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Fanfic: Temporary insanity

Temporary insanity

By Marea67
Kitty/Robert, with a dash of Travis
Rate: I think that "R" would be too high.
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: Is it too late for Robert to use the insanity-card

A/N: I had a request for a Kitty/Robert story, and I tried to do it, but the truth is that I just don't write Robert/Kitty all that well, so I apologize if the story isn't what you'd hoped...


“You sure know how to pick them.” Travis throws a file on Robert’s desk.
“What is this?” Robert asks.
“A file. On this Scotty Wandell.” Travis answers, only to ask once more. “Are you sure you can’t divorce Kitty? She will prove to be a danger to your campaign.”

Robert can only hope that Travis is joking.
“We just got married.” Robert points out.
“That was two months ago..” Travis reminds him. “Throw it on ‘temporary insanity’ or something.”

“Because nothing says 'Reliable President' like pleading ‘temporary insanity’ for getting married?” Robert’s voice is dry.
“We’ll spin it in your favor.” Travis waves Robert’s words away. Somehow Robert wouldn’t be surprised if Travis actually could spin it any way he wanted.

The thought scares him, so he decides to dismiss Travis’ words as a joke.
“Anything interesting?” Robert points at Scotty’s file, not having really looked at it yet. To be honest, he’s not that interested.
“Reads like a horror-book.” Travis answers.

“Secret identity as a serial killer?” Robert attempts to joke.
“Worse… He’s a loser… Hasn’t done much worth writing about in his life.”
“For ‘nothing’ this is a rather big file.”
“The usual. Taxes, school-records, job-review… police-records.”

“Vagrancy.… I mean, how big a loser do you have to be to end up on the street at his age..?” Travis sarcastically answers. Robert bites his tongue. Obviously Travis has never visited that homeless-shelter Jason works with, or spoken to any of the people there…

Robert has… Some stories are heart-breaking. He tries to the find words sharp enough to condemn Travis with, but then realizes that Travis probably just wouldn’t get it anyway.
“Leave the file. I’ll have a look at it later…”
“Whatever… But take my advice… Temporary insanity…”


When Robert enters the room, Kitty looks up from her paperwork. She smiles and lifts up her head, knowing that Robert will walk up to her and kiss her. Robert walks up to her and kisses her.
“Had a good day? Sorry I couldn’t be there.” She says, closing her file to focus on Robert.

“It was okay…” Robert’s voice however betrays that it something is not okay. She knows him too well.
“What happened?” She asks. Robert opens his mouth to convince her that everything is alright, but he knows he can’t lie to her.

“Fine mess your brother put me up with.” He therefore says. Kitty shakes her head.
“Which one?”
“Now what?” She asks irritated.

“Or rather that young man he’s with.”
“I wonder if Kevin even knows that Scotty has a police-record.”
“Kevin is a lawyer. What do you think?” Kitty shrugs.

Robert is taken aback for a few seconds.
“Do you really think that he would do that?”
“He managed to get yours.” Kitty smirks. “What? Don’t give me that look. Do you think that the McCallisters are the only ones able to get information on people?”

“But still… Check on his boyfriends?” Robert wonders.
“We’re talking about Kevin here… So, what has Scotty done? Embezzlement? Arson? Murder?” She asks, so Robert gives her the file.

Kitty doesn’t know whether to laugh or not.
“Vagrancy? As in ‘he got punished for not having a home’ kind of vagrancy?”
“Well, hardly hard crime, is it? Because, in that case, Jason is helping criminals.”

“It’s all just very inconvenient.”
“How unconsidered of Scotty. Getting busted by the police … 5 years ago? … for not having a roof over his head… I bet he just did it to be a nuisance to your career now.” Kitty replies sarcastically.

Robert opens his mouth. Of course that is not what he had wanted to suggest. Just that he thought he had covered the weak spots, any target that could be used against him, and now he has discovered another. Kitty quickly browses through the file. There’s nothing in there that she and Travis couldn’t take care off.

“I just don’t like surprises…” Robert answers.
“Or is it that Kevin dumped Jason for Scotty?” Kitty asks.
“What? You don’t think…?”
“Listen, Kevin is happy. And Scotty is not exactly some hard criminal. You can spin this.”

“You just can’t handle it, can you? Someone pointing out that something is wrong with your family?” Robert is surprised by his words. They’re more bitter than he had intended them to be. Kitty’s eyes narrow. She had looked forward to seeing Robert and she’s not sure why Robert reacts this way, but it he wants a fight, he can have it.

“Oh, there's plenty 'wrong' with my family and I will never deny that, and, technically speaking, Scotty’s not my family, but that is irrelevant…” Kitty starts slowly, her mind racing over the ammunition she could use. “What is not irrelevant is that you have no issues with the fact that Jason helps homeless people, but that you’re mad that Kevin took one into his house and in his life. That is quite some double standard.”

Kitty stands there, head held high. Calm, ready to fight, words sharp as nails if they have to be. She taunts him, she dares him to fight her and Robert is again amazed by what this woman can bring out in him. This is why he had chosen her, why he had fallen in love with her. Because she won’t be silenced.

He can’t help it. Nothing turns him on more than seeing Kitty on the barricades for something she believes in.
“God, you’re so pretty when you’re mad.” Much to her surprise he cups her face in his hands and kisses her.

For a second Kitty wants to lash out that she will not be silenced, but then she remembers how much she loves it when they argue…
“This conversation is not over…” She warns Robert between two kisses, then she pulls him into her arms and reminds him where the bedroom is.


“I’m sorry that we fought over Sc….” Robert says, caressing Kitty’s shoulder. She places her finger on his lips.
“Remember the golden rule: We do not discuss our families in bed. We’ve noticed that too often those arguments spin into fights… Not in our bed…”

Robert sighs. Yes, that is the rule.
“But I want to fight some more…” Robert whines playfully.
“I love make-up sex.” He makes her giggle when he kisses her under her ear.

“Well, Senator McCallister, then I’d like to pass a bill that we can have make up sex without necessarily fighting first…” Kitty suggests.
“I could support that bill, but wouldn’t it be more fun to fight first?” Robert grins.
“Not really. Only in case of emergencies. …” Kitty plays along.

“You think that could work?” Robert wonders quasi-concerned. Kitty grins.
“Let me show you and convince you….” She reaches out to him. She silences any comment from Robert with a well-placed kiss, and soon enough Robert can completely see Kitty’s point. Fighting is not necessary to have good sex.


“Well, considered ‘temporary insanity’?” Travis asks.
“No.” Robert answers calmly. “Kitty gave me a few good alternatives….” Travis raises an eyebrow, but Robert will obviously not explain more to him.
“And this business with your brother-in-law’s current boyfriend?”

“If I need it, I will remind the people around me that he’s the poster-boy for the American way. He started with nothing and from there he’s building up his life. I’ve tasted his cooking…. He’ll be a great chef one day. No one can use him against me.”
“But what about his past?”

“What about his future? The capabilities he has?”
“People look at the mistakes others have made….”
“And I don’t see them as mistakes, but as a learning experience.”
“You’re good..” Travis answers, not very convincingly however.

“I know.” Robert answers with an arrogant nod, that he doesn’t mean either, but it’s the best way to stop this conversation with Travis. Travis only laughs and walks out, leaving Robert alone. He takes his telephone and checks for messages. There’s only one from Kitty.

“I’ve been thinking about amendments to the last night’s bill. Will you be home early?” The smiley behind her words, makes Robert smile as well. He looks at the clock. Stay two more hours? Or leave to ‘discuss the amendments’? He doesn’t have to think twice. He locks up and gets his coat.


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