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Fanfic: Baby, you’re mine… 09/18

Baby, you’re mine… 09/18

By Marea67
Chad, but Kevin, Scotty and Jason will pop up as well.
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Disclaimer: The usual blah-blah....
Summary: Something happens to Chad and it ‘ain’t purdy’…. Idea given to me by Darkestboy in 2012, though it didn't quite end up as I had expected. :) References made to Alex Grodin, who's the main character in Happy now? and Last Christmas, though you don't really need to have read them to follow this one.
Warning: Deals with non-consensual sex and touches upon the subject of incest, without going too much into detail, but if these are triggers for you, don't read it.




Scotty may have started by driving away slowly, but the moment he realizes that he’s far enough, he dares to breathe freely again and he hits the brakes. He’s holding the wheel too tightly and his breathing is fast and shallow.
“This is insane. What the hell was all that about?” He wonders to himself.

He reaches for his phone, tempted to immediately call Kevin and Jason, but then he changes his mind. Season 8? What was the significance of season 8? Why had Chad mentioned that? Was it a clue? What season are they in now? 15? 16? Season 8 must have in 2006 or 2007.

Scotty blinks. Chad had still been in the closet. That is when he had met Kevin. Was it a reference for Kevin? It was of course too ridiculous for words that Chad would have fallen out of love with Jason. So that was lie. Would ‘season 8’ be of significance to Kevin? Was it something that Chad and Kevin had shared..?

He starts the car again, calming down somewhat. He presses the right address for the hotel in his GPS and he follows the instructions, while he tries to remember what exactly had happened in season 8. By his estimate it had to have been the year that Kevin and Chad had quietly dated.

Scotty hadn’t been a fan of the show then. That had only started after Valentine’s Day, when his interest in Chad had been finding what the ‘competition’ had been all about. He had realized from Kevin’s reaction and the subsequent breakup between Michelle and Chad, that there had been something going on between Chad and Kevin.

He picks up his phone, then puts it back on the chair next to him. He can’t call Kevin, not yet. He needs to get all the information in his head sorted out. And then he needs to get to his laptop, at the hotel, and check a bit further. Also, he’s afraid that Kevin and Jason will do something foolish if they realize in what danger Chad could be…


“Kit! Wait up!”
“Justin, what are you doing here?” Kitty asks, seeing Justin pull up to her house in his car.
“You’re coming with me.” Justin tells her.

“My plane is about to leave.”
“We’re not going by airplane.” Justin says.

“Listen. I checked it out. Before we get to the airport, check in, fly there, check out, drive up to the hotel…. Honestly? It’s not that far once we cross the border, we’ll be just as fast, maybe even faster, if we go by car. I thought it was further away too, but Tommy, Kevin and I drove to the house where Scotty’s parents used to live. The film-set is closer-by from here than Scotty’s parents. Come on get in….”

“For once I let mom get me a plane-ticket, because I had to take Evan to the dentist for his yearly check up… And she causes a panic.”
“Well, not exactly a panic. She was worried. When you said that Kevin was so cryptic on the phone, she started to get this idea that something serious was going on.

She just doesn’t want you to go alone, so she bought two tickets. From her own money… I was supposed to go with you on the flight, but I think this is faster…. So, see me as the wiser one. And as your protector.”
“You? Wiser? I feel so much safer already.” Kitty reacts sarcastically. Justin is unfazed.

“I love you too. Come on. Get in…” Justin grins. Kitty wants to protest, but the simplicity in Justin’s words makes her change her mind. He could be right. And though Kitty still complains softly that she doesn’t need Justin to go with her, she’s secretly glad that he’s with her, because Kevin had sure been acting secretively.

But when she looks at Justin’s car, she shakes her head.
“No. We’re not going with that one. We’ll take Robert’s old car. It needs to be driven anyway…. Haven’t used it since the accident.” She rushes up to the garage and opens it.

“Wow! You want me to drive that tank?” Justin grins. Kitty looks at Robert’s old car. He used to have two of them. Identical except for the license-plates… The one that had crashed that night of the accident had been Kitty’s. For a few seconds, Kitty holds her breath, remembering that the last time Robert had driven it, it had been to go hunting with Jason and a few other McCallister family-members.

“This car is more comfortable than yours… Especially if you have to drive for several hours…” She replies practically, immediately throwing her overnight-bag in the car. Justin immediately notices that she hasn’t brought much with her.
“Think it will be a short trip?”

“I don’t know what Kevin wants or needs or expects. But from the sound of it, things are wrong and I’m prepared for battle. If I need to be a beauty-queen somewhere down the line, I’ll buy some make up over there…” Kitty smiles, but her smile can’t hide her concern for what will await them in Arizona.


