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fanfic: Hungry

Because semisweetsoul  wanted a Jason story. You know, I don't do Jason that well, but I sincerely tried! :-D


By Marea67
About: Kevin/Jason
Rate: NC-17-ish for sexual content.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: First date.


Kevin couldn’t be more surprised, when he saw a familiar face waiting for him, when he exited his office-building.
“Jason!” his face lit up, Jason smiled in return.
“Hi, Kev, how are you?” he asked politely, a quick hug passing between Kevin and him.
“Tired….. Hungry?” Kevin tried carefully, dropping a hint, hoping that….
“Would you like to join me for dinner?” Jason asked.

“Wow, what spontaneity!” Kevin grinned and Jason got a shy look on his face. Since Robert’s and Kitty’s engagement party, they had spoken to each other a few times on the phone, but so far, they never managed to find time to physically be together. Neither of them is feeling sure about the other. They argued, they kissed, and that was the relationship so far.

Jason suggested some Chinese food, but Kevin is in the mood for Italian and Jason agreed. The restaurant Jason took Kevin to was cozy and provided privacy for them to talk. Kevin asked Jason about his congregation and Jason could tell his stories. Kevin was an attentive listener and was good at reading between the lines. Jason assumed it had to do with him being a lawyer and listening at people in a different way.

Jason took the liberty to ask Kevin about his work and discovered that Kevin was good at explaining without dropping the names of his clients once. Having heard from Robert that Kevin was the CNN of the family, he was amazed by Kevin’s disciplined way of talking about his work. And he discovered he likes the light in Kevin’s eyes when he discussed law.

So far, all topics were ‘safe’. Kevin and Jason both did their utmost to stay away from the topic of politics and Robert and Kitty. With Jason less arrogant and Kevin less defensive the evening turned out to be an agreeable one. And for the first time in a few weeks their conversation was actually relaxed.

But when Jason went to pay for the dinner, Kevin got nervous. He wasn’t sure yet, where he stood with Jason. Were they just ‘non-enemies’? Semi-‘related’ because of Robert and Kitty? Just friends? Or perhaps….. Yes, that last option was what Kevin was worried about. But he could not dwell on the subject because Jason came back and they returned to Kevin’s car. Jason’s church was not very far away and Kevin decided to at least bring Jason safely home.

Jason sat down beside Kevin and tried to secure his safety belt. When Kevin noticed that Jason did not seem to be able to click it in the right place, he turned to Jason.
“Here, let me help you.” He said. His hand came into touch with Jason’s. A quick touch, but Jason looked up at Kevin nonetheless and Kevin shyly looked away. It was nothing but a little flirtatious move, that Jason immediately recognized.

When Kevin looked at Jason again, Jason smiled. Kevin didn’t need more encouragement than that. Feeling safe, in the darkness of the car, he moved his head closer to Jason’s. Jason’s lips parted. Their kiss was soft and tender. Kevin was very careful not to move to fast or to scare Jason.

Jason let out a soft moan. It had been so long ago since he had felt another man’s lips on his own. Hungrily he kissed Kevin with even more passion. His hand reached up and ran through Kevin’s hair. Kevin enjoyed the touch and he deepened the kiss even further, until he had no choice, but to let go, because he needed some air.

Jason slowly opened his eyes, revealing the lust he felt inside.
“Kevin…” He whispered. His throat was suddenly very dry. “Don’t…. I…. It’s been a while since I…. since the last time I… did this…” he stammered.
“You could have fooled me.” Kevin smiled.
“No. I mean it.”

“When?” Kevin asked.
“My last time? Almost a year ago. Some guy I picked up. Just to get rid of the tension. He and I, we were not involved with each other or something.
“Just casual sex, right?” Kevin’s voice was somewhat sarcastic and Jason looked mortified. The conversation had been so right so far, but now Jason feared that maybe he overstepped his mark.

Seeing Jason’s immediate withdrawal back in his cocoon, Kevin regretted his hard reply.
“I’m sorry. God knows I should not be the one to judge. It’s not like I haven’t had my own share of quick sexual solutions…. Jason, if that is what you’re looking for….” Kevin searched for the right words, because he wanted to get to know Jason better, just not for sex only.
“No. It’s not. …” Jason started hastily, only to fall silent.

Kevin laughed softly and joked:
“Well, look at it from the bright side. He didn’t make you pregnant…. Did he?”
“Uh, no. Don’t think so.” Jason replied, before starting to laugh. A quick glance passed between them, Kevin moved closer to Jason again and started to kiss him. Jason immediately responded to him. He could feel Kevin’s warm breath on the side of his neck and as Kevin’s lips left a hot trail on his skin, he moaned in approval.

Kevin’s hand hesitantly found its way down from the back of his neck, slid over the shoulder further down. It only turned on Jason even more. Until he could no longer wait and impatiently he took Kevin’s hand to show him exactly where he wanted Kevin’s hand to be. Although he expected it, he still bucked up because of the touch. A little tortured sound escaping him as Kevin stopped kissing him and teasingly said:

“Oh, my, aren’t we eager?”
“You have NO idea.” Jason answered honestly.
“So, do you have a place where we can go to?” Kevin asked, but Jason shook his head.
“The place I have at the church is not exactly private. I mean, it’s a small room and we, the other minister and I, give each other some privacy, but not enough that I feel good about taking you there. Besides, I thought we would do it here.”

“Here? In the car? I’m sorry, I’m not eighteen anymore. I have a nice place with a warm comfortable bed….” Jason closed his eyes. The thought of being alone with Kevin, in a bed, naked…
“Let’s go to your place.” he replied breathlessly.


Jason had forgotten how good it felt to have strong hands on his back, to feel the strong grip on his thighs, to be taken without hesitation by someone who knew exactly what he was doing. There’s sweat on his fore-head. This is the second time that Kevin was taking him tonight. The first time had been nothing but a quickly rushed moment where neither had been able to control their desire.

But this time, it had been slower. They took time to kiss, time to touch, to discover what the other one like and didn’t like. Jason quickly discovered that Kevin was a patient lover. He loved to tease. He relished in postponing the inevitable moment, but now that he was close, he took Jason’s breath away.

Every thrust made him shiver with desire. He wanted more, so much more.
“Please…. Please….” He could not believe he heard himself plead like that. Was that really his own voice whispering? He pushed back, wanting to show Kevin how much he wanted, needed this. Something in him gave up, surrendered. He seized to be Reverend McCallister, the man with a thousand and one responsibilities, the man with a congregation who would not understand or accept what he was doing right now.

Instead, he became Jason, just a man, being made love at by another man, giving in to most primal desire of finding satisfaction. His mind is blocked from everything else. All he could feel was this need for satisfaction and he reacted to that by pushing back even harder. The loud moan behind him told him that Kevin already found his satisfaction and the knowledge that it was his fault, sent him over the edge as well.


Jason’s mouth is close to Kevin’s shoulder. It feels so good to be so close to Kevin.
“I love your apartment.” Jason says.
“Yeah, me too. You should see at a daylight…. Or any other light.” Kevin grinned as he remembered how he took Jason to his bedroom without even bothering to turn the lights on, when he got home. Jason smiled too. He wouldn’t mind to see Kevin’s apartment more often either… Not if it meant that there would be more moments like this with Kevin.

Tags: character - jason, character - kevin

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