marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanficlet: Connect Four

Connect Four

by Marea67
About: Kevin, Paige
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: They play Connect 4 again...


“So, are you happy with uncle Scotty?” Paige asks, putting in a yellow disc.
“I am.” Kevin answers, putting in a red one.
“No longer like George Clooney then, huh?” Yellow.
“What do you mean?” Red.
“You said that some men weren’t the marrying type.” Yellow. Red. “Like you and George Clooney.” Yellow. “.. And you..” Paige grins. Red.
“Uncle Scotty made me change my mind.” Kevin admits. Yellow. Red. Yellow. Red.
“And now everything is as you had always wanted it?” Yellow. Kevin looks at the game board. His red disk floats over the holes, as if he can’t decide what the best thing would be.
“Yes. I guess so.” Red.
“And I can no longer distract you..?” She teases. Yellow… Red.
“Connect 4.” Kevin says, and the smile disappears from Paige’s face.
“What? Where?”
“Here. Diagonally.” Kevin answers, pointing at the four red dots on a row.
“Oh, ships!”

Tags: 2014, character - kevin, character - paige

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