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Fanfic: One last drink 2/2

One last drink 2/2

By Marea67
Scotty/Chad, Scotty/Kevin
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Written with love not for money
Summary: In 2012 I was terribly bored and asked if people had ideas for me. micqu came up with this one:I'd have (all for one story) Chad/Scotty (I know odd pairing) - jealousy - dance with me - flower(s) - forgive me - Nora - candle light dinner - Kevin (and of course happy ending and everlasting love!)

Timeline: The start takes place somewhere between 1.18 when Kevin and Chad break up and 2.03 when Kevin and Scotty meet again. To move on to season 3, after 3.21 when Chad suggested the three-way...




“.. and he… he gave me a … very big kiss. Apparently … ahm… as an apology for being so.. you know.. so deeply closeted when… when we dated… But .. you know.. it was all … it was all him… You can ask Sarah… she saw .. she saw the whole thing…” Kevin stammers his way through his confession.

And Scotty smiles as he hears how Kevin had met Chad again and how Chad had kissed him. In the middle of the street, no less! And in front of Sarah… and for anyone else to see! In Scotty’s head an attempt to understand what Kevin is trying to telling him mixes with trying to not get distracted by how cute and adorable Kevin looks while he’s struggling with his explanation.

“… He wants to have to drinks …” Kevin says. “…with the both of us..”
“Oh… That could be fun…” Scotty reacts.
“Fun?!” Kevin echoes. “Are you being serious?.... He did kiss me on the street. I thought you’d be furious…”

“He’s just some crazy actor. What’s the big deal?” Barely allowing Kevin to get over his shock, Scotty continues: “Anyway, I’ve met him before. He’s nice. When is he free?”
“You actually want to do this?”
“Yes, I want to have drinks with Doctor Philip…” Scotty answers.


Scotty knows that he should feel weirder about meeting Chad again. Kevin has no idea of what has happened between him and Chad, he has never told Kevin. To be honest, Scotty had even expected that Chad would have forgotten, but during their conversation the feeling creeps up on him that Chad remembers their encounter all too well.

Scotty is aware that Chad is flirtatious with everyone, but still he cannot ignore that Chad is more than interested in him. And in Kevin. In the both of them. The possibilities swirl in Scotty’s mind, as memories and fantasies mingle, but when Chad eventually brings it up, Scotty realizes that nothing had really be playing in Kevin’s mind and Scotty quickly drowns his thoughts in his drink.


“It’s Chad Barry. The actor. He wants to talk to you…” A waitress nervously looks at Scotty, wondering what the actor could possibly have to discuss with Scotty.
“Thank you. I’ll talk to him.” Scotty says with a fake smile, while his nerves begin to play up. He finds Chad at the back-door of ‘San Estephe’.

“He doesn’t know, does he? Kevin? About you and me?” Chad says without further intro or small talk.
“No. I never told him.”
“Are you going to?”

“I don’t know.” Scotty answers.
“I’m sorry, if I came on too strong the other night…”
“It’s okay. It was kind of… flattering…” Scotty laughs nervously.

“I won’t tell him, if that’s what you’re worried about.” Scotty is surprised that Chad would bring this up. He had been worried about how to tell Kevin the truth. And a part of him is glad that he might not have to.

“I love Kevin very much…" Chad says. "And I’ve enjoyed my weekend with you.. I would never want to come between you two… I want the two of you to be happy.”

“We are happy and we will be alright…” Scotty says.
“Good. Because I’d hate it, if our weekend together would have too big an impact on you and him.”
“It won’t…” But the moment that Scotty speaks those words, he knows that he will tell Kevin the truth.


“You what???” Kevin asks. Scotty doesn’t answer. He knows that he has to let Kevin deal with the news in his own way. “You slept with him? With Chad?” Scotty nods to that question. “You were with him for a whole weekend?” Another nod. “And you had sex with him?” Nod. “Why are you telling me this?”

“Because secrets have a tendency of getting revealed when you least need them to be revealed. I wanted to be honest with you. It wasn’t like I was cheating on you or something. You were with Jason. I was single. So was Chad. I was alone. So was Chad. I just wanted some fun without responsibilities… So did Chad. I did nothing wrong.

I just wanted you to know what had happened between us, so you wouldn’t find some other way, that would either hurt you or make you angry. I didn’t want there to be secrets between us. That’s all.” When Kevin doesn’t say anything in return, Scotty begins to feel insecure… “Kev? Are we okay?”


