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Fanfic: Baby, you’re mine… 14/18

Baby, you’re mine… 14/18

By Marea67
Chad, but Kevin, Scotty and Jason will pop up as well.
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Disclaimer: The usual blah-blah....
Summary: Something happens to Chad and it ‘ain’t purdy’…. Idea given to me by Darkestboy in 2012, though it didn't quite end up as I had expected. :) References made to Alex Grodin, who's the main character in Happy now? and Last Christmas, though you don't really need to have read them to follow this one.
Warning: Deals with non-consensual sex and touches upon the subject of incest, without going too much into detail, but if these are triggers for you, don't read it.




“… I was tied up. There was nothing I could do. I tried… I tried not to react, not to feel, I really did, but …” Chad throws his hand in the air.
“You couldn’t help it…” Scotty says softly. He understands what Chad means. He had been through the same with Alex.

“It’s only natural, I suppose… Or something like that.” Kevin adds, just to say something as well. Chad has made himself as small as possible and he had retreated to the corner of the couch. He drinks the hot tea that Scotty has made him.
“You should have said something sooner.” Jason tries  to be as gentle as possible and not sound too judgmental.

“I know. But I thought you wouldn’t believe me. I thought you’d laugh at me. In a way, it’s a joke… you know… A grown man who can’t make a woman keep her hands off of him… It’s too funny.” But the way his voice cracks makes it clear to the other three that Chad is not very amused at all.

“I feel so stupid..” Chad then softly says and he shakes his head in disbelief of his own foolishness. “I really thought that you’d see me as a cheater. That somehow I should have been able to stop her. Or perhaps that I had enjoyed it. Or something. And I didn’t. I swear.. I didn’t want it…” Again his eyes fill with tears.

Jason is with him in two steps and he holds Chad’s hand.
“I love you.” He says softly to Chad. “And you didn’t cheat. I would never see it that way.” Chad nods that he agrees with Jason. He should have known better as well.
“And I love you. So very, very much.” He says to Jason and he lets Jason kiss him.


Jason lets the mug roll between his hands.
“To think that he thought I would laugh at him…. She practically raped him. Did he really think it would be a joke to me?” He wonders, speaking to no one in particular even though Kevin and Scotty are in the kitchen with him.

“I think that a lot of people don’t realize that sexual harassment can be just as destructive with men as with women. We men are supposed to think more light-heartedly about sex. Women are the ones with the ‘emotions’, whereas men… well, we’re not supposed to care where sticks our dicks in….” Scotty answers.

“Yes… maybe that has something to do with it…. Maybe you’re right.” Jason nods. “I mean, I’ve seen her, smelled her, when she was in the car with us.." He makes an ugly face at the memory.

"I can’t think of any straight man who’d want to have sex with her out of his own free will, let alone a gay one… Yeah, I know, technically speaking he’s supposed to be bi-sexual…” Jason corrects himself.

“I don’t believe in labels.” Scotty answers. “But I agree that Shirley would be just about the last woman that Chad would even be remotely interested in. I’m not trying to judge her based on her looks or anything, but she’s just … revolting.” Scotty shivers. Jason and Kevin both nod.

“By the way, thanks that Chad could sleep in Olivia’s room. And for the painkillers you gave him. He needs sleep.” Jason sighs.
“We’ll put Daniel’s mattress next to Olivia’s and you can sleep next to Chad.” Kevin says.
“Thanks. I’m so grateful. Right now, I don’t know what I would do without you two.”

“The right thing. You would have done the right thing.” Kevin answers and squeezes Jason’s shoulder as he passes to get some more tea.
“It goes without saying that we should keep this to ourselves…” Jason then says and Scotty looks at Kevin, who’s standing behind Jason and who shakes his head.

“I disagree. We should go public with this.”
“What? And turn what happened to Chad into a joke?” Jason points out. Kevin looks up at Jason, unable to understand why Jason can't see the obvious.

“No. Not a joke. But Shirley will have to testify at some point. She'll make the story all about innoncent little misunderstood Shirley and if people find out that Shirley is pregnant, they’ll put two and two together and they will get the outcome of five. There’s already an outpour of sympathy for ‘poor’ Shirley.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of her woo-is-me stories. She kidnapped a man. She tied him up. She took his freedom away. She raped him. She caused a lot of anguish and pain and she doesn’t deserve it get away with it with some weak slap on the wrist…” Kevin argues.

“Chad is going through enough as it is… I’m not going to expose him to the ridicule of others. I don’t want him to be a joke. What he went through is bad enough without people laughing about it behind his back.” Jason counter-argues. Kevin seems to stand up more straight. Both Scotty and Jason know he’s going into lawyer-mode.

“What has happened to Chad, terrible as it is, will be nothing but a blip on the timelines of the gossip-rags. Sure, they will harass him, … until Beyoncé breaks her toe-nail or Miley Cyrus shocks everyone by showing up dressed for a change, or one of those boys from One Direction has done something that will make their fans go mad.

