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Fanfic: Tell me the truth 1/2

Tell me the truth 1/2

By marea67
Rate: G
Disclaimer: The boys aren’t mine.
Summary: This is what you get when you think for others.

Because it's Luke Macfarlane's birthday - I will post part 2 tomorrow, it's nearly finished, but I'm too tired to write a proper ending to it.


“You’re home early.” Though Kevin’s words seem harsh, the warm, welcoming smile on his face, puts a tiny smile on Scotty’s face. He had been to a food-festival in San Francisco and he had gone there with the intention to discover more about various food and maybe get some inspiration for Café 429.

He had planned to be back only late in the day, yet, it’s barely two in the afternoon and he’s already home. Obviously earlier than Kevin had expected, because Scotty catches Kevin right in the middle of vacuuming the floor.
“It wasn’t what I thought it would be. Woke up this morning with the feeling that I just wanted to be home.”

“I don’t have anything prepared yet….” Kevin start to apologize, referring the living-room looking still a bit messy. After all he hadn’t expected Scotty back before nine. But when he wants to take Scotty in his arms and kiss him, Scotty backs away, allowing not more than a small kiss on the cheek. He gives Kevin an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry, I’m not much in the mood for small-talk. I have a headache and I didn’t sleep well last night. Maybe I’m coming down with something. Would you be very insulted if I just went to bed and try to get some sleep? I know that you want to hear all about my trip, but I’m not in the mood to talk.. I just…” His yawn betrays how tired he is.

Kevin takes a step back and gently jokes:
“Keep all the germs on your side of the bed, ‘kay? I can’t get sick. Have a big case the day after tomorrow….” It manages to put some hint of a smile on Scotty’s face. “Would you like some warm milk? Just … Something?” Kevin isn’t sure what he can do for Scotty.

“Warm milk sounds good.” Scotty nods, but by the time that Kevin enters the bedroom with the hot milk, Scotty is in a deep sleep. Kevin feels his forehead. A bit warm, but not too feverish. Scotty makes an annoyed noise when Kevin touches him and there are deep lines of concern on his face. Even in his sleep he doesn’t look relaxed.


In the days that follow, Kevin keeps an eye on his husband. Scotty seems withdrawn, not so much grumpy as easily defeated, like nothing matters to him. Or as if he doesn’t have the energy to stand up for something. Though Kevin first attributes it the fact that Scotty might be battling some flu-symptoms, he eventually doesn’t believe it’s the case.

Scotty’s sleep isn’t that restful. He tosses and turns a lot in his sleep, waking up Kevin in the process. And Kevin begins to feel like his husband is hiding something. And he feels uneasy. The last big secret that Scotty had kept from him, was that he had cheated on Kevin and somehow that memory, which had almost faded, now comes back to haunt Kevin.

Several times he’s tempted to ask Scotty what is going on, but at the same time, he’s afraid that he might not like the answer. Maybe it’s better if he doesn’t know. But the doubt is gnawing at him. And he can’t help but take some emotional distance from Scotty as well.


Scotty rubs his forehead. Oh, how he wishes that the headache would leave. All he wants to do is just go to bed and sleep, but he also knows that sleep will not do him any good. There’s too much on his mind. He looks up when the bell of the restaurant-door rings and he sees Kevin enter. He smiles, happy to see Kevin.

But much to his surprise, Kevin doesn’t give him a second look. Without even a ‘hello’, he disappears into his office. Scotty feels unsettled. The last time Kevin had reacted so coldly to him, was when they had nearly split up because he told Kevin about the fact that he had cheated on him with Marcus.

For a reason he can’t put his finger on, Scotty begins to feel uncomfortable. Why is Kevin shying away from him? Is something going on? Is there something he should know? He chases away his doubts. Maybe Kevin had just lost a case and just wanted some time to himself. Yes, that could be it… And maybe Kevin just wants a shoulder to cry on.

He puts down his knife, with which he was cutting his vegetables and he washes his hands, before taking off his apron. He knocks on Kevin’s door. He can hear Kevin’s ‘enter’ and so he enters Kevin’s office. He closes the door and leans against it. Kevin looks at him and he looks back at Kevin.

Suddenly there’s a tension. As if there’s far more going on and that they both don’t wish to address it.
“W.. We need to talk…” Kevin says. Scotty can feel his stomach sink.
“Oh… Okay?” He answers and his voice is very soft….

“Ever since you came back from San Francisco, you’ve been distant, cold, grumpy. I don’t know… Different… What happened? Just, please, tell me the truth, whatever it is, I’m sure we can work through it, we’ve done it before, but… don’t lie to me… don’t keep secrets from me.

And don’t insult me by saying that you’re not keeping secrets, because I know you do. I can feel it…. I just know that there’s something you’re not telling me…” When Scotty opens his mouth to reply, Kevin suddenly fears what he might hear. “I know how these things go. A bit too much fun, too much to drink…. Whatever happened there, I want to know.”

Scotty is a bit confused by something in Kevin’s voice that he doesn’t understand.
“What do you think happened there?” He asks therefore and Kevin can’t keep quiet anymore.
“Did you cheat on me?” He blurts out and then he actually holds his breath for a few seconds.

Scotty is too stunned by Kevin’s question. He hadn’t even thought of this possiblity being in Kevin's head and he’s blindsided by Kevin’s question. Kevin slowly lets go of the breath he’s been holding. Scotty’s silence shocks him. Had he really guessed right? Oh, my god, no! Not again!
“I don’t want to know.” He then softly says and he rushes past Scotty and up the stairs.


End of part 1/2

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