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Fanfic: Everything Scotty wanted to know about the exes...

Everything Scotty wanted to know about the exes...

By Marea67
: Kevin, Scotty, Chad and Jason
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: The boys aren't mine. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: ... but was too afraid to ask...


“Hey, Scotty, why are you sitting here alone in the garden?” Chad asks, giving Scotty his glass of wine.
“I needed some fresh air.” Scotty lies.
“I noticed that you kinda went quiet a little while ago. Was it the topic?”

Scotty looks at Chad, surprised by the genuine concern in Chad’s voice.
“I’m being silly, I know…” Scotty sighs. “.. I’ve tried to listen to what you said.. but I just got a little… I don’t know… jealous? No, perhaps that word is too strong. It’s just that I hate it when the three of you start to go the ‘remember when?’-route.

It’s not like Kevin’s relationship with either you or Jason has been a secret to me and it is sort of ironic that Kevin dated you both, that he cheated on you both with me and that now you and Jason are a couple as well. It’s silly, but Kevin knows both of you rather intimately, you and Jason do as well.

I sometimes feel like the odd one out, because Kevin, Jason and you share a knowledge I just don’t have….” Scotty explains. “I can’t stop you guys from having insider jokes, but it sure makes me feel excluded.
“I’m sorry.” Chad says.

“Don’t be silly, why should you be sorry? It happened. I can’t very well ask from Kevin, Jason and you to pretend that it didn’t happen, can I?” Scotty shrugs. “Forget about it. I know I should do that too…. I should just get over it. And not let it spoil this beautiful evening.

We’re almost going back home, so I’m going to let it rest.… Let’s go back inside and join the others?” Scotty quickly suggests. He seriously doesn’t want to spoil the good mood of this wonderful little evening. He smiles at Chad and quickly forgets all about his conversation with Chad, once the discussion turns to politics, but Chad hasn’t forgotten.

He fills up the glasses again and watches how Jason and Scotty have a heated debate about whether a law that is about to be passed is a good law. Scotty is against it. But because it was one of Robert’s old ideas, Jason would like to see it pass. Scotty thinks that family-loyalty doesn’t make a law right. Jason disagrees. The law is good one, regardless of who it came from.

Chad couldn’t care less, he hates politics. The wine seems to evaporate and Chad fills up the glasses again, which earns him a questioning glance from Kevin. He makes a movement with his head towards the kitchen and once Chad has moved there, Kevin joins him a few minutes later.

“What’s up? Are you trying to get them drunk?”
“I don’t know what I was thinking….” Chad shrugs.
“What’s going on?” Kevin asks.
“I think Scotty is a little jealous.”

“Are you trying to put even more fuel on the fire by getting both our husbands drunk?”
“I don’t think that he’s all that jealous of Jason or me… Just the circumstances.”
“What do you mean?”

“I had a little talk with Scotty, in the garden. He doesn’t like it much when we take trips down memory-lane. I mean, you slept with Jason and me, and now Jason and I are together. We know each other rather intimately and Scotty told me that it makes him feel like an outsider, because, well, he’s not that intimate with us…”

“And you think we should ‘fix’ that?” Kevin wonders, intrigued despite himself. Chad shakes his head, trying to get rid of the strange thought in his head, knowing that Scotty will never agree. And neither will Kevin. “I think that came out wrong…” Kevin says, more to himself than to Chad.

“No. I think we should stop drinking red wine and get back to mineral water.” Chad answers. And he puts action to his words by filling his glass with water.
“Yes, red wine makes us have crazy thoughts. Sexy. But still crazy.” Kevin agrees, surprising Chad. Obviously something had been on Kevin’s mind as well.

He wonders if it was the same idea?
“See. We do it again. You know what I’m capable of after a few glasses… Scotty doesn’t.” Chad points out. Kevin watches how Chad puts some peanuts in a little bowl, so he can put it on the table. He slowly starts to smile. Chad recognize mischief when he sees it.

Not a good idea.” Chad says, as if he can guess what Kevin was thinking of. Kevin seems a little caught off guard but then he nods.
“I agree.” Kevin answers, but Chad knows he’s lying.
“Scotty and Jason will never do that.” Chad shakes his head.

