maybe something about her fighting (or assumption of her training) triggered some memory in him. I like D'Avin's relationship with John. The push and pull routine, of both fighting each other and still loving/respecting each other felt real. It's obvious that they care deeply for each other, are protective of each other, yet I think the show gave a good explanation for the distance between them and how they lost each other and will have to get to know each other again.

I loved the fight-scene between them in the cage. :) It was good to see John give as good as he got. Though I was, of course, rooting for D'Avin, I liked how they dealt with it.

The short stand off between Dutch/D'Avin reminded somehow of Philip/Elizabeth in the first episode of The Americans. I can't seem to help but think of Matthew when talking about Luke and vise versa - they're in my blood! :)

And I sincerely, SINCERELY, hope that they weren't lying when they said that there wouldn't be love-triangles/love relationships between the characters, because it certainly felt that they were toying with the idea of D'Avin/Dutch by the end of the episode and by the way D'Avin reacted to her.

A few of the other characters that we saw seemed interesting, not sure if they'll be back, but I did see a promo for the next episode that (I think!) had Ian Tracey in it. Hope that is true, because Ian is a good actor as well. So, looking forward to that.

Now, I have to start making a D'Avin (& John) userpic.

I'm wondering ... if Philip and D'Avin would fight.. who'd win? ... I'd be rooting for Philip (natch), but I think it would be D'Avin... Well, as long as they kiss and make up afterwards.... ;)

I might make some screen-caps of Luke later on.
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