Basically, all I’m saying is: It will be storm in a tea-cup for the outside world, but it has to be told, so people will know and move on, with that knowledge somewhere stored in their memory. We can deal with the aftermath. We can help Chad….”
“Sorry, but who’s this ‘we’ we’re talking about…?” Jason asks sarcastically.

“You. Me. Scotty. My family. The McCallisters. Chad’s family. Once the truth gets out, we’ll all be on his side.” Kevin answers, Jason smirks and shakes his head. Scotty looks from one to the other. Jason is ready to fight back, so Scotty steps between them, calmly and confidently.

“Listen you guys, I can see this from both points of view. Like Kevin I’m sick and tired of hearing about ‘poor’ Shirley, and I think that people should know the truth. But I can also agree that this wouldn’t be doing Chad any favors. I know how hard it is to admit to one person what happened. And you're asking him to reveal this for everyone to have an opinion about it.

However,.. no matter how ‘we’ feel about this, this decision should lie with one person, and one person only. Chad. So, can we table this discussion until tomorrow and discuss this with Chad?”

Scotty can see how Kevin takes a step back and how Jason’s walls slowly come down.
“You’re right. Of course the decisions should be Chad’s. And if Chad wouldn’t feel right about this, then he shouldn’t do it. Naturally.” Kevin concedes.

“…. I don’t want Shirley to get away with it either. And I’m also done with her being portrayed as the victim.” Jason admits quietly.
“Good. Then we’ll talk in the morning. With Chad… Court adjourned.” Scotty decides. Jason whipsers a 'thank you' to Scotty and a quick hug passes between the two men.

“Let’s get Jason’s bed ready too, so we all get some sleep. We’re going to need it, with what is coming at us. Need anything to sleep on?” Kevin asks Jason, pointing to the small bottle of sleeping-pills, but Jason shakes his head. He can handle it.


Chad and Jason fight their way through the weeks that follow. Chad had to think it over, but eventually he decided to ask Jason to stand by hime and go public with what had happened. Jason had only smiled, kissed Chad and agreed to be there.

Next they informed Kevin and Scotty of their choice. Kevin called in Kitty to streamline the outgoing information to the press. She in turn had brought in Travis, with whom she had worked on Robert's campaign. Kevin had feared the worst, knowing Travis’ sarcasm and sometimes even rude behavior towards himself and Kitty.

He wasn't sure that Travis could handle this properly, but Travis had managed to get Chad on the more decent talk-shows, where Chad had discussed his ordeal and where the subject had been handled delicately.

Of course, mockery and ridicule couldn’t be entirely avoided, with some comedians making jokes that getting tied to a bed and groped sounded like a great night of sex, but Jason tried to shield Chad from it as much as he could. Chad in return, stayed away from the internet and television, instead he preferred to listen to music or read scripts.

Chad’s story about how he had been tied up and forced to submit to Shirley’s longings did seem to change the public opinion on Shirley again. Chad had always been popular, but even his biggest fans had to admit that Chad had looked like death-warmed-over and no one thought that Chad was exaggerating the impact it had had on him.

His usual sparkling conversation, his jokes, his flirtatious behavior was all gone. It was replaced by a more withdrawn approach. There were more silences in his sentences and he was very thoughtful about what he said. And though Chad did make an effort to be more cheerful than he actually felt, it only made him look worse, not better, because it was clearly 'so fake'.

The first two weeks Kevin and Scotty acted like a safety-net for the other two men to fall back on whenever they needed an escape. They were hunted by the press who couldn't get enough of this story, and Chad and Jason ended up sleeping at Kevin and Scotty's place, in Olivia's room, with Olivia on the couch and Daniel sleeping between Kevin and Scotty

But it was an escape that Jason and Chad gladly used. The normalcy of the Walker/Wandell household was a like a warm bath on a cold day and always comfortable to return to. When the press found where they were, they 'escaped' to Kitty's house, which hadn't really been an solution and they had ended up in Nora's house instead.

Slowly interest faded. Kevin of course had been right. Once the biggest hype was over, the story no longer interested people and the focus went to other celebrities and the lives of Chad and Jason became calmer again. They finally took therapy together. Jason didn’t leave Chad’s side unless Chad specifically asked him to.

Jason had slowly adjusted to the idea that Chad could become a father. If Chad was indeed the biological father, then he could be able to get the baby once it was born. With Shirley and her brother, Sam, still in prison the child would have no other place to go. It bothered them that Shirley would forever continue to have impact on their lives, but they had to accept it.


Finally, after what had seemed centuries, the fetus was big enough to take a DNA test. Waiting for the result put Chad and Jason’s life on hold for two weeks. It seemed to both of them that they were holding their breath, waiting for the result, not sure what they wanted the result to be.

Neither of them wanted the baby to be Chad’s, because of what had happened. On the other hand, how could they turn their backs on the baby, if Chad wouldn’t be the father? Just before Christmas the answer came. The child was Chad’s. And, congratulations, it’s a girl.




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