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interview Matthew Rhys

Finally an interview with Matthew Rhys that doesn't go on and on and on and on about E, but discusses his relationship with Martha.


I love THIS in particular:

And this season has a Kama Sutra sex scene. What was your reaction to that script?
Matthew Rhys: “You know, any sort of sex scene there’s usually a big gulp that comes with it. But the sex in their relationship is just an enormous part of it, in an entirely different way than it is with Elizabeth. So, Phillip realizes it’s a large appetite of Martha’s that needs satisfying so it’s one part of the many pieces that he needs to maintain in order for its smooth running.”

Was it as physically difficult as it looked or was there some movie magic?
Matthew Rhys: “Oh, it was difficult. We had to stand on one foot. We tried a few of those and I’m like, ‘I don’t even know how they did this.’ It’s one of the most uncomfortable things you could try. I don’t actually recommend it.”

It will probably not be half as funny as it is in my head right now. I mean, just the combination Clark/Kama Sutra is too hilarious for words. I do hope that things didn't go right in one take and there are bloopers of this, for it certainly tickles the imagination. :D 
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