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Fanfic: Who's sorry now?

Who’s sorry now?

By Marea67
Justin, Tyler, Nora, Brody, Sarah, Luc, Kitty, Seth, Bertha, Wally.. Oh, and yes, Kevin/Scotty are somehow also involved.
Rate: Just read it! It’s no big deal. Wasn’t in the mood.
Disclaimer: Come on! If they would have been mine, would the show have been cancelled? No!
Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day, blah-blah-blah, whatever… (You know that I hate Valentine’s Day, right?)


“I’m sorry for Kevin and Scotty.” Tyler sighs and she puts away her hair-brush.
“Why?” Justin asks. Tyler watches how he dries himself off with his towel. The sweet scent of his shower-gel invades her nose. She loves it.
“Well, you know. Scotty is in San Francisco for that food-thingy and Kevin couldn’t go with him, so he’s in Seattle to sort out the rest of Tommy’s troubles. It’s sad that they can’t be together on Valentine’s day.”
“I’m sure that they’ll make it up to each other. Scotty just had to be there this weekend, to promote Café 429. So, Kevin decided to take the opportunity to help Tommy close the “Seattle”-chapter in his life. It’s a good thing…. I think.” Justin ends his sentence on a questioning sound and he shrugs. “I’m sure that they will Skype with each other and … do other things while talking..” He winks.
“Eeeuw! That’s not the same as actually being together, is it?” Tyler pouts her lips begging Justin to kiss her. Justin complies, his hands in her hair, body moving closer to hers. She hums with satisfaction.
“No, it’s not the same.” Justin acknowledges. “And now I’m sorry for Kevin and Scotty too. How about we make the most of this day in their place…?”
“What did you have in mind..?” Tyler asks, as if she can’t imagine what he could mean. Justin gently pushes her towards the bed.
“Let me show you…” He says, as she falls on the bed, she feels something hard under her pillow. She discovers a box of chocolates.
“Happy Valentine’s Day….” Justin whispers and he kisses her gently.


“I’m sorry for Kevin and Scotty.” Nora opens the windows of the motorhome to let some fresh air in, now that they have finally reached their stop. “I hope you don’t mind me saying this. You always tell me not to be so concerned about my family, but it’s just…” She sighs. Brody only smiles and he lets her talk. “Justin and Tyler are happy in Los Angeles, Sarah is happy with Luc in Paris, Kitty is happy with Seth in Boston, Tommy and Rose are happy… heavens-know-where..”
“… Tommy is back in Phoenix.” Brody knows. Nora nods.
“So, basically all my kids are happy, except Kevin…” She sighs.
“Aren’t you being melodramatic, love? Kevin and Scotty have the best marriage of all our kids put together. They’ve made a decision together. Kevin understands that this weekend is a wonderful opportunity for Scotty to promote Café 429. And Kevin took this opportunity to make sure that Tommy’s issues in Seattle, with Julia, are taken care off. Sounds like a mature choice.”
“I know. It’s frightening to see Kevin 'growing up'.”
“Scotty has a good impact I have, I guess.” Brody laughs. Nora smiles. “I’m sure that Kevin and Scotty will find a way to be see or talk to each other. There’s Skype and Facebook, Twitter and that other old-fashioned thing… What’s it called again? Oh, yeah, a telephone.” Brody winks. Nora laughs out loud now and she walks up to Brody and she wraps her arms around him.
“I love you.” She kisses him gently, about to give him more than just a kiss, when there’s knock on the door of the motorhome.
“That’s for you.” Brody nods. She laughs and opens the door and she sees a man carrying a large bouquet of red roses.
“Are you Nora?”
“These are for you.” He hands her the flowers. Nora accepts them with a surprised face. The man is gone, before she can say something.
“Happy Valentine’s Day.” Brody says, kissing the back of her neck. She reaches out to him and offer him her mouth to kiss.


“I’m sorry for Kevin and Scotty.” Sarah sighs.
Pourquoi? Ahm, I mean, why?” Luc asks and he continues to look in the mirror.
“Well, here we are, in the most romantic city in the world: Paris. On Valentine’s Day, but they are alone and separated. Even Justin and Tyler, Kitty and Seth or Tommy and Rose have a better Valentine’s Day than they do.”
Chérie, I don’t think that we should worry about them. I’m sure that Kevin and Scotty will find a way to stay in touch, ou bien, celebrate Valentine’s on another day.”
“What’s the fun in that?” Sarah asks. She gets out of her chair and walks up to Luc to kiss him, but he gently keeps her at arm’s length.
“We can’t kiss. They’ve just put on the make-up… I know it’s terrible, but once the photo-shoot is done, we’ll have Paris, love and romance all to ourselves.” Luc promises. Sarah’s smile isn’t exactly genuine, but she knows that Luc is right that work should come first.
“We’re ready.” A young woman announces, sticking her head around the door. Luc nods and walks up to the door.
“Once this is done… ‘kay?” He asks. Without waiting for Sarah’s answer, he closes the door behind him, leaving Sarah to make a face at the door and roll her eyes.
“Happy Valentine’s Day.” She says to the door and she sticks out her tongue.


