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welcome to my fantasies
"Revenge" spoiler... 
18th-Jan-2015 01:10 am
Apparently another one could be killed off. (I wish!) Can't say I'd cry a bucket full of tears for this one, IF it would happen. That character could have been killed off in season 1, as far as I'm concerned. (Shrug)

Still, had a good laugh at the possibility that that one character would kick the bucket and how droves of fans would have a fit. I might even watch the episode if it happens, and I haven't watched any onther episode of the new season so far. Couldn't be bothered after they had killed Aiden.

As long as they don't kill Nolan, I don't care who they kill off on that show. :D

Read if you want to, but be careful: it could be a ***spoiler***

Source: tvline.com
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