marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanfic: Apology


By Marea67
Rate: R
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: Sometimes Kevin knows Scotty better than he thinks


Scotty hasn't said a word to him for nearly half an hour and Kevin is fed up with it.
Whatever it is that's on your mind, tell me... I’m sorry, but it’s been a long day. ” Kevin sighs, rubbing his eyes while he tries to get rid of the tiredness in his head. Scotty doesn’t really answer. He’s had a busy day as well and he’s tired too. And his day isn't over yet.

Sympathy for Kevin’s exhaustion isn’t on his mind.
“Yes. You always have long days… Especially when I ask you to get something done for me.” Kevin puts his briefcase on his desk and looks at Scotty. He’s slightly surprised by Scotty’s accusation.
“What is that supposed to mean?” He asks.

“Nothing.” Scotty answers in such a way that it’s clear to Kevin that it’s not ‘nothing’.
“Oh, well, good then, for a moment I thought there was ‘something’.” Kevin shrugs it off. If Scotty wants to be childish, he should be reminded that Kevin is better at it. Scotty bites his lip. He could have expected this reaction from Kevin, but now that Kevin does react cold and uncaring, it hurts him.

“You forgot to get my suit for tonight. I asked you several times this week not to forget. You swore up and down that you wouldn’t, yet, you walk in and … No suit. I have a special catering job tonight. You knew all along how important it was to look just as perfect as can be…. And now it’s not here…”

Scotty can’t hide his bitterness and Kevin sighs. He walks up to the closet and opens it to take out a long cover with the logo of the cleaner that he always uses for his best suits.
“I got it yesterday. I knew I’d be short on time today and I knew this job was important to you and I knew I’d be in trouble if I wouldn’t get it for you. So here it is…”

“O.” Scotty looks perplexed, not sure what to do or say next.
“Sweetheart, it would help if occasionally you’d let me in on what goes on in your mind. I’m still not a mind-reader. I got it yesterday, on purpose, to make sure that you wouldn’t have to freak out today.

Yet, I come home, I get the silent treatment, an attitude that betrays that something is wrong even if you say there isn’t… I’ve had a long day. And I know that you’ve had one too. Acting this childishly doesn’t help us much. I can’t guess what is wrong with you, if I’ve made sure, as far as I know, that I’ve done my part to make things easier for you.”

There’s a silence between them.
“I’m sorry.” Scotty quietly says. “This job tonight is so important me… I’m scared my little idea will fail, but if I get the chance to show them how good the new catering-division of ‘Café 429’ is, this might actually work….”

“And you’re going to blow them away. Your catering-team looks amazing, they are well-trained by you. They look great, they’re polite, they are experienced and they are excited to make this work…” Kevin reassures Scotty.
“Can you forgive me?” Scotty asks.

“I’m not so sure…” Kevin sweetly teases… “my pride got really hurt… it is so vulnerable as it is…”
“Oh, shut up!” Scotty throws a pillow at Kevin, who easily catches it and smiles at his husband. “I don’t deserve you…” Scotty takes Kevin in his arms.

“Yes, you do. I love you…” Kevin replies, giving Scotty a quick kiss. “Now get dressed. I want to see that suit on you…” Scotty nods and starts to undress, grinning when he catches the greedy look on Kevin’s face. He knows that, at this point, all Kevin wants to do is just rip that suit of his body and have sex with him.

“It will have to wait.” He says, gently letting his finger slide along the bulge in Kevin’s pants. “But I’ll make it up to you…”
“I’m counting on it.” Kevin replies and he kisses Scotty long and tender, before adjusting the suit around Scotty’s shoulders and straightening the collar.

“You look amazing.” Kevin can’t hide his appreciation from his voice. “They’re going to love you..”
“I hope so..” Scotty laughs nervously. “And if not… I know that I got someone at home, who’s waiting for me. Someone who wants me…” Scotty kisses Kevin.


“The sweet smell of success.” Scotty sighs, letting himself drop back against the pillows.
“That’s not success, but sex, just sweat and …”
“Spare me the details, I got it.. I was there. Coming… I know what you mean…” He grins. “I just feel so amazing.”

“You are amazing.” Kevin says, his head resting on Scotty’s shoulder. “So, no hitches?”
“None whatsoever. It was just great. Everyone worked with and around each other like a well-oiled machine. It was like everything fell into place and everyone knew exactly what to do. … This idea for catering will be a success.” Scotty predicts.

“Told you.” Kevin mumbles. Sleep is catching up with him and he’s glad that Scotty is still so excited, especially if it leads to great sex, like they just had, but he’s too tired to stay awake much longer.
“Yes, you did.” Scotty admits.

He looks at his husband. Kevin fights his sleep, but is clearly losing the battle. How often had Kevin not encouraged him to do what he felt he needed to do? First with Café 429 and now this adventure… Kevin had been the one sure that Scotty would succeed, even when Scotty had planned to give up.

“I’m sorry.” Scotty says.
“For what?” Kevin asks, barely able to open his eyes.
“This afternoon. I should have known, that you’d support me.”
“I haven’t always been there when you needed me… Like with the opening of 429.”

“I’m sorry about the way I reacted that night too.”
“I know.” Kevin turns to Scotty and makes Scotty look at him. “I have faith in you. I also know what it means to want something so much and be so afraid, at the same time, that you will screw it up…

I knew how tensed you’d be today…. If it wouldn’t have been the suit, it would have been something else. You would have needed something to get rid of the tension…”
“So, how do I make it up to you?”’
“You just did. The sex was great…” Kevin mumbles. “Though there is something else you could do?”

“Turn off the light, spoon up and sleep with me?” Kevin asks sweetly. Scotty laughs softly, reaches out for the light and turns it off. He can feel Kevin turn in his arms, his back against Scotty’s chest. Scotty closes his eyes, happy to have Kevin in his arms.


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