“I’m sorry for Kevin and Scotty.” Kitty sighs as she adjust the pillows of the bed. Seth stops caressing her growing belly.
“Sorry, my mind was someplace else.” Seth answers, giving Kitty’s belly a little kiss. Kitty smiles and caresses Seth’s hair.
“I would like to see my entire family as happy as I am right now.” She says.
“Well, you have almost accomplished that.”
“Except for Kevin. He must miss Scotty so much.”
“It’s a good way for Scotty to promote Café 429. Kevin would only be in Scotty’s way. And Scotty will be on his feet all day and too tired to enjoy himself anyway. I think that maybe they made a good decision. I’m sure that Scotty will make it up to Kevin somehow.”
“Yeah, probably.” Kitty replies slowly and reluctantly. Evan storms into the room and crawls on the bed.
“Mom! I found this dinosaur under my bed.”
“That’s scary.” Seth seems worried, but Evan shakes his head.
“It is not a meat-eater. Only veggies. Can the baby play with it?” He gives Kitty a hopeful look. Kitty smiles.
“We’ll see.” She answers. Evan lets the small plastic dinosaur ‘walk’ over Kitty’s belly. He knows that he has to be careful to not hurt Kitty or the baby. It tickles and Kitty caresses her son’s head.
“This must be the best Valentine’s Day ever.” She smiles at Seth and he kisses her shoulder.
“Happy Valentine’s Day.” He says.


“I’m sorry for Scotty and Kevin.”
“You?!” It surprises Bertha how much disbelief Wally can put in one word. Even over the phone she can ‘see’ in her imagination how his jaw drops.
“I’ve changed.” Bertha reminds Wally. Wally doesn’t answer, so she continues softly: “I know, I’m fortunate that Scotty and Kevin give me this chance to look after Daniel and Olivia.” Well, that, and the fact that Nora hadn’t been there to baby-sit, she adds in her mind, but she swallows the bitter words away, focusing instead on the luck that she has that Scotty had asked her to come to their place for the weekend. Phone in hand, she checks on the children again, like she had done 10 times before in the last hour. Olivia is in a deep sleep, her long black hair spread out all over the pillow. She’s so pretty, that Bertha can’t help but smile. In the next room, she finds Daniel, asleep as well, clutching his favorite toy in his arms.
“Daniel looks so much like Scotty when he was a baby.” Her voice is soft and even Wally can hear that she’s emotional.
“Doesn’t he? I saw him last weekend. There’s so much of Scotty in him.”
“I know that they will never want anyone to find out, but I think he’s Scotty’s child.” Bertha says with conviction. Wally knows that Daniel is Scotty's, but he will not reveal it to Bertha, knowing that Scotty is afraid that Bertha will put a bigger ‘claim’ on Daniel, if she finds out that he’s Scotty’s.
“I’m sure that if Nora looks at Daniel, she will see traits of Kevin in him.” He replies instead.
“Yes, maybe it’s wishful thinking.”
“They are both his parents, so they will both leave an impression on Daniel. He will take after both Scotty and Kevin in his mannerisms.”
“Yes, I suppose… So, what are you doing tonight?”
“Nothing much. It’s been quiet since Moira and I broke up.” Wally answers.
“I was wondering… If you don’t want to, I’d understand… but maybe it would be nice if you came over and we could.. talk? We have after all two grandchildren now and … it would be nice if Scotty wouldn't always feel like he must keep us apart…” Bertha can’t help but hold her breath. She feels that she has avoided discussing her separation from Wally long enough.
“That would be … nice? Yeah, of course, I can do that. I’ll be with you in … half an hour?”
“That would be nice.” Bertha nods. They both hang up and Bertha puts the phone down on the table. When she turns around she sees her own reflection in the mirror. Her face is softer, she has gained a bit of weight, she seems less rigid. She smiles at herself. Even she has to admit it’s a nice smile.
“Happy Valentine’s Day?” She asks herself with hope in her voice.


“I feel sorry for the rest of the world.” Scotty sighs. Kevin stops kissing his chest and raises his head.
“Because no one else has such a smart, devious husband as I have.” Scotty answers, stealing a kiss, before Kevin will be able to give him a smug answer. He can feel Kevin smile.
“Glad you appreciate it.” Kevin grins. “Everyone thinks you’re busy in San Francisco, so they won’t bother you. They also believe me to be busy in Seattle and leave me alone. Giving us some time to simply be in our favorite hotel, in our favorite room and this wonderful bed. The only one who has our number is your mom. And she will use it only in case of emergency….”
“… because she’d rather bite off her tongue, than call us because she needs our help with something. Brilliant!” Scotty nods at Kevin’s logic. Kevin’s fingers gently caress his husband’s chest and Scotty moans softly and Scotty lets the hand move further down until he grabs Kevin’s wrist.
“Give me a few minutes, please?” He asks. Kevin has already satisfied him twice and he wouldn’t be surprised if Kevin would be able to squeeze another orgasm out of him. Literally. But he’s tired and…. His eyes meet Kevin’s. He sees how Kevin looks at him, teasingly, but also longingly. His grip on Kevin’s wrist eases. And he bites his lower lip, when Kevin touches him. First the barely noticeable caress that sends shockwaves through his body and makes him hard, then the firm grip that has him cry out for more…. And the icing on the cake: The warm mouth that takes over and sends Scotty over the edge, with an ease that always surprises him. It’s always what he begs for and, yet, it always comes too fast.
“I’m dead. Dead and gone to heaven.” Scotty finally manages to say, once he’s back on this planet with his feelings.
“Me? Heaven? I doubt it. I think it’s more likely that you’re in hell and that you’re stuck with me. FOR. ALL. ETERNITY.” Kevin tries to give his voice something ominous, but Scotty can only laugh.
“So, this is hell and you’re my punishment? I don’t know what I did wrong, but I did it wrong very well.” Scotty uses some force to turn their position so that Kevin is underneath him. They smile lovingly at each other.
“Happy Valentine’s day.” It’s all Kevin can say, because Scotty silences him with a loving kiss.


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