marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanfic: Reasons for loving you...

Reasons for loving you….

By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Somewhere between seasons 2 and 3, Kevin needs a reminder...


Kevin enters the apartment. It’s dark and quiet. He sighs. Scotty is most likely in bed and asleep. And maybe, after the night he has had, Kevin should be glad for this. Difficult client. Wrong restaurant. Too much waiting. Nothing accomplished. And he has a terrible headache by now. Sometimes he hates working at Carter, Wright and Dupray.

As he enters the kitchen he finds that Scotty has left him a thermos with some hot tea and he pours the tea in a cup. Scotty’s personal herbal brew is just like he is. Strong, hot and sweet. Just the way Kevin likes it. He smiles lovingly at the thought of Scotty and how only this morning he had wondered why Scotty loves him so much.

Kevin sees a piece of paper on the table and pulls it in his direction. It’s written by Scotty, he can see that straight away. It starts with:
“Hi, Kev, just in case I’m already asleep when you come home… I just wanted to remind of this…” Kevin holds the paper closer to the light and he reads.

Here’s a quick list of reasons why I love you..

You’re an extremely good lawyer and it was fun to be prepped by you
You love red-velvet cupcakes and every other cake I make
You love to go to the movies with me, but I guess we’ll never get to see ‘Two for the road’ again.
You want to pay me for being your date… so, okay, didn’t like it then, but now it makes me smile.
You had never gotten drunk for anyone else, until you met me. That makes me feel special.
You can ‘handle it’ even when you’re drunk, much to my boss’ misfortune. (Thanks for the raise btw.)
You dance heavenly, even when drunk.
You have the most beautiful memories of that family-ranch where we unfortunately never got to use the treehouse.
Your apology was cosmic and you’re still my favorite Martian.
You were the best blind date I ever had.
You’re still better than advertised and no matter how that night ended. I have no regrets.
You know exactly how to get me out of a DUI, and still be sexy doing it.
You became my friend.
You got me to take home some lobster and champagne.
You became my lover all over again.
You became the man I was in love with.
You became the man I was afraid to lose.
You can forgive me for ruining you ‘teaparty’.
You definitely forgave me for my crustaceans.
You’re proud of me, even when I feel that I acted childishly.
You sang to me… (Don’t ever do that again when drunk!)
You were concerned about me when I got cut.
You wanted to make sure that I was insured for death and dismemberment… How sweet.
You’re still the person I want to be with until I’m old, bald and incontinent. And that still sounds more romantic in my head than in reality.
You even love the things about me that you hate.
You proposed to me.
You tried to convince my parents to be with me on my most special day.
You actually showed up. With warm feet. And my dad’s cufflinks.
You promised me love and devotion.

Honestly, Kevin, how could I
not love you?

Kevin folds up the piece of paper and he puts in his pocket. He finishes his tea, places the mug in the sink and he turns off the lights. In the bedroom, he only turns on one little night-lamp to not wake Scotty and he finds Scotty asleep. He looks at his beautiful husband. He puts his clothes on the chair and he slips under the cover.

Still in deep sleep, Scotty turns to him, smiles and cuddles up to Kevin. Kevin takes Scotty in his arms and Scotty wraps his arm around Kevin’s waist. Kevin kisses Scotty hair.
“I love you too.” Kevin whispers to Scotty and he turns off the night-lamp.


Tags: 2014, character - kevin, character - scotty

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