“They will. With the right incentive…” Kevin grins, holding up the bottle of wine. He pushes Chad back to the couch where Jason and Scotty are still in disagreement. Both Kevin and Chad would have to agree silently that their respective husbands look absolutely amazing when in heated debate and, as much as it pains him to cool both men off, Kevin interferes anyway.

“Alright! Time out! Let’s agree to disagree! You’re both right and neither will concede to the other, so for the sake of peace between the four of us, let’s just agree to disagree.” Both Jason and Scotty don’t seem ready for that right away, but eventually Scotty nods.
“Agreed.” Jason says too, not wishing to look petty.

Kevin merely smiles, because he had anticipated this reaction. Chad focuses the attention back on himself. Meanwhile, Kevin fills up the glasses of both Scotty and Jason with wine, and he adds water to Chad’s half-empty glass of water, giving Chad a good tool to start a story about the last script that he had read. It makes Jason and Scotty laugh out loud.

Chad pushes aside the table and while talking manages to make both Scotty and Jason come sit on the carpet with him and he continues his funny story. Kevin watches on with a smile on his face. Chad may be a terrible actor, but he can sure charm you into anything he wants.

Both Jason and Scotty begin to feel the effect of the wine and Jason places his hand over his glass when Kevin wants to fill up again.
“I think I should stop.” He says, tongue slightly unsteady.
“You never could handle your red wine.” Kevin grins, leaning in close enough.

For a silly moment Jason believes that Kevin is about to kiss him and the thought surprises him. He hasn’t thought of Kevin in a sexual way in a long time.
“Kev, don’t do that. That’s not nice to Scotty.” Chad smiles.
“What do you mean?” Jason asks.

“Scotty feels a bit ‘left out’ when we start reminiscing. After all, Kevin, you and me know each other rather intimately, but Scotty… only Kevin…” Chad explains almost casually. Jason looks at Scotty.
“I’m sorry, I never thought about that.” Jason says.

“Neither did I, until Scotty said it tonight.” Chad admits.
“Well, there isn’t much we can do about that, now can we?” Scotty shrugs. The silence that follow his words makes Scotty realize that he just opened the wrong door.
“….Nnnnnoh,….” Kevin agrees with just a tad bit too much hesitation.

“Well, we could….” Chad emphasizes, but then retracts immediately: “No, you’re right, we couldn’t.” Jason rolls his eyes and exchanges a look with Scotty, who shakes his head in disbelief.
“Oooooo, now I see why we needed to drink more wine, while you two stopped.” Jason gets it.

“No, I just quit, because… I was starting to get the weirdest ideas, so Kevin told me to quit.” Chad denies. Jason’s smile prove that he doesn’t believe his husband is telling the truth. He gives Scotty a wink.
“I think that our husbands think that I’d have to be drunk to kiss you or something.”

A smile curls around Scotty’s lips.
“Do you? Have to be drunk? To kiss me?” He asks.
“Nah.” Jason shakes his head to give some extra credence to his words.
“Oh. Really? I dare you.” Chad challenges.

“I somehow thought you would.” Jason immediately replies. Just one look at his husband tells him that he had anticipated every word Jason had said.
“And.. just like that… I think we’ve all had enough to drink for tonight.” Kevin takes the glass out of Jason’s hand, but Scotty immediately takes it away from Kevin and hands it back to Jason.

“I think that Jason is big boy and that he should decide from himself.” He says. Jason finishes his glass, but doesn’t take his eyes of Scotty. Scotty can almost feel Jason’s internal battle of whether to do this or not, but then Jason moves closer to Scotty. After a quick look at Kevin and then Chad, expecting anyone to stop him, he focuses his attention on Scotty.

“If you don’t agree….?” He asks softly, not sure if Scotty is ready to really play this game all the way through. Scotty bites his lip and looks at Kevin, not sure what to do. Kevin shrugs that he’s not sure either. A part of him doesn’t want to share Scotty, but at the same time… he gets turned on by the idea of Scotty with Jason … or Chad… or both…

The nod that Scotty gives Jason is hardly noticeable, but Jason has seen it and he moves even closer on Scotty. It feels weird for both of them, but they both feel teased into it and they don’t want to give in. An awkward smile passes between them, but then they both bridge the little gap between them and Jason’s lips come in touch with Scotty’s.

