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Fanfic: One last drink 1/2

One last drink 1/2

By Marea67
Scotty/Chad, Scotty/Kevin
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Written with love not for money
Summary: In 2012 I was terribly bored and asked if people had ideas for me. micqu came up with this one:I'd have (all for one story) Chad/Scotty (I know odd pairing) - jealousy - dance with me - flower(s) - forgive me - Nora - candle light dinner - Kevin (and of course happy ending and everlasting love!)

Timeline: The start takes place somewhere between 1.18 when Kevin and Chad break up and 2.03 when Kevin and Scotty meet again. To move on to season 3, after 3.21 when Chad suggested the three-way...


Scotty is used to catering these so-called ‘celebrity-parties’. It’s always the same. At the start of the evening the people are still polite, by the end of the evening they’re drunk and believe they can afford anything they want, because they are rich and/or famous, or think they are famous, but in reality they’re just annoying drunks.

He keeps his eye on his staff. The three women and two guys seem to be able to fend for themselves, yet he would hate it if something happened to one of them.
“Scotty! We’re cleaning up. No more drinks. Time to wrap up.” His boss insists.
“But…” Scotty looks at the people who are still in the giant hall.

“The guy is a cheap-skate. He agreed to pay only until 2 in the morning, believing that we would stay longer if the party wasn’t finished by then. Who does he think he is? Well, it’s nearly one-thirty. Tell the others to make the preparations to leave. You serve the last round of drinks.

Make sure everyone gets one last glass so they won’t notice that we’re no longer here, until they get thirsty again.” His boss replies in an annoyed voice and Scotty only nods. He’d be the last to disagree with his boss. He fills his largest tray with drinks and easily maneuvers between the guests.

His boss watches with a smile on his face. Scotty has this ability of blending in and not be intrusive. People automatically take their glasses and by the time they notice their full glass, Scotty is already gone to the next. It’s almost amusing to watch.
“Sir? We’re ready.” One of the other waiters informs him.

“Make sure that Scotty gets a fresh tray of drinks so he can serve the last guests and we’re out of here.” The young waiter immediately disappears, only to return quickly to exchange Scotty’s empty tray with the full one. Then he and his boss quietly vanish to wait for Scotty in the kitchen.

“Done.” Scotty says and he looks around. The kitchen is spotless again. The food and drinks are no longer in sight.
“Let’s go.” The boss says and they leave by the kitchen-door. It’s two minutes past two in the morning and it’s rather cold after the heat inside.

Scotty walks up to his van when he suddenly hears a voice.
“Hey! Hey! I know you, right?” It’s a familiar voice, but Scotty can’t immediately place it, until he turns around and he’s face-to-face with Chad Barry. Scotty smiles nervously. He knows that Chad came out a few weeks ago.

“Ahm. Yes. Scotty Wandell. I’m a friend of your ex, Michelle? …. And Kevin. Kevin Walker.” At the mention of the name Scotty feels the familiar ache inside. He had truly, honestly and really liked Kevin, and it breaks his heart at each time to realize that it hadn’t worked out between them.

“Now I remember….. He went home with you that night.” Chad says quietly.
“Still. You took him back.” Scotty shrugs.
“Not without a fight. Kevin was rather distracted for a while…I really had to work hard to get him back. Only to lose him once again.”

There’s something about Chad’s voice that makes Scotty pay attention. It is almost as if mourns the loss of whatever it is that he had with Kevin.
“Listen, Scotty, could you perhaps … I don’t know. Can you take me back into town? I came here with someone else, and … I’ve discovered that I don’t want to spend any more time with him…”

Scotty looks at his van and starts to make an apology, when Chad softly continues.
“Please, don’t go the ‘it’s just a van’-way. It’s not some first date where you have to impress me. I just want to get out of here. Fast! Before that guy comes out of his drunken mood long enough to go find me.”

“Fine. Get in. But only to the restaurant. After that you’re on your own.” Scotty decides and he watches how Chad gets in the van. Scotty shakes his head. He could get in trouble over this. But why should he not offer help if someone is asking him for it? Even if that someone happens to be Chad Barry.


The Ranchero protests a bit, but eventually climbs the slightly sloping road to Chad’s house. Scotty parks his car in front of the door. He has to be crazy. How had he let Chad talk him into driving him home? Oh, he knows the answer. The ride in the van had been fun. Chad had been surprisingly entertaining.

