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Fanfic: Baby, you’re mine… 10/18

Baby, you’re mine… 10/18

By Marea67
Chad, but Kevin, Scotty and Jason will pop up as well.
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Disclaimer: The usual blah-blah....
Summary: Something happens to Chad and it ‘ain’t purdy’…. Idea given to me by Darkestboy in 2012, though it didn't quite end up as I had expected. :) References made to Alex Grodin, who's the main character in Happy now? and Last Christmas, though you don't really need to have read them to follow this one.
Warning: Deals with non-consensual sex and touches upon the subject of incest, without going too much into detail, but if these are triggers for you, don't read it.




The knock on the door makes Jason very nervous. For a second he thinks it might be the sheriff. That Shirley has found out that Chad had given a secret message to Scotty, that she called her brother about what Kevin, Scotty and Jason might have found out. And he’s here to arrest them to stop them from finding Chad.

Just as soon as he gets up, breaking his thoughts, he can see how silly his thoughts had been. But when he sees that Kevin and Scotty exchange a worried glance as well, it sicks in that maybe he wasn’t so silly after all.

“Open up. We know you’re in there…” Someone pounds on the door.
“Kitty!” Kevin nearly tears the door out of its hinges to open the door for Kitty. “You’re here… And you brought Justin!”

“What the heck is going on? Is that beer? We’re thirsty.” Kitty immediately asks.
“Not for me, thanks.” Justin waves away the beer. He however accepts the glass of water, that Scotty gives him, with a grateful smile.

“So, what’s going on?” Justin now wants to know as well.
“Chad’s been kidnapped.” Jason answers. Kitty’s jaw drops.
“Okay, didn’t see that one coming. Why do you need me? Call the police.” She asks.

“When I called you it was because we had to talk to the media and we thought that your expertise could be useful here… But now, things have changed. We’ve found out where Chad is. But we can’t do anything. The sheriff won’t let us… The person who took Chad is his beloved sister. And to be honest, I think he’d rather shoot all of us, than let anything happen to his sister.” Kevin explains.

“I can see that. Family is always more important.” Kitty nods. “Doesn’t make it right..” She then quickly corrects herself to not appear to be on the sheriff’s side in this. “But I’d chose your welfare over that of a stranger too…”
“Thanks... I think.” Kevin answers, not sure whether to be happy or confused.

“Can we rescue Chad in another way?” Justin now asks.
“She’s armed. We’re not.” Jason answers. Yes, Justin and Kitty can see how that could become a problem.
“We are…” Kitty then slowly takes back the conversation. “We came with Robert’s car. I think that a lot of the guns, that we use for hunting, are still in the car.”

Jason shakes his head.
“I doubt it. Robert would never leave them in his car.” He knows how Robert had always drilled it into him to never let his weapons lie about.

“No, I agree, but this time they might still be in the car. Now that I think about it: I'm sure they are. You see, he was supposed to go hunting with two of your cousins. That is why we had my car when we went to cabin. And why it was my car that crashed.

He had been preparing his own car to go hunting on Monday… He never made it… And I don’t think I ever cleaned the back of the car… Not that I can remember anyway.”
“You don’t know if you have guns in your car?” Scotty asks flabbergasted.

Kitty shrugs, not feeling comfortable to have to explain this gross neglect on her part. She's usually as meticulous about this as Robert used to be.

“It's not exactly like they're in sight, for everyone to see. There's a large box in the back where we'd put everything in. After the accident my mind was pre-occupied with other things. I never thought about it again.

I only drove the car up to my new house, but it was too emotional to drive it. Robert’s death was still too raw, too close. I couldn’t bear the thought of driving Robert’s car. The car has been stuck in the garage ever since. Until I saw Justin’s car today and realized that I wasn’t drive all the way in that old car…”

“Let’s go check if Kitty is right.” Jason suggests and they quickly follow her to the parking-lot, where Kitty’s car, or rather Robert’s car, is. Kitty opens the back of the car. The car looks clean and organized, but Jason pulls away a part of the carpet, he exposes a large box, which had previously been concealed.

When he opens the box the men see several shotguns and plenty of bullets.
“Thank you, Robert.” Jason whispers. “Always looking out for me..” For a few seconds the silence is heavy and when he looks at the others he can see their emotions about losing Robert on their faces.

Jason’s eyes fill with tears. “Well, he does, doesn’t he?”. He asks quietly and Kevin wraps his arms around Jason from behind.
“He did.” Kevin’s voice is soft and he kisses Jason’s shoulder.

Scotty watches it happen, but he can’t feel jealousy, not with Jason in so much emotional turmoil.
“Come on, you guys, we have to check what we have, what we can do and what our options are. Let’s not do something stupid. We’re smarter than that.” Justin points out.


Later that night:

“Do you think our little plan will work?” Scotty asks. Kevin doesn’t answer straightaway. He just continues to undress himself.
“I don’t know.” Kevin eventually says. “We’ve spoken to Max Carter. As a police-officer he has more experience….”