The first kiss results in a nervous laughter, but then Scotty and Jason both take the dare, drawing out the kiss as long as they can. Jason has to admit that he can now at least see one reason why Kevin chose Scotty. He’s a very good kisser. By the time they break their kiss they can feel the tension in them, but also the tension coming from Chad and Kevin.

Jason backs up a bit and lets his thumb slide over Scotty’s lip as if to try and erase the kiss that he had left there.
“So, now I know what it feels like you to kiss you and … I assume that Chad is the one feeling left out.” A wicked smile curls around his lips.

“Do you?” Scotty asks, though the eager look on Chad’s face gives him the answer he actually needs. Scotty puts his hand Chad’s neck and pulls him closer. A few seconds later he feels Chad’s mouth all over his and he can finally see why Kevin often grins with a heavenly smile when Chad’s name comes up.

By the time Chad lets go, Scotty is out of breath and his mind can’t focus on anything smart to say. He looks at Kevin, hoping that Kevin will not make any trouble over this. As exciting as it has been so far, he wouldn’t jeopardize his relationship with Kevin again. But Kevin only smiles and now claims Scotty’s mouth for himself.

Somehow, getting Kevin’s approval turns Scotty on even more. He can feel Kevin pull him closer and it makes him lose balance, so he ends up in Kevin’s arms in a half-seated, half-lying position. Kevin’s fingers tug at his t-shirt and exposes Scotty stomach and belly.

Had Scotty previously been able to hide his arousal by pulling his t-shirt down, now both other men realize how hard Scotty has become from the kisses, and they face the reality that the kissing hasn’t left them unaffected either as they watch how Kevin’s hand slides down Scotty’s belly and further down.

Scotty moans loudly when Kevin’s fingers trace the hardness under the fabric.
“I think someone needs a bit of freedom…” Kevin says softly in Scotty’s ear. Scotty keeps his eyes closed, Jason and Chad are completely forgotten under Kevin’s touch. Kevin nods at Chad.

Scotty is so lost in Kevin’s kisses and caresses that it takes a while for him to register that there too many hands on his body. Looking down, from between his eye-lashes, he can see how Chad’s experienced hands open up his pants. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knows that he should give the pretence of some protest, but it all feels too good.

Scotty has never had a reason to be concerned about showing himself, not even in the company of Chad or Jason. He knows that Kevin has always appreciated his body over that of Chad or Jason and Kevin’s opinion is the only one that counts for him. Still he can’t help but feel satisfied when the looks on the faces of Chad and Jason are rather appreciative.

From the intense way Kevin kisses him, Scotty doesn’t get the feeling that Kevin has issues with what is going on, so he surrenders himself to Chad’s capable hands, in the knowledge that Kevin will draw the line, where it needs to be drawn. Kevin pulls Scotty’s shirt over his head, exposing Scotty’s chest.

Then Kevin withdraws from the kiss and Jason takes over. Both Jason and Scotty can feel some trepidation in their kisses, neither of them is as sexually aggressive as Kevin and Chad can be. But Scotty puts his arms around Jason’s neck and he lets himself be kissed thoroughly, until he’s out of breath.

Jason has pushed Scotty on his back and his body moves against Scotty.
“Those two are so hot together.” Chad whispers in awe.
“Yes, aren’t they?” Kevin bites his lip.
“Hey.. If this feels wrong… If you don’t want this… Then stop it.” Chad says.

Kevin thinks about Chad’s words, trying to sort out the confusion he feels.
“This shouldn’t be so good to look at… I feel like I should be more outraged… or jealous, or … something…, but… this is so hot…” He’s almost ashamed to admit it. Chad grins and gives Kevin a little push back in the direction of their husbands.

When Scotty and Jason break their kiss again, Scotty turns to Kevin almost immediately to receive his kiss.
“Do you mind any of this? If you do, then we stop…” Kevin offers softly. Scotty shakes his head. He’s fine with this. Kevin’s thumb slides over Scotty’s hard cock.

“I see something that needs attention…” He teases. Scotty closes his eyes, moving up to his husband’s touches. He forgets Jason and Chad and responds to Kevin’s touch only. Kevin can see Chad lick his lips and nods at Chad. Next thing Scotty feels is a warm breath on his body and then lips closing around his cock.