But he had also been kind and interested in Scotty’s life and for the first time since walking out on Kevin, Scotty had felt alive again. It was nice to be in the company of another man once more and it had somehow felt ‘wrong’ to simply have Chad take the bus or a taxi.

And, of course, Chad had paid for the filled up tank, considering that Scotty’s car had been nearly out of fuel and it had been quite a long drive from the restaurant to Chad’s house.
“We’re here.” Scotty announces, wishing his voice wouldn’t sound so nervous.

“I know.” Chad smiles with his usual confidence. Damn, the guy looks good! Scotty tries not to make eye-contact with him, but it becomes more difficult when Chad puts his hand on Scotty’s knee. “Want to come in and have a drink?” The moment their eyes meet, Scotty knows that one drink will most likely lead to a lot of other things.

“I’m not sure… That would be… I don’t know..” He stammers. Chad can almost feel Scotty’s reluctance and he guess the reason why.
“Come on. I will respect any ‘no’ you give me. But I am grateful for what you did and I am aware that you could get fired for taking strangers with you the way you did.

I am not taking that lightly. Just come in. Have a drink. No string attached. If you want to leave you can. The door will be open for you to leave whenever you want to. I’m not some serial killer, just a guy, who just met another .. very attractive… guy and who would like to see what this could lead to, without it turning into an obligation for either of us.”

The warm voice makes Scotty’s stomach flutter. Why should he have to go back to a cold bed in an empty apartment, if he could…. Oh, he can’t even finish the sentence in his head without getting a weird feeling inside.
“One drink.” Scotty’s words sound shaky, but he absolutely agrees with his choice.


Scotty had felt nervous accepting the drink. He just knows that it’s not all Chad is offering and he hasn’t been with a man in a while. Not since his final break up with Kevin, a few months ago, but, at the same time, he has to recognize that he has no intention to spend the rest of his life alone.

He realizes that Chad will not exactly be a serious thing, yet, he can’t see any reason why he can’t have some fun. And he’s fairly certain that ‘fun’ is all Chad wants as well. So, when he takes the drink, he drinks it to calm his nerves, while he gives Chad an inviting glance from over his drink.

Chad isn’t the man to ignore the invite. He moves closer without even trying to make it look less forward. His smile is confident. Their topic of conversation is shallow and pointless, because all they do is challenge each other to take the first step.

Scotty puts down his glass and he’s not surprised when Chad acts likewise. Then, there’s only one smile, one small nod, needed and Chad kisses Scotty. Scotty trembles under Chad’s touches.

“It’s been a while....” Scotty whispers, more to himself than to inform Chad. Chad caresses his face, smiles a warm smile, leaves the words for what they are and kisses Scotty again. By the time that he lets go of Scotty to give him some air to breathe, Scotty’s entire body is on fire.

Chad gets up and reaches out to Scotty. He doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t have to. Scotty takes his hand and he lets Chad help him off the couch. He knows they’re going to the bedroom and he can’t think of a place he’d rather be.


Say what you want about Chad, but when he turns on the charms, he turns them ‘ON’. No one could ever say he’s not a good and attentive lover. From the first moment on, Scotty had felt that Chad could take him to a place he had seldom been before. Chad lets Scotty explore his body, and, in return, there’s not a place his hands won’t travel on Scotty’s body.

He can easily make Scotty come the first time, leaving Scotty feeling a bit sorry that it’s over so fast, but Chad has other plans. His kisses are warm and tender and Scotty enjoys them, whether they are on his lips, his chest, his belly… or anywhere else. Chad is without any doubt better than Scotty had expected, because he quickly manages to draw a second orgasm out Scotty.

Still, Chad manages to keep Scotty on cloud nine. At first, Chad makes him feel like he’s considered a valuable and breakable treasure, until Scotty get all aroused again. Only then does Chad take him with a strength that takes Scotty’s breath away, but without ever hurting Scotty in the process.

Chad’s stamina is incredible and Scotty is long out of breath and exhausted before Chad is. On the other hand, it makes the sex last longer than Scotty thought possible and by the time he finally comes for the third time he’s too tired to even think of how he should get out of bed to go back home.

