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welcome to my fantasies
18th-Dec-2014 09:36 am
Wow, it IS weird to have it nearly be Christmas and not be writing/posting some Christmas-fic. I feel like I should be writing something. I've done that every year since 2007

- 2007 - seperated until the last minute
- 2008 - Stuck with the entire family in a house, and then the power went out.
- 2009 - on the run from a psychopath
- 2010 - Scotty and Jason in a car-accident and Chad/Kevin worried about them
- 2011 - Christmas eps from my own season 6 and all the drama that comes with a Walker-Christmas.
- 2012 - They didn't have Christmas at all. (well not fanfic-wise) but I kinda/sorta made it up to them early 2013 with a belated Christmas thingy.
- 2013 - a nice little get-away for the boys, but nothing very 'hot' happened there.

I re-read "Last Christmas" (posted around Christmas 2009) these last few days. I hadn't read it in quite a while, because each time I read back about Alex Grodin, I regret my decision to kill him off. He was such a wonderful psycho. :)

Thing is, that I probably wouldn't have know what to write about anyway. Not fond of Olivia and wasn't really all 'awwwww' about Daniel (I tried though!) so a cute family-Christmas wouldn't have been in the cards. I feel that Kevin and Scotty (/Chad/Jason) have been harrassed enough, so no Christmas drama with happy ending either. And when I send the boys away from some hot sexy vacation.. nothing happens...

I'm not particularly fond of Kitty, Sarah and Tommy, so I don't miss them any more than I do Holly and Rebecca.

I do miss Kevin and Scotty though... :)  It IS weird to sit here and have nothing to write. :)


I wonder: If I WOULD have written a Christmas-fic, what should have been about? 
20th-Dec-2014 10:48 pm (UTC)
The story goes like this....the kids are being baby sat (of course) while Kevin and Scotty drive off deciding that they want to celebrate the season old school by cutting down a REAL tree on Christmans eve. On the way, the weather turns unexpectedly foul, a heavy rain that turns into snow. (yes, I know. Not typical for LA, but this is a fic) They are in the middle of nowhere and cannot drive in the inclement weather and need to spend the night on the road in the woods. There needs to be an element of danger and intrigue. It's not going to be as easy as coming upon an abandoned cabin. They need to rough it till morning. Once the element of danger has passed, they might pass the time talking about their loved ones and not so loved ones, and confess how they feel about each one. The remains of the night are passed keeping eachother warm with whatever method you deem fit....
26th-Dec-2014 12:11 pm (UTC)
I like it. I couldn't do anything with it for christmas, but maybe for something else? ;)
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