“Don’t start! I know it’s stupid.” Kevin immediately defends himself.
“I’m glad we agree on that.” Nora nods. “And if you know that you’re acting stupid, why do you do it? You’re not a 13 year old boy anymore, Kevin. Scotty didn’t really do anything wrong.

In a time, where you had broken up with him and with Chad and that you were spending your time with Jason, Scotty slept with a guy you had previously broken up with as well. You weren’t involved with either Scotty or Chad. They don’t owe you anything.” Nora tries to understand her son’s reaction. Kevin is quiet at first, but then softly he answers:

“That’s just it. I didn’t break up with Scotty, he walked out on me. I know now that I still had feelings for him and I shouldn’t have gotten involved with Jason.”
“But if you didn’t know that about yourself, how should Scotty have known?”
“Mom, I know I’m unreasonable about this… I never knew I could be this jealous.”

“What exactly are you jealous about?”
“I went back to Chad even though I wanted Scotty instead… When Chad and I broke up, I wanted Scotty back, but I figured I had screwed that up… Then Jason came and ….”
“… you still had feelings for Scotty?”

“And I had this little fantasy that Scotty wanted me just as much and had stayed faithful to me…”
“… While you were sleeping with Jason?” Nora points out. “Unreasonable is the right word for this. And don’t you dare belittle what you had with Jason, I saw you two together.”

“What do you mean?”
“You really tried to make it work. You were really interested in him. You sincerely tried to support him, whether it was his religion, his congregation, his work… You tried to be there and be his partner.

It is unfair to expect Scotty to remain faithful to you, while you’re the one who’s not just sleeping with someone else, but making an effort to build a serious relationship!... How did you react to Scotty when he told you?” Nora suddenly wants to know. She sees a blush come to Kevin’s face.

“I just left..” He answers slowly and quietly. Nora rolls her eyes.
“You better make things right with him. He wanted to do the right thing for you. I suggest that you appreciate his gesture and get over your jealousy fast! In the end, you ended up with Scotty, and not with Chad or Jason. Be grateful for that!”


Scotty walks over from the elevator to the apartment he shares with Kevin. He walks deliberately slow, worrying if he should, yes or no, go in. He wishes he had never said anything to Kevin about his weekend with Chad. Why had he not simply left the past in the past? Chad had even agreed to it.

He knows the answer: because, if there’s one thing he has learned from living with the Walkers, then it’s that secrets don’t stay hidden forever. And it would have exploded in his face in the worst ways, no doubt… But this is not any better. Kevin went from mad to the silent-treatment and Scotty isn’t sure which punishment is worse.

He stops at the door and raises his key. He’s not sure he can handle more ‘angry Kevin’ and the idea to run away is strong, but nonetheless, he turns the key and he opens the door. He was mentally prepared for quite a few scenarios, but he was not prepared for what he sees before him.

Kevin looks up at him.
“You’re home.” He smiles, Scotty can only nod. Before him is a nicely set up table. Burning candles spread a warm light. The crystal glasses (the good ones!) are on the table. And the table is set up for two… Apparently Kevin has a plan.

The music is softly playing in the background and, in all, the entire room looks warm and inviting. Scotty carefully crosses the threshold to close the door behind him. He doesn’t know what to think of all this. He had prepared for the worse, but not for this. Feeling a little insecure, he looks at Kevin.

Kevin walks up to him and from offers his one single red rose.
“I’m sorry. I’ve been a jerk about this whole business with you and Chad… I had no right to expect that you wouldn’t have sex-life or a love-life, while I was working out my own issues with Jason. I was unreasonable about it.”

“Perhaps I shouldn’t have told you.” Scotty sighs, taking the rose and caressing the silk-like petals. “I’m just so tired of secrets and their ability to show up at the most inconvenient time. I didn’t want there to be secrets between us, that’s all. I love you, but when Chad talked about his little three-way, I.. felt uncomfortable.

I felt pressured because of what I knew I had had with Chad, even though that was never his intention, it was certainly like that in my head… but it’s you I want to be with and no one else.” Scotty says.
“Can you forgive me for acting like a fool?” Kevin asks.