He can feel Chad’s chest against his back. And he can feel the feather-light caresses on his belly, where Chad’s fingers stroke him.
“Tired? It must have been a long day for you…” Chad says, kissing Scotty’s hair.
“Exhausted.” Scotty confesses.

“Stay…” Chad offers.
“I’m too tired for more…” Scotty answers, barely able to keep his eyes open now that he’s in a warm and comfortable place and now that he’s completely relaxed.
“I’m not asking for more… Just go to sleep.” Chad whispers, but Scotty is already gone.


Scotty stretches out, only to find the other side of the bed empty. He’s somehow a bit disappointed by that, until the door opens and the smell of coffee and eggs reaches him, instantly making him hungry.
“Good. You’re awake.” Chad smiles.

“Wow, breakfast in bed. I could get used to that.” Scotty swoons for a second, but upon seeing a little frown cross Chad’s face, he immediately adds…”Not that I’m presuming that last night was more than just a bit of fun…. I’m just… I’m the one who always does the serving. I hardly ever get served anything… The only one who ever did was….”

Kevin. Kevin loved to give him breakfast in bed. The ache is back with a vengeance and it takes Scotty a few seconds to silence it. As if Chad knows what is going on in Scotty’s head, he hands Scotty the sugar and he says, with regret in his voice:
“I guess, we’ll never find out what it was exactly that he did with those eggs, that made them so delicious…”

“Nora would have to kill him, if he ever gave up that secret anyway.” Scotty grins suddenly. Chad looks at him with an uncertain smile.
“Did you ever meet his family?” He asks Scotty.

“I never did… Kev and I… it was all so hush-hush… What are they like?”
“Well. Have you ever seen one of those hurricanes on tv, that destroy everything on their path…? A hurricane like that would run away screaming when he’d see the Walkers unite…

They’re like this incredible passionate, loving force of nature. Everything they do is done with passion, whether it’s fighting or loving. Or loving to fight. Or fight to love. Whatever. They just sweep you off your feet, take you to another place and turn your life upside down…” Scotty sighs.

“I know one Walker who did… Turn my life upside down.” Chad says quietly. “It’s strange. I never thought, that he’d be that important to me… He just got under my skin. He just….” Chad tries to works to explain, but he doesn’t have to.
“I know…” Scotty nods…

For a few moments they concentrate their attention on the breakfast, until Chad looks up from his plate.
“Do you have to work tonight?”
“No. I wanted the entire weekend off. Been working very hard lately…” Scotty answers.

“Would you like to stay here? With me? I have the entire weekend off as well… I haven’t really made any plans. Just enjoy the pool and the sun and … I don’t know. Just didn’t want to do anything.” He shrugs. He looks a bit shy as if he’s asking the moon and stars from Scotty.

“Ahm… Well, I didn’t have anything planned…. I just…” Scotty shrugs as well, not sure if he should take the invitation or not.
“It would seem that we both had the same ideas. Just a weekend of doing nothing serious. Just relax. Can you think of a better place than here?”

Scotty has to admit that the idea of a weekend alone in his apartment isn’t too appealing. He had already moved from his small apartment to an even smaller place, hoping to cut some expenses, so he could pay for his tuition. But the place is stuffy and small. And his land-lady is creepy.

“I don’t have any clean clothes with me…” He starts to protest feebly.
“Plenty of clothes in the closet. I’m sure something will fit you.”
“Or tooth-brush, comb …”
“Got some spare ones…”

Chad waits for Scotty’s next round of excuses, but there will not be one.
“Will it be just you and me?” Scotty asks instead. “I don’t want to see my name in the papers or something… I just don’t need that kind of attention.”
“We can do whatever you want.”

“If we would do what I want, we’d never get out of the bedroom.” Scotty smiles, while biting his lower lip. The look in his eyes as he looks down Chad’s body speaks volumes and Chad puts away his tray.
“I don’t need to get out of bed either…” He confesses and he kisses Scotty.

Scotty smiles. In the day-light, Chad seems to be just as eager to explore the possibilities to pleasure Scotty and himself, so Scotty lets him. His fingers find grip in Chad’s hair and he coaches Chad’s head further down, then gasps when Chad’s mouth finally finds its destination.


Scotty slowly sinks down further on Chad’s hard cock. He has straddled Chad’s body and enjoys the feeling of having him inside and yet being the one to set the pace. He grabs Chad’s wrists and pins them down over Chad’s head. Chad pushes up, wanting so much more from Scotty.

