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fanfic: Be careful what you ask for. Part 3/4

Be careful what you ask for. Part 3.

By Marea67
Kevin / Scotty
Rate: R - for sexual content.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Scotty misses something, can Kevin provide?
Extra info: Taking place between 2.12 and 2.13.

“A movie.” Scotty repeats his own words. And Kevin nods. He gets up, takes Scotty’s hand and blows out the candles, leaving him and Scotty in a pitch-black kitchen. Scotty feels a tug at his hand and he follows Kevin. It’s just a few steps and then Kevin stops him again.

“Wait here.” He says. Scotty’s eyes start to adjust to the dark and just when he has an idea of where he is, Kevin shows up with a torch-light. “Come, I have the tickets and we can go to our places….” Kevin shines on their couch…”Ah, there it is. Isn’t it just a lovely place? We can really see the movie very well from here” And he pulls Scotty down beside him. Scotty can barely hold his laughter. He has no idea where this is going, but he’ll play along.

“Popcorn?” Kevin offers. Scotty shakes his head.
“Not yet.” He says with a grin. “Let me guess. This is a little known movie-theater and the owner…?”
“… only has a few available places. But the chairs are perfect, I mean it’s like sitting on your couch at home.”
“Yes. It already had a familiar feeling to it.” Scotty murmurs amused.

The DVD-player starts to play and much to his horror Scotty almost immediately recognizes the movie. It is the stupid Italian movie from way back then… And it hasn’t improved in time… It is still as inexplicably terrible as the first time. In the dark he looks to his side where Kevin is sitting. Kevin catches his look, but quickly looks back at the screen.

Scotty wonders what is going on? Why on Earth would Kevin hire, or maybe even worse, buy, that awful thing again....? It isn’t until Kevin stretches with a yawn as fake as can be, only to, almost “by accident”, let his arm rest behind Scotty’s head, that Scotty understands what Kevin is planning. Of course! This time their dinner went without a hitch, a kiss that was appreciated, none of the awkwardness.

And now this Italian movie where they had sat through, both thinking the other one was interested, when in fact their thoughts had been about something entirely different. He smiles and looks at Kevin, but once Kevin looks at him, Scotty quickly focuses on the screen, only to let, seconds later, his looks return to Kevin again. This time it’s Kevin who is “suddenly” very interested in the screen.
Scotty’s hand moves from his own leg to Kevin’s knee and then slowly it follows the inside seam of Kevin’s pants, going a long way up, nearly reaching destination only to slide back to Kevin’s knee. Beside him he can hear Kevin hold his breath for a second or two and he swallows hard when Scotty doesn’t follow through what Kevin hoped he would do. Scotty tries his best not to laugh. He is far better at this game then Kevin apparently.

By the light of the tv-screen Kevin can see Scotty’s smug little smile and he can’t help but grin a bit as he quickly kisses Scotty on the cheek only to immediately look at the screen again as if nothing happened. Scotty is stunned for a second, because the act is reminiscing of his first ‘date’ with a boy when he was only 17… The peck on the cheek was about as far as he got that night, he was so terribly shy and inexperienced then .... But he no longer is and for tonight he has other plans.

He shuffles a bit closer to Kevin. And after some hesitation he lets his head rest against Kevin’s shoulder. Kevin moves his mouth a little closer to Scotty’s. Scotty closes his eyes and forgets about the strange movie they are supposed to be watching, as Kevin’s lips brush against his, Scotty’s lips part, inviting Kevin in and as the pressure of Kevin’s arm in his neck tightens a bit, Kevin kisses Scotty as if it were for the first time… It’s hesitant and longing, filled with desire, yet so tender and Scotty melts into Kevin’s arms. Kevin doesn’t touch Scotty in any other way then his fingers resting against Scotty’s cheek.

Their kiss seems to last forever and Scotty is almost growing dizzy with the lack of oxygen, but he doesn’t want to break this magical moment. He holds on to Kevin, his hands softly playing with Kevin’s t-shirt, carefully bringing it up, so he can caress Kevin’s back. He lowers his body a little, trying to pull Kevin on top of him. But Kevin stops him.

“We can’t do that here.” he whispers, a little embarrassed.
“Why not?” Scott asks confused, he wants Kevin…. like … 10 minutes ago.
“We’re in a movie-theatre. It would be inappropriate.” Kevin can hardly control his laughter.
“Wha… What?” Scotty’s mind cannot immediately register what Kevin is talking about.
“We are here to watch a movie. Forgotten all about that, hmmm?”

Scotty nods and suggest in a soft and low voice:
“How about we get out of here and back to the car?”
“Sounds good to me…. But what about the movie?” Kevin replies pointing at the screen.
“I’m sure the butler did it…” Scotty replies and he can hear Kevin chuckle.
“It’s about a poverty-stricken family and their struggle for survival in some unnamed Italian city.”

“Don’t care. Still think the butler did it.” Scotty says breathlessly and Kevin’s laughter is smothered by Scotty’s kiss. He turns off the tv and in the dark pulls up Scotty. “Kevin?”
“We have to walk to the car, sweetie.” Kevin’s voice is very teasing.
“Can’t we just pretend…?”
“No, we cannot.” Kevin says decisive.