“Of course I can… Can you forgive me my weekend with Chad?”
“There’s nothing to forgive. You were a free man and so was Chad…” Kevin pulls Scotty closer for kiss. “It was just my stupid fantasy that somehow you’d been pining away for me all those months…”

“I wasn’t exactly ‘pining away’… but I missed you… And so did Chad… It created some bond between us…” Scotty confesses. Kevin looks up at him. He’s surprised because this was something he hadn’t thought of.
“You missed me?” He asks.

“Every day.” Scotty nods. “So imagine how disappointed I was when I heard about you and Jason, and that you had forgotten about me…”
“Oh, trust me,.. you weren’t ‘forgotten’. I just thought that I had screwed up any chance on a relationship between us forever…”

Recognizing that they had missed each other during those days, they smile at each other. Their kiss closes the gap that had been there between them. Their kiss is warm and tender, until Scotty breaks the kiss by taking a step back.
“Can we eat something? I’m starving…” He smiles.


The meal is simple. Spaghetti, meatballs, a salad, red wine.... Scotty smiles at a memory best not mentioned. For Scotty it's a meal for a king. Kevin really makes an effort to apologize and he gives plenty attention to his husband. Their conversation is lively and changes so quick sometimes that it makes Scotty’s head spin, although,… that may also be contributed to the excellent wine.

He feels relaxed, comfortable and happy, as he watches how Kevin puts the dessert, chocolate ice-cream, in front of him.
“What is all of this leading up to?” Scotty wonders as if he no idea. Kevin smiles and feeds him a bit of ice-cream.

They slowly finish their dessert, barely talking, more interested in just looking at each other, pleasant fantasies on their minds, smiling when they assume the other one has the same ideas. When they’re done, Scotty stacks the dessert-bowls. Kevin turns the music a little louder.

Scotty can feel hands on his hips and he turns in Kevin’s arms.
“Dance with me?” Kevin asks.
“You? Dance?” Scotty asks.
“I know that you like to dance…”

There’s something so romantic about dancing with Kevin in his arms. Scotty feels all warm and fuzzy inside. He smells Kevin’s hair, it tickles his nose. He laughs.
“Do you remember the first time we danced? After that charity ball, where I had to cater..?”

“I remember.” Kevin smiles. “It was kinda weird at first because we were both trying to take the lead.”
“But then you handed over control to me.” Scotty laughs too.
“Best choice I made that night.”

“We made love in the car that night.” Scotty reminds Kevin.
“Couldn’t wait till we got home.” Kevin nods.
“I was so in love with you.”

“And I with you.” Kevin sighs. “I should have….” Before Kevin can sum up all the mistakes he has made, Scotty silences him with a kiss.
“Sshh, we were both not ready… It wasn’t just you.” Scotty tells him,

Kevin asks for another kiss, Scotty can’t refuse. The music fades and Kevin switches off the radio and he takes Scotty’s hand to take him to the bedroom. Once there, he opens every button on Scotty’s shirt with deliberate slowness, the tip of his fingers casually touching Scotty’s skin here and there.

Scotty watches how one button after the other opens and Kevin exposes more of his body with each one that gives in.
“Make love to me.” He whispers to Kevin when Kevin reaches the last one.

Kevin raises his head and surrenders to Scotty’s kiss. Warm, wet, mouth-to-mouth, lost in feelings…. Scotty’s hands slide down Kevin’s back and he pushes Kevin closer to him. Kevin moans at the hardness he feels. He pushes Scotty down on the bed and ends up on top of Scotty.

Bodies move against each other, clothes are taken off. Scotty pushes Kevin on his back, takes over, covers Kevin. His strong hand slides between them and Kevin cries out when it finds its target. Scotty’s hand moves quickly, bringing Kevin easily close to a climax, but this is not how Scotty wants it.

He takes his weight off Kevin, smiling when Kevin moans about the loss, he gently pushes Kevin to turn over. As Kevin does what Scotty asks, Scotty makes sure that he has what he needs to make love to Kevin. Kevin relaxes under Scotty’s touch, he begins to push back, seek the fingers that penetrate him.

Then Scotty replaces his fingers with his cock and Kevin cries out in need of more. With every thrust Scotty brings Kevin to higher place. They both know that the freefall will set in at any moment. One last thrust. One last push. One last caress and Kevin is the first to come, and he takes Scotty with him.


“I don’t care who you slept with when you weren’t with me. I love you.” Kevin mumbles close to Scotty’s ear. Scotty caresses his back with languid strokes. He’s too satisfied to start this conversation all over again.
“I love you too…” He answers therefore with a sweet smile.


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