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Fanfic: Miniature vessel

Miniature vessel

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Jason
Rate: R-ish
Disclaimer: Written with love not for money
Summary: In 2012 I was terribly bored and asked if people had ideas for me. walkersfics gave me the word 'Miniature vessel'. At the time I had an idea, that didn't really wanted to come across on paper, but I hope now it has....


“Caught you! Staring at it again?” Kevin hears behind him. He’s not even surprised to see Jason standing there.
“Hi, Jase, long time no see.”

“Been busy.” Jason shrugs. “How are you?”

“I think he’s doing even better.” Kevin grins.
“Glad to hear that.” Jason smiles in return. The two men look at each other hesitantly. It had been a few weeks since their last meeting in Kevin’s apartment, when Scotty had crashed Kevin’s tea-party.

“I’ve always wanted to know… Every time we used to walk by this little shop, when we were dating, you’d always stop and stare at that miniature vessel. Why?”

“Dreams. Imagination. Escapism. That little vessel has been here for years. It’s old and faded and I sometimes think no one wants it because it’s not properly looked after. But each time I see it, I’m reminded of walking here when I just started working for my lawfirm.

I’d walk by and, for just a moment, I’d have this memories of old pirate-movies, with Errol Flynn or Douglas Fairbanks. Men in tights, who could fight and always got their girl… Of course, rather than see them get the girl, I’d imagine they’d fight for me and get me. Save my virginity from debauchery….”

“A virgin? And debauchery no less! Since when would you have a problem with that?” Jason winks.
“In my fantasy I was of course innocent, cute and inexperienced.” Kevin rolls his eyes as if that should be blatantly obviously, even for Jason.

“If it so fascinates you, why don’t you buy it?”
“I don’t know… I guess that walking by and indulging myself in a little fantasy, is funnier than having it at my office or at home. It would then become a common thing in my house.” Kevin shrugs and Jason can see the logic in that.


Two weeks later, Kevin walks by the little shop that has the miniature vessel in the window. Except… it’s no longer there. Kevin gasps at the loss, now wishing he had bought when he could have. Because the vessel with its billowing sails would now be lost forever and so were his day-dreams.

Well, he guesses it’s his own fault. He should have bought it when he could have. He’s tempted to walk in and ask if the store-owner has any idea who bought it, but then he laughs at himself. In a town this big, and with so much tourism, it could have been bought by anybody. It’s gone, get over it.


“Happy birthday to you!!!!....” The entire family has gathered around to sing for Kevin and Kevin feels as equally happy as he’s embarrassed about it, as always.
“Gifts!” Justin yells and on cue the siblings hand Kevin their gifts.

“Oh and now I have to chose who’s present comes first right?” Kevin asks.
“Mine, of course. I’m your favorite sister.” Sarah immediately laughs.
“Move over, just because you’re old, doesn’t mean you come first.” Tommy gives his sister a playful shove.

“And while two are fighting, Kevin will make the wise decision to chose mine.” Kitty dangles her gift in front of Kevin, but then Justin puts his gift in front of hers and with a huge grin, he raises an eyebrow, silently asking Kevin to pick his first.

“Well, if that’s the way you kids want to play it, then move over and let the adult be the first.” Scotty decides, He quickly kisses Kevin and pushes his gift in Kevin’s hands.
“Cheater!” Justin mumbles.

“Always those who think they are grown up.” Kitty rolls her eyes.
“Party-pooper!” Tommy scolds, all in good humor.
“Well, he’s got us all beat…” Sarah shrugs and they sit down on the couch.

Nora and Saul wait their turn with their gifts, while Kevin unpacks Scotty’s gift. He’s baffled when he opens the box and see an old and half faded miniature vessel, sails billowing in the (imaginary) wind. Now that he sees it from up-close, it’s far more detailed than Kevin had ever seen, but it’s definitely ‘his’ vessel.

“Did Jason put you up to this?” Kevin asks.
“Jason? No. Jason didn’t say anything to me. We’re not exactly on speaking terms.” Scotty finely reminds Kevin. That moment Kevin recognizes that he’s made a faux pas, by attributing something given to him by Scotty to Jason.

“I know that ship. I used to watch every time I walked by the old shop. And then suddenly three weeks ago, it was gone. I accidentally ran into Jason at the shop and he tried to talk me into buying it… I didn’t want to do it. And then it was gone and here it is. I sort of assumed that maybe he had said something to you…” Kevin tries to talk himself out of it.

“I bought it on a whim. Wasn’t even sure you’d like it?”
“I love it. I didn’t know how much I loved it until it was gone.” And this time Kevin is not exaggerating. Scotty can see it in his face that he’s really impressed with this gift, and he feels happier now about the choice he made.


“Tell me. Why did you pick that ship?” Kevin asks, once they're alone and in their bedroom. Scotty doesn’t answer immediately. Instead he gives Kevin a shy look.
“You’ll think I’m silly.”

“No, I won’t. Tell me.” Kevin wants to know. Scotty sits down next to Kevin in bed and pulls up the sheet. He shrugs and finally manages to admit to himself:

“I used to love these old pirate-movies. You know. Errol Flynn, Douglas Fairbanks. The old stars… They were so much better at playing pirates, they had that ‘certain something’…”

Kevin smiles. He had never known that Scotty felt the same way he did.
“I would look at these movies and imagine what it would be like to be those female stars. To be whisked away, to have one of those pirates fall in love with me, fight duels for me…” Scotty sighs.

“I loved them too.” Kevin quietly admits. “For the same reasons. I wanted to have that special man in my life. One who would fight for me….” He takes Scotty in his arms. “I think I found him…”
“Would you fight for me? Whisk me away..?”

“I would do anything to keep you with me.. Only me.” Kevin promises, pushing Scotty on his back and rolling on top of him.
“How would you do that? By locking me up in your cabin?” He asks with a cheeky grin. Kevin takes off Scotty’s t-shirt.

“Yes. Naked.” He kisses Scotty’s shoulder, slowly moving down his chest.
“What? Never fresh air?” Scotty teases.
“Only at night, when I make wild passionate love with you under the full moon…”
“The full moon? Must we wait for the full moon or can we use any other mooo-hooon!”

Kevin had arrived at Scotty’s cock and with no warning he proceeds to turn Scotty on. Scotty can’t tease anymore, his fingers pushing down Kevin’s head.
“Can we just pretend it’s a full moon and that we can make love right here?” Scotty asks, between gasps.

“Full moon… On the deck” Kevin agrees, reaching out for the nightstand. “…. Turn over…” Scotty smiles as he feels Kevin’s prepare him for what is to come. He’s glad he bought the ship after all and glad that Nora and Justin had told him of Kevin’s love for old pirate-movies….


Tags: 2014, character - jason, character - kevin, character - scotty

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