Kevin is happy to see Scotty in their hotel-room, when he and Jason enter the room.
“Hey, love.” He bends over to kiss Scotty, who’s at the table, reading a site on his laptop.
“Can you two please sit down and be quiet for just a few seconds more? I need to tell you something…” Scotty says.

Scotty puts a few bottles of cold beer on the table, knowing both men must be thirsty by now. Then he runs his fingers through his hair, giving himself a quick massage at the base of his neck, wondering how he can explain what he knows without driving Kevin and Jason insane.

“I’ve seen Chad.” He then says. Jason nearly drops his bottle and Kevin’s mouth drops open. “I’ve seen him and spoken to him and…”
“We have to call the sheriff and…” Jason grabs his phone, but Scotty stops him.
“No! Don’t! Listen to me first!” Scotty orders.

In quick, short sentences he explains how he got on the set, how he heard about Shirley and how he found out where she lived and how he had met with Chad. Jason is definitely pale and looking sick by the time that Scotty repeats how Chad had said that he no longer loved Jason and wanted to stay with Shirley.

“He must have been forced to say that…” Jason whispers.
“Of course he was. I’m sure that he loves you with all he has. The pain in his eyes was heart-breaking. I think he was afraid of what she might do to me, if she would believe me to be a danger to her dream of her and Chad.”

“We have to contact the sheriff… Free Chad.”
“No, Jason, we can’t… I haven’t told you everything…. He sent me away with a special thanks for my personal interest in season 8… he repeated that twice. Season 8. I wondered what that had been all about.

It was the season of 2006-2007, when he was secretly dating Kevin and openly dating Michelle. So, at first I thought it was a reference for Kevin, but… Kevin and I have talked a lot about you and Chad and I think, if it would have made any sense to Kevin, then I would have known too.”

“Season 8? I’m sorry, it means nothing to me. I never really watched the show, only Chad. Sometimes I’d just watch with the sound off, because the acting on the show can be so dreadful and the actress who plays Kim has such a terrible voice to listen to..” Kevin replies. Scotty nods.

“So, the first thing I did when I got here was search the internet for this season 8. Guess what Chad’s storyline had been…?” Both men seem clueless. “As you know the Tempest Bay is a fictitious suburb of Baltimore. A place for the rich and privileged, centered around a big hospital. All the girls are pretty, all the boys are handsome.

In season 8 doctor Philip had his first run in with the Cassidi-family. He went undercover after several people died of an unknown chemical. He pretended to be someone else, whole blah-blah story about overhearing something not meant for him to hear, etc... Yet, he discovered very quickly that Thomas, one of the Cassidi sons, was responsible for the deaths.

Dr Philip gets found out and get captured by Tom Cassidi, Tom wants to silence the doctor. Dr Philip has other plans, manages to get of of his cell, thinks he can escape now he had managed to break free, but then he runs into the sheriff of Tempest Bay… Unfortunately, the sheriff is corrupt and works for the the Cassidi-family, so Dr Philip ends up being captured again.

Of course, eventually he manages to escape again and he saves Tempest Bay and Baltimore from chemical pollution when he kills Tom Cassidi, starting his war with the rest of the Cassidi-family, who have been informed of Dr Philip’s existence by the corrupt sheriff, who ends up getting killed by the family… ”

Kevin and Jason look at Chad as if they have no clue what he’s talking about.
“I know it sounds crazy, but … I was trying to make sense of it all. And, by chance, I looked around for sheriff Wallis… Turns out that he became a sheriff not long ago. He grew up around here.

He’s been quoted to say that his sister is the most important person in his life. There are several pictures of him and his sister too. His sister’s name is Shirley. Shirley Wallis-Cooper… This is the woman who took Chad… She’s the sheriff’s sister… And I think he knows exactly where Chad is. And who took him.

On the set I learned that it was Shirley who had pointed out the other route to Chad’s place. She was the one who knew that he would be on that road. When I checked the maps of where the searches for Chad were taking place, I saw that they all lead away from the farm where Shirley lives….

I think that Chad focused the attention on season 8 to point out to me, to us, that the sheriff is corrupt, and that Wallis is as much a danger to Chad, as the sheriff from Tempest Bay was to Dr Philip. That is why Chad emphasized season 8.” Scotty looks from Jason to Kevin, hoping his idea is not too hysterical to them.

Jason stares at the pictures of Wallis’ sister, Shirley, and chills run down his spine to realize that his husband is in the hands of this woman. Now he can see why Sheriff Wallis hadn’t wanted to make more waves about Chad’s disappearance and why he hadn’t investigated on the set. And Jason finally sees why he had felt this investigation was taking too long.

“I think that what you said makes sense.” Jason says slowly.
“I wish I believed for a second that I was wrong.” Scotty replies softly.
“What do we do now?” Kevin asks. Scotty has an immediate answer.
“Order up some food. Get something to eat and drink. And get ourselves organized…”




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