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Fanfic: Baby, you’re mine… 15/18

Baby, you’re mine… 15/18

By Marea67
Chad, but Kevin, Scotty and Jason will pop up as well.
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Disclaimer: The usual blah-blah....
Summary: Something happens to Chad and it ‘ain’t purdy’…. Idea given to me by Darkestboy in 2012, though it didn't quite end up as I had expected. :) References made to Alex Grodin, who's the main character in Happy now? and Last Christmas, though you don't really need to have read them to follow this one.
Warning: Deals with non-consensual sex and touches upon the subject of incest, without going too much into detail, but if these are triggers for you, don't read it.




The new year had started with the case finally going to court. Shirley pleaded guilty of kidnapping. Sam, her brother, admitted that he had known where Chad was, but according to him he had tried to convince his sister to let Chad go, something Shirley denied. But the judge held it against Sam that he hadn’t interfered.

Even if Shirley was his sister, as the sheriff he should have upheld the law, free Chad and arrest his sister. He hadn’t. Instead he had allowed the police-force to waste valuable time on needless search-parties, he had brought down the reputation of the police, and he had added to the anguish of Chad’s husband, family and friends.

Chad told the judge what had happened to him. He accepted that he was the father of the child that Shirley was carrying and admitted that he would take responsibility for said child. Though Shirley repeatedly tried to get his attention by crying or by calling his name, he avoided looking at Shirley. Instead he focused on Jason’s face in the crowd..

Testimonies by Kevin, Scotty and Justin had been added to the files, but they didn’t get called as witnesses. There hadn’t been much to add, because Shirley’s account had been about the same as Chad’s. She hadn't denied anything. It was a clear case. It didn’t take the judge long to decide. Sam gets 5 year in prison for his silence.

Due to her history and her state of mind, the judge can see some reason to consider Shirley unable to make good judgment calls, yet even in her situation she could have known that kidnapping just wasn’t a good idea. She gets 10 years, and is required to get psychiatric help.

Jason is slightly shocked by the verdict, but Chad hardly hears the words of the judge. All he knows is that he never wants to see either of them again. He would be glad to get out of here and go back home. With the verdicts spoken, it is as if all the pressure of the last few months finally fall away. It’s over. It’s finally over.


Chad rubs his neck to relieve some more tension and he sees Jason standing in bedroom, folding some clothes. He doesn’t know why, but he feels as if he hasn’t actually seen Jason in weeks. Sure, Jason had been by his side all along, but only now does he feel like he can recognize Jason again.

Jason takes off his shirt, so he can put on a clean one on. Seeing the strong muscular back makes Chad suddenly need to touch Jason. He lets his hand caress Jason’s back upwards. When the hand finally rests on Jason’s shoulder, Jason places a kiss on Chad’s hand.

“Chad, please,…” Jason begs. “Not now… I can’t handle it… I miss you...” He turns around. Chad has been able to keep Jason satisfied sexually, but most of it was superficial, fast and satisfaction-driven, rather than loving and intimate. And Jason longs for the intimacy.
“I’m sorry. I haven’t been there for you much, have I?” Chad asks, caressing Jason’s sides.

“Don’t… It is not your fault.. With everything that you’ve been through.. Just… please,…” Jason tries to get away from Chad, but Chad takes his chin and forces Jason to look at him.
“I love you, Jason.”

“I know… I know..” Jason nods, the longing to be touched in his eyes. He's getting aroused by the way that Chad keeps pulling him back and Chad can feel the hardness against his body when he draws Jason closer.
“Come here.” Chad pulls him closer.

“Chad, stop it… If you don’t stop now, I won’t be able to stop either….” Jason tries to reason with Chad, but Chad kisses him with so much strength and passion, that Jason’s defenses just get blown up. His body reacts to Chad’s immediately.

He pushes himself closer to Chad, hungrily kissing his husband’s mouth, his hands tugging at Chad’s t-shirt. Chad shoves him on the bed. Jason crawls backwards, further on the bed.
“You’re mine.” Chad whispers.

“All yours.” Jason swears, pulling Chad on top of him. “Make me yours. Take me.” He begs. Jason can’t say that Chad is very tender with him, but at this point he doesn’t care much about that. All he wants is Chad, deep inside him, fucking him like there’s no tomorrow. Chad reaches out to the nightstand and a few seconds later, he begins to prepare Jason.

