marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanfic: Blue


by Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, Chad and Jason.
Rate: G
Disclaimer: written with love, not for money
Summary: Leave it to Scotty to tell the truth.

Sorry, got ONE stupid thought in my head tonight and I just HAD to write this. :)


“You guys will have to settle this for us.” Jason says as he passes by the baffled Kevin and Scotty and he enters their place, with Chad right behind him.
“Do come in.” Scotty says quietly to Jason’s back. Jason has heard him though.
“Sorry. But this …. This is an emergency.”

“Jason is freaking out.” Chad tries to explain. Both Kevin and Scotty know that Jason, as a McCallister, never freaks out. It's not in the McCallister-genes. So either Chad is exaggerating or something has shocked Jason to his core.
“What’s the problem?” Scotty asks.

“This!” Jason holds up something that looks like a bag over a suit. “This is what is wrong.. My favorite cousin is getting married and she had this amazing idea… Oh, my God, I’m not going to the wedding.”
“You have to! You’re her favorite cousin.” Chad points out.

“No way!”
“You said you would.” Chad reminds Jason.
“Tell her that…. I don’t know… I gotta wash my hair!” Jason answers exasperated. Kevin and Scotty give each other a confused look.

“What is going on?” Scotty asks again.
This suit. Mind if I put it on?” Jason points at the bedroom. Scotty shakes his head and Kevin is too baffled to say anything. Once Jason is gone, Kevin immediately turns to Chad.
“What the heck?” He asks.

“I don’t know. His favorite cousin, Lorelei, is getting married and she had this idea for some 70s-themed wedding.”
“Sounds good. What’s the problem? Too much glitter?” Scotty asks, knowing that Jason has still some issues with things he perceives as ‘too gay’.

“I don’t know. He got the suit, took one look at it and he went crazy, saying that there was no way in hell – his words, not my interpretation – that he was going to that wedding dressed in that horror.”
“Did you see it?” Scotty asks. Chad shakes his head.

“It can’t be that bad, can it?” Chad shrugs.
“We’ll see. I think I’ll better get something to drink while Jason gets dressed. Wine? Beer? Coffee? Something else?” Scotty asks Chad.
“A beer sounds good.” Chad answers and Kevin nods that he wants the same.

Scotty disappears into the kitchen at the same time that Jason leaves the bedroom to show himself to the others… Chad’s chin drops and he looks up and down Jason’s body with a look of pure shock, while Kevin opens his mouth to say something, but then puts his hand over his mouth. He has to swallow hard to not laugh hysterically.

“Well, be honest. What do you think?” Jason asks defensively, expecting some very poor comments from Chad and Kevin, but they are both too speechless to answer straightaway. “Come on, let me have it.” Jason invites sarcastically.
“It’s not that bad…” Chad attempts, barely able to hold his laughter.

“It must have … some… advantage…?” Kevin adds, biting his lower lip to not burst into laughter. At that moment Scotty returns from the kitchen with a tray carrying 4 beers. He stops dead in his tracks and stares open-mouthed at Jason. Horrified his eyes take in the image.

Jason’s suit is baby blue in color. The shirt is extremely white with lots ruffles and the 4 upper-buttons are missing to give everyone a good look at Jason’s chest. The pants may be large at the feet, but they are extremely tight on the hips, clearly squashing Jason in the most intimate places.

“There must be some… advantage?” Kevin repeats to Scotty, to not drive Jason completely crazy. Scotty gives him an incredulous glance.
“Like what?! The fact that Jason will end up being able to sing in a higher pitch than Mariah Carey?” Scotty asks.

Chad’s shoulders shake with laughter and Kevin doesn’t know where to look.
“Honestly, Jason, you look like a flamboyant extra on a gay chorus-line for the drunk crooner on the Love-boat, if ever they would have had a pink episode...” Scotty reacts. “This is too much. Even Jordan would veto this as ‘too gay’…”

Both Chad and Kevin are in tears of laughter by now and Jason gives Scotty a hopeless look.
“What do I tell her? She’s been looking forward to this for so long. I don’t want to hurt her feelings, but there’s no way on Earth I’m going to wear this.”

“Not if you ever want to produce some offspring somewhere along the line, no…” Scotty agrees, seeing that Jason is having a serious issue with this. Though he’s tempted to laugh at Jason, like Kevin and Chad are doing, he also feels sorry for Jason, who’s usually so reserved and guarded. This is so definitely not for him.

“What do I do?” Jason asks.
“Tell her the truth. That this is just unacceptable and too much out of character for you. A joke is fine and I do get that she wants to have a wonderful day, but I’m sure that she wouldn’t want you to feel this uncomfortable either. If she really cares about you…?”

Jason sighs and Chad and Kevin can finally calm down somewhat.
“Scotty is right.” Kevin eventually hiccups. “This is too much. You have to tell her, that you don’t mind a joke or some fun, but that this just feels too inappropriate.”
“I agree with Kevin… A joke is nice, but this too ridiculous…” Chad finally manages to say.


Scotty closes the door behind Chad and Jason and he turns around to face Kevin. He leans against the door and suddenly he begins to laugh.
“That must have been the worst costume ever!”
“I know, right?” Kevin laughs.

“I felt so sorry for Jason, but… I just had to say something… He was right. No way that he could have worn that…”
“I’m glad he called her and told her the truth.”
“I’m glad she wasn’t angry, but understanding.” Scotty agrees.

“I would have loved to see that suit on you though.” Kevin comes closer to Scotty. “If only to peel it off you. Very slowly and delicately.” He whispers in Scotty's ear.
“I wouldn’t have known where to put … everything…” Scotty makes a hissing sound when Kevin kisses the side of his neck.

“Don’t worry. I would have taken special care of… everything….” Kevin’s fingers slide down Scotty’s belly. Scotty laughs softly.
“I’ll bet you would have… You can help me out of the clothes I’m wearing now though..” Scotty suggests.
That, Mr Wandell, is the best idea you’ve had all day.” Kevin grins.


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