“Oh!” He pushes up, immediately knowing that it’s not Kevin’s mouth on him, Scotty’s fingers move down, finding grip in Chad’s blond hair. Chad is good, drawing Scotty closer and closer to coming. Chad’s hand goes underneath Scotty, only to come back caressing the tiny hole, making Scotty react with a shock, that Chad would touch him there.

He closes his eyes, so he can’t see how Jason hands Chad some lube. Kevin’s hand goes between his own legs, he remembers when Chad would do that to him. Play with his cock, get him all ready and then fuck him straight through the bed… Memories of Chad strong hard cock inside him flood back and he needs to touch himself to find some release.

Jason also knows what sweet torture Chad is giving Scotty and by the way that Scotty writhes and twist underneath Chad’s hands, Scotty isn’t complaining much…
“I’m gonna… I’m gonna come…” Scotty stammers, not ready to give in, but simultaneously feeling like he’s about to blow.

“No, you’re not.” Chad teases and he stops playing with Scotty, who’s tortured moans only arouse the other men more.
“Don’t tease him…” Jason sweetly scolds Chad and Chad makes a ‘go ahead’ motion with his hand. Jason looks at Kevin, who shrugs.

“Come on, Chad, finish it.” Jason says, not wanting to see Scotty ‘suffer’ more.
“You do it.” Chad grins teasingly.
“Why me?” Jason questions, feeling like he’s getting rather singled out.
“Because you’re better at this.” Chad winks. “And the two of you together…? Hot!”

Jason’s eyes meet Scotty’s and he can see that Scotty doesn’t really care one way or the other at this point. Jason looks at Chad, shrugs and answers, tongue in cheek:
“You’re right about one thing though. I am better at this.” He lowers his head and Scotty cries out when that one mouth engulfs him. Jason isn’t joking. He is better than Chad.

Somewhere deep inside him something gives in and he tries to push Jason’s head away, but it’s too late. He comes with a loud cry and much too surprise, or should he say shock, Jason doesn’t seem to mind as much as Scotty had feared. Completely out of breath and fully spent Scotty lets himself fall back on the floor.

Kevin lies down beside him.
“Are you okay?” He asks softly. Scotty nods, still too out of breath to form words. “Because … Chad and Jason aren’t as satisfied as you are…” Kevin caresses Scotty’s cheek and brings his mouth closer to Scotty’s ear.

“I’m sure they wouldn’t mind to let you find out even more about them…. Like… what does it feel like to have them inside you..”
“Yes, I sure I wouldn’t mind.” Chad adds with a grin, his hand casually caressing Scotty’s leg.

“Don’t do anything against your wishes…” Jason adds, feeling that Chad and Kevin are sort of ganging up on Scotty. Scotty smiles, grateful for Jason’s words.
“I’m sorry, I only have unprotected sex with Kevin,… but …” He looks at Kevin first. “If you had condoms….?”

“Naturally.” Chad answers, surprised that Scotty would actually do it. While he gets up to get some condoms, Scotty turns to Kevin.
“Are you sure you’re okay with this? It was all very exciting and in good fun, but… this is taking it a step further… I don’t want to be seen as a cheater. I believe that you enjoy this too?”

Kevin can’t be bothered to hide how hard he is.
“You’re not cheating, I’m right here. It does feel a bit weird..” He confesses quickly to not give the impression that he doesn't 'care' what Scott is doing. “But all three of you are so beautiful to look at. I just enjoy watching you…” He kisses Scotty’s lips at the same time that Chad returns.

“Changed your mind?” Chad asks, expecting a ‘yes’ from either Kevin or Scotty or both, but they both shake their heads. Scotty turns to Kevin and Kevin’s kisses distract while hand (Jason? Chad’s?) prepare him again. From the corner of his eye Kevin sees how Chad hands Jason a condom and how Jason puts it on.

Scotty tries to relax, even though some tension can’t be ignored. He feels Kevin’s thumb caress his cheek. Scotty focuses his attention from Kevin to Jason, who slips deeper into him with a little hissing sound. They don’t talk. Jason, with a nod, seems to want to know if Scotty is alright. Scotty nods in return.

