marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Been re-reading some of my 'old' stories...

.. And for the first time in years I re-read The summer of 2010, which was written, you guessed it, in 2010. :)

I started this story nearly 5 years ago, with a plan in my head on how the story should be and ... within one chapter my idea was blown to bits. :) I never really re-read it, because I've always remembered this story as 'awful' and 'over the top' and 'unbelievable'. It turned out completely different from what I wanted and in the end I was disappointed with it, so once finished, I couldn't bring myself to read it again.

This weekend, bored as I was, well, not maybe 'bored', but not in the mood to do the things I had to do, I decided to read 'Summer of 2010' again. And... it wasn't as bad as I remembered.

It was fun to read it and realize that it wasn't the complete failure I thought it was. :)
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