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Promises made

Promises made

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: R.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: They both made a promise.

“….So I won’t antagonize them by French kissing you in front of them.”
“I promise to make it up to you when they are gone.”
“You’d better.”
“I will make it up to them. I promise.”

“How am I ever going to make it up?” Kevin wonders, closely pressed up against Scotty. Though they are together in bed, they can’t sleep. Too much has happened today.
“I don’t know.” Scotty casually runs his fingers through Kevin’s hair, before kissing the top of Kevin’s head. “We’ll figure something out.”

“I’m so terribly sorry.” Kevin says quietly and Scotty wonders if the twenty-fifth or the twenty-sixth time he said that. He wraps his arms around Kevin, providing some shelter to Kevin’s damaged ego. He can feel Kevin move even closer to him, if that is at all possible.
“I know, sweetie. You already said that…. Several times.” He adds.

“I don’t know what else to say, Scotty. I was so excited. I had so many dreams. I wanted so much. Now it’s all gone. And on top of everything else I made you feel miserable, which I hate even more.”

A year ago Scotty would not have believed this possible, but he does now. Kevin was so busy with the much desired promotion, that he failed to look around him. But he knew it upfront.  This is Kevin. He sighs. God, he loves Kevin so much, but sometimes….
“So? Are you really going to work for Robert? Or did you just say that?” Scotty asks.
“I don’t know. Should I? Work for him?”

“I asked you first.” Scotty returns the question, feeling it should be Kevin’s decision and not his.
“I really, honestly, don’t know. When Robert offered me Kitty’s job, it was too outrageous to be true. But after tonight? I don’t know. I do know however than I’m done with the law-firm. I feel so cheated on. I mean, I gave them everything I had. I worked my ass for them. And this is what I get? Better luck next year?”

Scotty can feel Kevin tense up in his arms. Again he gently caresses Kevin’s back.
“I even pretended to be straight to get that job… Which still bugs me.”
“Yes,… me too.” Scotty replies dryly. “I somehow felt I didn’t exactly meet all the requirements to be your wife.”
“Thank God for that!” Kevin reacts with so much sincerity that Scotty starts to grin. “I prefer you as my husband anytime.”

They are quiet for a few moments then Scotty picks up his question again.
“What about Robert?”
“Could you live with my working for him?”
“Your choice, sweetheart, not mine.”

“Maybe I could accomplish something. It’s easy to criticize Robert all the time, but I never tried to do anything political myself.”
“So you will be on a lonely mission. A Democrate on the staff of a Republican, bringing down the Republican party one Republican at a time.” Scotty lowers his voice, he sounds like an add for a movie and Kevin starts to laugh.

“Yeah, I was thinking about going for world peace, but that would be too easy.”
“Valid point.” Scotty laughs… And it’s quiet again between them. But, just as Kevin is about to fall asleep, Scotty says:
“I’ll go and talk to them tomorrow.”

“My parents. We have to talk about this.”
“Good plan. We can talk to them and I will apologize and make it up to them and…”
“Cute. But no. I’ll go talk them myself. Without you.. It’s between them and me anyway.” Scotty can feel Kevin nod.
“Are you sure you want to this on your own? I don’t mind coming with you.”
“I know. But I can handle it.”

Lying next to Scotty, Kevin kisses Scotty’s shoulder and upper-arm, before moving back up via his chest. Scotty smiles and their lips quickly meet for a little kiss.
“You know what bugs me most of all?” Kevin asks.
“You promised me that you would make it up to me for the lack of PDA’s….”

“It’s not like you deserve any…” Scotty replies, a bit amused.
“I know… that bugs me.” Kevin pouts and Scotty starts to laugh.
“Well, you may not deserve what I had in mind for you, but I can give you this….” With those words, he pushes Kevin on his back and immediately covers his mouth with his own, as his body overpowers Kevin’s. Kevin’s muffled moans go from surprised to conceding as he spreads his legs a bit to let Scotty come between them.


“I’m still mad at you…. This love-making was only to comfort you for not making partner.” Scotty says softly above him. Kevin doesn’t care. He’s is Scotty’s arms. His face against Scotty’s chest. He is satisfied and knows he satisfied Scotty’s desire too.
“I’m still mad at you.” Scotty repeats.
“I know.” Kevin replies..

“But I also love you…” Scotty says softly.
“I know that now I’m supposed to smugly say that I know that too, but … I am not taking your love for granted… Or your anger as meaningless… I am just grateful that you want to love me.”
Kevin sounds so sincere and Scotty smiles, caressing Kevin’s back.
“How could I not love you?” he whispers and with a smile on their faces they finally both find the sleep they were searching for.

The END.
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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