He closes his eyes, when Jason calmly pulls back and comes back again. He bites his lip to not react too passionately, but it feels weirdly arousing to have another man but Kevin inside him. It’s been quite a long time ago. He shifts position a bit, to better receive Jason and Jason immediately makes the difference ricochet through Scotty.

Jason thrusts faster and deeper and from Jason’s heavy breathing Scotty deduces that he’s close to coming. Scotty whispers encouragement. Kevin and Chad are forgotten, all that matters to him is Jason and making him come. Jason cries out softly with his final deep thrust and from the trembling in Jason’s body, Scotty understands that Jason is coming.

By the time that Jason pulls back, condom and all, Scotty is extremely aroused as well and when Chad motions him to turn over, he doesn’t have to think twice. He has seen that Chad is ready and, after some extra lube, he can feel Chad take Jason’s place, slowly sliding deeper into Scotty.

Scotty reacts faster now. On his hand and knees he quickly anticipates what will happen and he counters the thrusts, now able to play a more active part than he had while with Jason.
“This is so good.” He hears Chad say, though it seems from a distance.

Scotty enjoys the feeling of Chad deep inside him. Chad’s cock is longer and thinner than Kevin’s and the sex seems to touch Scotty on a different level. He looks up and he sees how Kevin looks down on him. He can see that Kevin is very aroused as well, but he doesn’t do much about it.

Scotty suddenly feels as if he’s excluding Kevin somehow, ridiculous as it may sound.
“Chad, stop…. Please, stop, just a moment.” He begs and Chad instantly stops, then he carefully begins withdrawing. “No. Stay, just … one second…” Scotty orders. Because he’s a little out of breath, it is not easy to reach out to Kevin and pull him closer.

“Want you…” Scotty caresses Kevin’s swollen cock. He hears Kevin gasp when he carefully takes the swollen member between his lips and he begins to suck Kevin in…
“Oh God..” Kevin moans and his fingers slide into Scotty’s hair, pushing himself deeper into Scotty’s mouth…

Jason watches with an astonished smile how Scotty is caught between the two men. Chad catches Kevin’s rhythm and Scotty doesn’t even try to think about what he’s doing, he just lets both men take him as they please.

It’s all getting too much for him anyway. He wishes he could touch himself and make himself come, but between Chad’s and Kevin’s thrusts, he has a hard time keeping some balance.

Then fingers gently slide over Scotty’s cock, teasing him, playing with him.
“Easy, baby….” He hears Jason say, but Scotty can no longer take it easy, he needs satisfaction and he needs it now. He moves to Jason’s fingers, Jason complies. And Scotty loses control. No matter how he moves, his body is controlled by others.

When he finally comes all over Jason’s fingers, he takes Chad and Kevin with him. Scotty no longer knows who reacts to who, it doesn’t matter to him which of the two comes first. He reacts purely on instinct, sucking and swallowing, moaning and pushing back, trying to get away from Jason’s touches now that his entire body is overly sensitive to any impulse.

Kevin pulls away, as does Chad. Scotty lies down on down on his side, confused, but completely satisfied. Kevin lies down beside him and caresses his face.
“All questions answered?” He asks.
“I think so…” Scotty smiles, a blush coming over his face.

Scotty can feel someone tap him on the shoulder. He turns to his back and sees that Chad hands him a glass of water and Scotty gratefully accepts it to get rid of the taste in his mouth. When he’s done drinking he sees that Chad and Jason are both seated, smiling at him.

“If you want to know more…?” Chad teases. Scotty shakes his head.
“I think this is enough for tonight and that I first have to deal with this new knowledge…” Scotty answers tiredly. Chad bends closer and gives him a little kiss on his forehead.

“I think you two should stay here tonight…” And he quickly adds to avoid any misunderstanding. “... In the guest-room.”
“I agree with Chad.” Jason nods. Scotty looks at Kevin and he shrugs.
“I’m too tired to do anything whatsoever.” He says softly.

“Then we’ll stay here.” Kevin agrees. Scotty smiles and he lies closer to Kevin. He has no idea of what will happen next or how they will react tomorrow, but Scotty is happy that it has happened. Both Chad and Jason are excellent lovers. To think that somehow, someway Kevin had chosen him over either of them, makes him feel very special…


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