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fanfic: Be careful what you ask for. Part 2/4.

Be careful what you ask for. Part 2/4.

By Marea67
About: Kevin / Scotty
Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Scotty misses something, can Kevin provide?
Extra info: Taking place between 2.12 and 2.13. 

Next Saturday

Scotty grabs his bag. Six o’clock. Thank God, his work day is over. He is tired and wants to go home. He opens his locker and, to his surprise he sees one of his favorite t-shirts and jeans hanging there. There’s a note attached.

“Scotty, I’m picking you up at 6.30. We’ll have dinner. Love, Kevin.”

Oh, no, no, no. Scotty doesn’t want to go to dinner, he doesn’t want anything right now. Just get on the couch and play dead the rest of the night. But… if this is what Kevin wants…. With a sigh he gets dressed. He’s a bit surprised though at Kevin’s choice of clothing. It is rather casual. He wonders where they will have dinner.

As he is about to exit the locker-room through the back-door, he sees Kevin standing there, leaning against his car. God, he looks good, is about the only thing Scotty can think of. For one, he’s dressed in black. T-shirt and jeans. Scotty is glad to see Kevin casually dressed as well. And it makes him happy, because it means they won’t go to some posh restaurant where they have to sit for hours until the end of their meal.

There’s a quick kiss between them as Kevin opens the door for him. But before Scotty can get in, Kevin stops him and says:
“Scotty, I am very glad you decided to accept my invitation for dinner. You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said last week, about us always doing it wrong and making mistakes, I….” he hesitates, suddenly a bit insecure…” I hope I got it right this time.”  

Scotty tries to relax. He’s tired and a bit annoyed that Kevin didn’t tell him about the dinner sooner. If he had known… well, it still wouldn’t make a difference. He’d still be tired and exhausted.
“So, where are we going?”
“You’ll see.” Kevin says. Oh, great, it’s supposed to be a surprise too.. Scotty feels even more despondent, but he smiles at Kevin nonetheless, to make sure that Kevin knows he appreciates the gesture. 

It takes a few minutes for Scotty to realize they are on their way back home. He tries to think of a casual place to eat, close to where they live, but his memory fails him. But in all honesty, there are a lot of places they never tried…
Kevin parks the car and is out the car before Scotty had time to unfasten his seatbelt. He opens Scotty’s door and holds out his hand to help Scotty out of the car. The act of chivalry surprises Scotty completely. He wonders what has gotten into Kevin.

Alright, so the restaurant must be close to where they live…. Walking distance. … Again Scotty tries to remember any new place opening close to them, but nothing comes up. But he’s even more baffled when Kevin takes his hand and makes him follow Kevin to the elevator of their apartment-block. Suddenly he gets it!

“Did you forget something?” he asks Kevin, but Kevin shakes his head.
Walking up to the door of their loft Scotty sees a white sheet of paper hanging on the door and astonished he reads Restaurant “Chez WW” and he doesn’t know whether to laugh or to be annoyed. Is Kevin expecting him to cook? Kevin turns to him and softly says:

“I told you I wanted to do things right this time… So I’m taking you to have dinner at a place where I like to be and where, I hope, you will like it too.” 
He opens the door, takes Scotty’s hand and he guides Scotty through the darkened living-room to the kitchen, where the first surprise awaits Scotty. The table is set for a romantic candle-lit dinner. Kevin lights the candles and turns the lights down low, so there’s enough light to eat by.

“This is a little known restaurant.” Kevin explains seriously. “The owner is a real connoisseur on the topic of take-away, fast-food, easy-to-order and quick-to-defrost-and-heat-up tv-dinners.”
“He is?” Scotty cannot help but grin. There’s something very funny about this all.
“Yes, expert on the basic needs for foods: Fat, cholesterol, salt, sugar and not too many vegetables, puh-lease.”

“Oh, sounds just perfect.” Scotty tries not to laugh.
“I’ve taken the extreme liberty to order for you….” Kevin says. 
To his surprise Scotty recognizes where the food comes from. It’s the Indian restaurant where they had their first dinner.
“I didn’t know they served food to take home.” He says stunned.