Jason only grows more impatient, begging Chad to come inside him, yet, when Chad finally does, Jason cries out in pain, when the penetration is too fast, too impatient and Chad stops immediately.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Chad whispers, suddenly mortified that he could actually hurt Jason,

“Shut up! Just take me, fuck me, just, please…. I’ve missed this so much…” Jason begs. Chad seems to hesitate, but then he kisses Jason deeply and with so much passion that makes Jason only want Chad more. Just when Jason is about to come, Chad stops.
“No!” Jason moans.

“Yes.” Chad grins and he lies down on his back. “I want you on top of me…” Jason’s eyes open wide. He knows that Chad had always loved it like that… Until Shirley… Jason hesitates for a second, but then straddles Chad’s body.
“Sure?” He asks,

“Sure.” Chad answers and then gasps when Jason lets himself slide down on Chad’s cock. They look at each other. Each waiting for the other to change his mind, but when that doesn’t happen, Jason smiles and Chad answers back with a smile of his own. “Do it.” Chad orders softly and he doesn’t have to say it twice…


“It’s great to see the two of you so happy again.” Scotty says and he puts the plates on the table. He’s glad to have Jason and Chad in his restaurant. Chad gives Scotty a grateful smile. He’s not ready to reply right away, even though he has to admit that he feels better and happier.

“Yes, I think we’re happy again too. Putting things behind us?” Jason answers instead, with a bit of a question in his voice. He’s still a bit unsure about how Chad feels sometimes. He’s glad that Chad and he have sex again the way they had before the kidnapping had taken place, but he can still feel Chad move away from him sometimes.

“Getting there. Eventually.” Chad agrees gently. “It’s not like it’s really ‘over’. Just something that’s fading away somewhat. I feel less scared, less trapped, I went to a party alone last night. A bit terrifying, I went home early, but ... I did it!...” Kevin and Scotty congratulate him.

“Scotty, if this tastes half as amazing as it looks, we’ll be in 7th heaven tonight.” Chad looks at the beautifully prepared food and the way it’s placed on his plate.
“Trust me. It tastes twice as good as it looks. We had it last week, the kids nearly ate it all…” Kevin grins.

“Well, if Olivia and Daniel like it…” Jason laughs, then he looks at Chad
“It’s good to hear that they’re considered good food-critics... How’s the baby's room coming along?” Kevin now wants to know.

“Good.” Jason answers. “It’s all done. Just waiting for the baby to come… Four months from now… Not that I’m counting down the days or something.” Jason contradicts himself with an excited grin.

“I know it’s weird, but I’m really looking forward to seeing this baby. Even with everything that happened, she’s just an innocent soul and I just hope that Jason and I can give her a good home, so she can grow up to be a sensible, beautiful person.”
“I’m sure you will succeed at just that.” Scotty answers generously.

“Well, if need help, we’ll call you guys…” Jason laughs.
“You could ask Olivia to babysit…” Scotty suggests.
“She’d love it!” Kevin agrees. “We’d love it too. I certainly feel cheated because we missed the first few months of Daniel’s life.”

“Be careful, they might think that you’re volunteering for diaper-duty.” Scotty teases and Kevin makes a face.
“Don’t worry. I think we’d rather keep her to ourselves at first.” Jason quickly reassures Kevin and they all laugh.


Chad enters the room and he sits down on the chair. Jason stops on the threshold. Somehow the room gets prettier every time he sees it. Yellow and orange. Sunny colors. And white, lots of white. Everything is ready is for the baby … They had worked hard at it. Both of them. He walks up to Chad and gently places his hands on Chad’s shoulders.

“I’m sorry.”
“Are you?”
“Yes. I know I wasn’t happy at first, but … I didn’t want this either..”

“I know. I’m sorry. It’s just that I was looking forward to having a child… It took me a little while to adjust to the idea that we would have a child. But… I was ready…. I was ready to become a father….” Chad sighs… “And now… I won’t be…” Jason caresses Chad’s shoulder and places a kiss on Chad’s head, then he kneels down in front of the chair and he takes Chad’s hand.

“The doctor said it could be expected, because Shirley has never been able to hold on to a child for more than four months before…” Jason’s voice is soft and caring.

“But she was doing so good…”
“I know.” Jason nods.

“It’s weird, huh? I never wanted a child. I was always sure that having a child was not for me… And when I heard that Shirley was pregnant, I hated the idea… And then… I came to realize that that child would be mine… And it felt amazing. Once I accepted her, I started to look forward to seeing her… And now she’s gone…” Chad begins to cry.

Jason wraps his arms around Chad and holds him. Shirley had a miscarriage and Jason has to admit that he’s more upset by this than he had expected. Like Chad, he had looked forward to meeting this child. He had enjoyed preparing the room and making their home a place where the little girl would feel welcome. And now it’s all gone…



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