“Kevin…” Scotty pleas.
“Alright, let’s pretend we’re in the car,” Kevin sighs unable to fight about this with Scotty anyway… Scotty falls back on the couch, expecting Kevin to sit down next to him. Instead, Kevin walks around the table to sit down at the other side of Scotty. He turns on a little lamp behind them.

“What was that all about?” Scotty wonders.
“I’m driving. So I should be on the other side of the car.” He says seriously. Scotty starts to laugh uncontrollably.
“You are absolutely out of your mind.” He grins.
“You’re fault. You drive me absolutely crazy.” Kevin’s voice is low and Scotty’s hand caresses his arm.

“I want you to kiss me.” He says. And Kevin leans towards him, but when he’s close to Scotty he pulls back. Apologetic, he smiles at Scotty.
“Safety-belt.” He says. Scotty laughs out loud and wraps his arms around Kevin. His soft ‘Idiot’ gets lost as their lips meet and their kiss becomes hot and longing. Scotty’s hands search Kevin’s body. Their position is uncomfortable, their clothes suddenly too tight, but neither wants to stop.

Scotty’s hand moves up between Kevin’s legs, his thumb brushing along the zipper, feeling the hardness underneath the cloth and he enjoys the soft moan his movement creates. He breaks the kiss and rubs his nose against Kevin’s.
“Nightcap?” he whispers, looking in the direction of the bedroom and Kevin nods. After a few more kisses, they move towards the sliding door.

In front of the door to their bedroom, Kevin takes Scotty into his arms to kiss him once again. Scotty answers playfully, anxious to get into the bedroom and feel Kevin on him. Kevin slides the door open and turns on one of the smaller lamps. Much to his surprise Scotty sees that a rope has been tied from one side of the room to the other. On that rope Kevin has put some curtains to create two separate rooms. On the floor was the air bed made up with Scotty’s old sheets.

Scotty was surprised by the work that Kevin had put into this, he realizes that Kevin must have been working on this litle plan all week and now he also understands why Kevin had been so anxious to see him leave that morning.
“You are absolutely out of your mind.” He whispers to Kevin. Kevin shrugs.
“You wanted to do it right. This was as close to ‘right’ as I could get.”

“Do you have any idea how much I love you for this?” Scotty’s voice is soft against Kevin’s lips.
“Show me.” Kevin begs. And Scotty takes Kevin’s hand. He sits down on the air bed and pulls Kevin on top of him. While he passionately kisses Scotty, Kevin’s hands are holding Scotty’s head in place so that Scotty can’t move too much, Scotty spreads his legs, letting Kevin move between them, crushing him a bit.

Scotty’s fingers caress Kevin’s hair as he leaves Scotty lips and pursues his way down. Scotty’s t-shirt ends up next to the bed and Scotty pushes himself closer to Kevin as his mouth moves on his chest, kissing, licking the hot skin, sometimes a soft bite to add passion and Scotty squirms underneath him, enjoying all the attention that Kevin is giving him. He is pushing Kevin down even further, until Kevin finally reaches the belt. After one last small kiss on Scotty’s stomach he lifts his head and stops with a smile on his face.

“Please, Kevin, just do something… anything.” Scotty moans, pressing closer and closer to Kevin. Kevin gets up a bit. On hands and knees he takes his distance from Scotty’s desiring body. He looks down on Scotty’s face. Scotty’s lips are swollen from the many kisses they shared. The long eyelashes are not really hiding Scotty eyes, a slightly different color of blue due to his being so aroused. Scotty looks up at him… waiting, expecting, wanting.

Kevin, however, moves further away from Scotty. Noticing Scotty’s confusion he calmly explains:
“You said how romantic it would be to take things slow… To not immediately hop into bed… To take time to get to know each other… So I think it would be best if I went to my own apartment. Remember how you regretted how quickly we ended up in bed together? That the sex we had was too much, too soon, too quick?” He raises an eyebrow and enjoys the bewildered look on Scotty’s face.

“And when did you suddenly start to listen to anything I say?!” Scotty wonders.
“Since I’m trying to make this work…” Kevin replies smugly. As he has moved away into the darkness, Scotty cannot see Kevin’s victorious smile at leaving Scotty completely dumbfounded.
“So, ..” Kevin continues..” I’m going back to my place. I’ll call you when I get there.”

He places Scotty’s cell-phone on the palm of Scotty’s hand. “I strongly suggest you… sort of… undress yourself a bit. Some of those clothes must be really tight now… “ Kevin grins. The look Scotty shoots him is not very friendly. Yet Scotty grabs Kevin’s arm.
“Kevin, I want you… now.” He insists.

“Scotty…” placing a finger under Scotty’s chin, forcing Scotty to look at him, Kevin replies. “Just because you want something, doesn’t mean it’s possible….” He lets the words and the memory of those words sink in with Scotty and then Scotty shakes his head.
“I hate you.” He says to Kevin, not meaning a single word of it.

“And yet, you desire me.” Kevin smiles.
“No, I don’t.”
“Yes, you do.”
Kevin opens the sliding door and closes it behind him, leaving Scotty alone in ‘his’ part of the bedroom….

END of Part 3
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