“They don’t, actually, but I could convince them to change their minds.” Kevin replies dryly. And Scotty would have loved to see that conversation.
Kevin opens the bags placed on the kitchen sink and starts putting all the little separate boxes on the table. Scotty tries a little piece and surprised he exclaims:
“This is still very hot!”
“I hope so, yes. They brought it here about 10 minutes ago. I told Mrs Berriman to let them in for me.” 
“Oh, good old Mrs Berriman, where would we be without her?” Scotty wonders gently. He likes their neighbor.

"Hey! Stop stealing the best bits.” Kevin protests as Scotty picks another morsel.
“I’m sorry, I’m starved.” Scotty defends himself impatiently. Kevin smiles and pours the wine in their glasses. He sits down opposite of Scotty and raises his glass:
“To a romantic nigh. Let’s do it right this time.” There’s a soft noise as their glasses touch.

 As they discuss their days, the delicious foods disappears at a good pace. Kevin’s eyes are shining as Scotty relaxes  visibly and he becomes more talkative, helped by the tasteful wine that Kevin serves. Kevin tells him about how he managed to convince the restaurant to serve the food at his house and Scotty laughs at the story. All starry-eyed, just like two years ago, he cannot help but ask the inevitable question:
“How did you get to be so cute?”

Without missing a beat Kevin replies with the same swiftness as he had then:
“I was born this way… What’s your excuse?” In the soft candle-light Scotty’s shy smile is just as enchanting to Kevin as it was 2 years ago.
“My parents mixed up the right genes, I guess.” He replies with a warm smile. Kevin plays with his glass. He lets the wine circle in his glass.

“Scotty, way back then, I told you about my coming out. You never really told me about yours. I never even asked you about how it was for you...” He sighs at how inconsiderate it was of him. Scotty takes a deep breath and shrugs:
“Remember how ‘thrilled’ your father was,…?” Kevin nods at Scotty’s cynical question: “Well, that about covers my mom’s reaction. I mean, there was no denying it. I couldn’t hide my being gay if I tried. I’ve, for the longest time, had the idea it was tattooed on my face in giant red letters.”

Kevin nods, he remembers that feeling too. Scotty’s softly continues:
“I was feeling terrible about it. I hated myself. I turned to my parents for help… and got hurt  instead. My mother….” Scotty shakes his head, but then he looks at Kevin with a smile. “My father was great though. He really tried to supportive of me….” Scotty’s eyes start to sparkle again when he mentions his dad. Kevin finds it curious that with him it’s exactly the other way around.

Scotty’s smiles fades a little as he asks:
“Is it alright if we don’t talk about them now?”

“Whatever you want.” Kevin replies. The look Scotty gives him is filled with love as he softly caresses Kevin’s hand. For a moment they are just quiet as they look at each other. 
Kevin’s smiles and in low, almost whispering voice he says:

“We’re doing not look away thing again….” Scotty blushes but replies in an equally sexy voice:
“… And I still love it…. Would …? Would it be alright if I kiss you?” he asks shyly. Kevin quickly looks around him in the otherwise empty kitchen and then replies:
“Seems everyone else is pre-occupied. No one is really paying attention to us.”

Scotty chuckles and gets up and then his lips touch Kevin’s, just like they did two years ago. Kevin feels just as aroused as he did two years ago, but this time he knows how to respond and in a low and sexy voice he flirts:
“Thanks, I really enjoyed that…. I’d like to get some more.” Scotty becomes just as flirtatious as he bends over the table, closer to Kevin and replies:
“Later…. When we are alone in the car… I don’t want to be called “impatient” again.. not by anybody….”

Kevin sighs with a sad face:
“Unfortunately, that will have to wait…. I have two tickets to see a movie and I think we will have to do that before we go back to the car.”

“A movie?” Scotty is surprised and a bit disappointed. He is a bit turned on by the flirting and wants to be in Kevin’s arms and not leave the loft just yet.

But Kevin merely smiles……

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