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welcome to my fantasies
18th-Dec-2014 09:36 am
Wow, it IS weird to have it nearly be Christmas and not be writing/posting some Christmas-fic. I feel like I should be writing something. I've done that every year since 2007

- 2007 - seperated until the last minute
- 2008 - Stuck with the entire family in a house, and then the power went out.
- 2009 - on the run from a psychopath
- 2010 - Scotty and Jason in a car-accident and Chad/Kevin worried about them
- 2011 - Christmas eps from my own season 6 and all the drama that comes with a Walker-Christmas.
- 2012 - They didn't have Christmas at all. (well not fanfic-wise) but I kinda/sorta made it up to them early 2013 with a belated Christmas thingy.
- 2013 - a nice little get-away for the boys, but nothing very 'hot' happened there.

I re-read "Last Christmas" (posted around Christmas 2009) these last few days. I hadn't read it in quite a while, because each time I read back about Alex Grodin, I regret my decision to kill him off. He was such a wonderful psycho. :)

Thing is, that I probably wouldn't have know what to write about anyway. Not fond of Olivia and wasn't really all 'awwwww' about Daniel (I tried though!) so a cute family-Christmas wouldn't have been in the cards. I feel that Kevin and Scotty (/Chad/Jason) have been harrassed enough, so no Christmas drama with happy ending either. And when I send the boys away from some hot sexy vacation.. nothing happens...

I'm not particularly fond of Kitty, Sarah and Tommy, so I don't miss them any more than I do Holly and Rebecca.

I do miss Kevin and Scotty though... :)  It IS weird to sit here and have nothing to write. :)


I wonder: If I WOULD have written a Christmas-fic, what should have been about? 
18th-Dec-2014 09:53 am (UTC)
Maybe you could write something about Luc, you know how much we like him!lol I'm kidding! :-)...or not: Luc could wear a Santa disguise for the kids, then he's caught in the chimney stack, Nora light the fire, and bye bye Luc! :-) It's time to get rid of this idiot! :-)

But of course, I would like something about Kevin & Scotty ;-). They could tell each other their best Christmas childhood memory, something sweet and tender....
And if you want a hot sexy scene for the end of the story, I wouldn't mind ;-), but only if you really want it, no pressure!:-)

I'm glad you still feel the need to write again! :-) I love to read you! Even if I don't always leave a comment, I always read! :-)

Have a nice day!!
18th-Dec-2014 12:41 pm (UTC)
Smoke Luc? Now, there's a Christmassy thought. :D (There was a joke about stuffed turkey on my mind, but then I remembered that's more about Thanksgiving.)

I like your idea for K/S though.

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