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Fanfic: Daddy or just Kevin/Scotty?

Daddy or just Kevin/Scotty?

By Marea67
Olivia, with a bit of Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: At what point do you make the switch?


“Is he your father?” Olivia looks at Belinda, the new girl in her class, and she’s not sure what to say.
“Not really, that is Scotty.” She answers therefore.
“Oh. Mom’s new boyfriend?” Belinda seems to have figured it out for herself.

Olivia bites her lip.
“No. He and his husband, Kevin, are looking after me.” She answers honestly. This could either go ‘eeeeuw, gay men!’ or ‘oh, cool’.

Belinda doesn’t say anything at first, then she mumbles that her mom is waiting for her and she runs up to a car, parked not very away from Scotty’s. She doesn’t even wave at Olivia. Olivia shrugs and gets into Scotty’s car.
“How was your day?” Scotty asks.

“I’m tired.” She says, playing with the strap of her schoolbag. Introducing Kevin and Scotty is always such a thing. The reactions can be so different from what she would expect. A cool mom once went nearly ballistic at the thought that Olivia lived with two men and Olivia had been a bit shocked once she realized what the woman had implied. As if Kevin and Scotty would ever do that!...

Of course, there had been this other mother. A grey mouse, dressed like she had escaped from the 50s, but when she had heard that Olivia had two fathers, all she had said was how wonderful it was to see a little girl so well raised and obviously surrounded by love… People are confusing.

But Belinda had raised another question. When do you speak of a ‘father’?  Scotty is one of the two men who look after her. Does that make him a father though? It’s not like she can really remember much of her own father, he’s been gone from her life for too long. Kevin and Scotty are father-figures in her life, but she always calls them by name.

Would they even mind if she’d call them ‘father’ or ‘dad’? It’s not like she’s Daniel. Daniel is really their child. She isn’t. She bites the inside of her cheek. Should she call them ‘father’ by now? She had been with them for quite a while already and it doesn’t seem like she's going any other place any time soon.

Nora had become ‘gramma’ Nora, Kitty and Sarah are aunts. Tommy and Justin are uncles. She speaks of their children as her cousins. So, everyone has ‘official’ titles, but not Kevin and Scotty… How strange…

“What’s wrong?” Scotty asks.
 “Nothing.” She lies.
“Was that the new girl I saw you talking with?”

“She seems nice.”

“She isn’t?”
“Don’t know.” Olivia answers, before reconsidering her answer. “She was acting normal, until I told her about you and Kevin.”

“Oh.” Scotty says. She can see that he’s somewhat hurt . “I’m sorry.” She knows that he doesn’t like it, when his sexual orientation ends up hurting her.  Olivia shrugs.
“Well, if that’s the way she feels about it… I can’t make her like it…”

“No. If she was raised to believe that there’s something wrong with us… It’s hard to change.” Scotty has to acknowledge. Olivia thinks over his words and goes back to the subject of ‘fathers’.

“Scotty?... She asked me if you were my father… Aren’t you … in some way… my father? I mean, you treat me the same way you do Daniel. You talk about me as if I’m your daughter... And Kevin is even worse!”  She tries to joke a bit. Scotty laughs.

“I think you could see it that way… But ‘father’ or ‘dad’ can be a very personal word to use. Knowing what I know about William Walker, I doubt that I could ever call him ‘dad’. I know that Kevin never uses the word for my father either. You had a father. And from what we know, he loved you very much.

Even though he’s no longer with us, you still have some memories of him. We’re not going to force you to see us as ‘father’. It’s… complicated…” Scotty finishes with a sigh. Olivia agrees quietly with him.
“But … would you mind if I’d call you and Kevin ‘father’ or ‘dad’?”

“No, hon, I don’t think either of us would. I think that Kevin would love it if you did, but… it has to be your choice. Do it because you are ready to do it. But if you prefer to call us Kevin and Scotty,… it’s fine with us too. We won’t love you any less.” Scotty smiles and, after a little silence he asks:

“So? Are you going to call us ‘dad’ or ‘father’? Or will you stick to Kevin and Scotty?”
“I don’t know yet…” Olivia answers, but her eyes shine. “… dad.” She tries carefully. She can see that Scotty is clearly touched by her attempt and she smiles. It feels good to say it and she can’t wait to try it out on Kevin too…


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