“I’m so happy that you thought of him…”
“What he said makes sense. This is not his jurisdiction. He can’t do anything here… But at least now he knows what’s going on and he’ll be ready.”
“We’ll have to be fast.” Scotty insecurely bites his lip.

“It will be alright. Justin, Jason, you and I… It will work…” Kevin smiles with a confidence that he doesn’t really feel. “All I want to do now is go to bed and hold you in my arms… Can we not talk about what will happen tomorrow?”

“Of course.” Scotty smiles in return. They have a room to themselves, now that Kitty will stay with Jason. Justin has a room for himself as well. They will all need to a good night sleep, to be ready to face the next day. Kevin pulls away the covers, lies down and waits for Scotty to join him.

When Scotty finally comes out of the bathroom, he’s greeted with an insecure smile. He lies down as well and he reaches out to Kevin. Kevin moves closer, lets his head rest on Scotty’s shoulder and sighs as he draws little patterns on Scotty’s chest.

“I’m glad you’re here.” He eventually says. He can feel Scotty’s grip around him tighten.
“Me too.” Scotty replies with a smile on his face.
“She could have killed you.” Kevin suddenly says, letting go of the worry he hadn’t wanted to address so far.

Scotty still smiles and nods. He had expected this.
“But she didn’t.” He replies and he places a kiss on Kevin’s head.
“No…” Kevin closes his eyes, but he holds Scotty even closer.


Shirley tosses and turns in her bed. She can’t believe that it’s all so easy. She had expected Chad to put up more of a fight, but he didn’t. She had expected him to beg and plea for his life, his love, his whatever, but he hadn’t. He just looks at her as if he never saw a woman before.

Shirley isn’t entirely stupid. She knows that she’s not the prettiest girl on the planet. She’s certainly not as pretty as those Hollywood-women who grace the covers of her favorite gossip-magazines. So she can’t fully understand why Chad is so crazy for her. And so suddenly.

Sure, he hasn’t spoken of love. He hasn’t said that he loved her. He’s grateful to her, yes. He believes she deserves better. He thinks she’s an angel. A good nurse. But he hasn’t said that he loves her. A doubt is nagging in her head.

If he’s truly gay, would it really be so easy for him to flip the switch? What about this Jason McCallister? She’d like to imagine that Jason wasn’t as important to Chad as everyone had said, but there this little voice in her head that tells her that Jason should be important.

It somehow irks her that she worries about Jason, when Chad has already practically admitted that he wanted to be with her. She replays in her head what had happened that afternoon. That stranger who had driven all the way to her place. Chad had told him that he wanted to be left alone. With her.

He wanted to be with her… Perhaps he hadn’t been fully healed yet? Perhaps he wasn’t really sure that he was on the right track or that she was the one for him. Shirley gets out of her bed. Her mind is made up. Why should she spend one more night without him?

She should be with him, to cure him. He should be in her arms and know that he’s safe. She’s his angel. His nurse. She quickly goes to Chad’s room and enters it. There he is … safely tied to the bed again. All hers…

Chad wakes up because the sheet is pulled away and a light gets turned on. She’s back! She’s in her nightgown, so it must be either evening or night. Much to his horror he can see her take off her nightgown. She stands naked before him.

Too much info registers in Chad’s mind. She’s too fat, too big. She smells like she hasn’t taken a shower in days. His hands and feet are once again tied to the bed, so he’s helpless when her hand slips between his legs. Not again!

She’s relentless however. Her strong hand have a firm grip on Chad’s cock and he can’t stop it from happening. Despite his valiant attempt to not get aroused it happens anyway. She smiles, gets up and turns off the light.

It is dark in the room so she can’t see the look on his face. She can’t see the repulsion in his eyes, the tears of powerless frustration that cling to his eyelashes or the way he tries to turn away from her. All she hears are the moans from behind the tape on his mouth and she pretends they are encouragements.

And even if she’d known that it were actually Chad begging her to stop, she wouldn’t have wanted to listen to it anyway. She moves up and down, the scent of her sweat reaching Chad’s nostrils, making him feel sick. His body takes over, reacts naturally to the stimulation. His orgasm brings him no pleasure however.

She falls down on his body. Too heavy. He wants to crawl away. He wants to wash her scent off him. He wants her to go away. To die. Die. Die!!!! His breathing is uneven and she smiles. She reaches up to caress his face.

“I’m going to love you so much. I’m going to make you the happiest man ever…” Her promise however is meaningless to Chad. He want to be any place but here. He closes his eyes. And he prays for Jason to come and get him out of this hell.

The memory of Jason makes him feel even more alone, but he has no tears left to cry. It is all just too much for him to handle. What is taking Scotty so long? Had he gone to the police? If yes, then the sheriff will stop Kevin and Jason from finding him.

What if the sheriff is just as crazy as his sister? Are Jason, Kevin and Scotty safe? How long does he still have to be here..? Shirley's heavy arm rests on his chest. She has fallen asleep and she snores! Loud!... Can things get any worse?




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