Scotty looks down on the handsome actor, whose lips are swollen from the many kisses. Chad’s eyes seem even deeper blue in this light and Scotty can’t get enough of that broad chest and that six-pack. Chad is in a very good shape and he loves to show it off and Scotty loves to drink it in.

They’ve been having sex for quite some time now and in different positions and with the role of the leader shared between them. It has been a long time since Scotty has felt this much sexual freedom. The sun bursts through the window and it’s warm in the room. Sweat has formed on both their bodies.

“Scotty!” Chad’s moans as Scotty’s muscles clench around his hard cock. Scotty merely grins down on him.
“I’m going to make you come … so hard…” He playfully warns Chad.
“Make me…!” Chad dares.


When Scotty enters Chad’s kitchen, Chad looks up at him.
“Had a good shower?”
“I feel clean again.” Scotty nods with a shy smile. In bed, he might feel free. Outside the bed, he still wants to keep some distance between them.

“I’ve made us some dinner… It’s just spaghetti, nothing fancy. Just that, some meatloaf, some tomato-sauce… some other things… vegetables and such… Probably not what your used to, but…” Chad starts by apologizes.
“…I’ll love it.” Scotty promises.

It’s one of the down-sides to being an apprentice chef-cook. People either think that you’re the one who will always want to do the cooking, or that you’re snob about food and ready to criticize them. He follows Chad into the garden to the patio, where they sit down for dinner.

And when Chad finally gives him his plate, he’s ready to lie so hard that he will instantly win an Oscar. But it’s not necessary. It’s actually delicious, though he suspects that being very hungry might have to do with that. He hums in signal of how good it is and Chad seems almost shy by the unspoken compliment Scotty gives him.

Chad jumps up and gets the salad that he forgotten to take with him and he also brings the wine and 2 glasses.
“It’s beautiful and peaceful here.” Scotty says.
“Isn’t it? You can barely hear the noise from outside… I love to sit here and just be quiet.”

They are quiet for a few minutes while they eat, but then Chad comes to subject on his mind.
“About this day…” He starts carefully.
“… we’re just two people enjoying each other’s company..” Scotty says calmly.

“I can’t make any promises….”
“I’m not asking for any.”
“Will you stay tonight?... Or will you leave after dinner?” Chad now asks.
“What do you want me to do…?” Scotty puts the decision back with Chad.

Chad doesn’t answer. He only looks at Scotty. He may not be a good actor, but right now, his eyes convey more words than any script could say. A smile curves around Scotty’s lips and he licks his fork.
“Guess I’ll be staying then.” He grins and smile spreads across Chad’s face as well.


In hindsight, this weekend would always be, to Scotty, a weekend where time had just flown by. The night from Saturday to Sunday had been amazing. And he had slept in until late in the morning, when he had been woken up by warm and caring Chad, who brought, once again, breakfast in bed.

Breakfast had lead to sex, which in turn lead to lunch, with a dessert filled with sex until dinner had reminded them that it was time to eat and, bellies full, they had ended up in bed again, until the alarm had gone off Monday morning late. Neither had felt like getting out of bed, but it was unavoidable.

“I hate this… but it’s nearly eleven. I have to be at the studios at two..?”
“That’s alright… I have to go back to the restaurant as well. Can I take a quick shower?”
“Yes, sure.”
“I’ll be ready in 10 minutes…”

“Take your time...” Chad says, only to add: “If you need any help….?”
“Then it would take me even longer to get ready.” Scotty winks.
“No one cares if I would be a little late…” Chad gives Scotty a suggestive look. Scotty hesitates.

“Well, there’s this particular spot on my back,… I have a hard time reaching it…?” Scotty confesses. He knows that he will most likely never meet Chad again, and if they would, then Chad would most likely have forgotten all about this weekend. So why not enjoy what Chad has to offer one last time.

Chad realizes that Scotty isn’t making a drama of the fact that they will most likely never meet again. He wouldn’t mind meeting Scotty more often. He had proven to be an excellent lover, but, at the same time, Chad knows neither of them is ready for a relationship.

He’s still enjoying the consequences of coming out and being able to explore his possibilities. And he had the idea that Scotty is still in love with Kevin anyway. So, neither really has something to offer the other. Happy to at least have had this weekend, he joins Scotty in the bathroom.


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