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Fanfic: Baby, you’re mine… 05/18

Baby, you’re mine… 05/18

By Marea67
Chad, but Kevin, Scotty and Jason will pop up as well.
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Disclaimer: The usual blah-blah....
Summary: Something happens to Chad and it ‘ain’t purdy’…. Idea given to me by Darkestboy in 2012, though it didn't quite end up as I had expected. :) References made to Alex Grodin, who's the main character in Happy now? and Last Christmas, though you don't really need to have read them to follow this one.
Warning: Deals with non-consensual sex and touches upon the subject of incest, without going too much into detail, but if these are triggers for you, don't read it.



Kevin throws his billfold on the table and he turns to Jason. Night is falling, but there’s still no word from Chad.
“Do you want something to get some sleep?” He asks. Jason shakes his head.
“No, I’d rather have a clear head… in case anything happens.”

Kevin looks at the bed. He’s tired and he could use some sleep, but it feels weird to be in one bed with Jason again. As if Jason guesses his thoughts, he smiles.
“Don’t worry. I don’t think I’ll be sleeping much. Get some sleep yourself… If anything has happened to Chad…. I don’t know what I’ll do…”

As Jason tries to give words to his emotions, the mask falls off. Kevin is with him in two steps. Jason bursts into tears and Kevin can only hold him tightly. He kisses Jason’s hair and he whispers that everything will be alright… Jason’s body shakes with the violence that the release of the tension brings.

Kevin gently pushes Jason towards the bed and forces him to sit down. He kneels before Jason.
“I’ll be here… I need to believe that everything will be alright… I can’t believe that Chad is gone. Something has happened to him, but he’s alive… He has to be..”

“He has to be….” Jason echoes. “I don’t know how I can live without him…” he sobs.
“Don’t think so far ahead.” Kevin’s voice is soft and he gently rubs Jason’s arms. “Chad will fight with everything he has, just to be with you. I know him. He loves you…” Jason nods at Kevin’s words. He knows it too. “Then fight for him too…” Kevin says.

He takes Jason in his arms again and he lets Jason’s cry. Slowly the crying becomes less violent and Jason’s body goes limp in Kevin’s arms. He has cried himself to sleep. Kevin carefully lies him down on his side. Jason moans a bit, but continues to sleep. Kevin takes off Jason’s shoes and then he throws a blanket over Jason.

Overcome with exhaustion and worry he finally takes the time to sit down on the other side of the bed and let all the images of the day pass him by. He opens his laptop with the intention to get in touch with Scotty, but when the news hits his screen, the first thing he sees are the allegations that he and Jason are having an affair.

He looks at Jason. His sleep isn’t peaceful, but at least he’s asleep. Kevin closes his eyes. He and Jason hadn’t done anything wrong. But by now, Kevin is not in the mood to talk to Scotty anymore. He isn’t sure that he can handle it, if Scotty would start to question him. He closes his laptop and puts it on the table.

He kicks off his shoes and checks the closet. He finds another sheet and blanket. He rolls up the blanket and places it between Jason and him, like a line drawn in the bed. No one is going to accuse him of anything. For a second he feels stupid. After all, Scotty is never going to see this.

He lies down and the moment his head hits the pillow, the exhaustion washes over him again. He closes his eyes. He can hear Jason make a pitiful little noise in his sleep and he reaches out to Jason. His hand rests on Jason’s arm. It seems to soothe Jason, because he sleeps on quietly. Kevin drifts off to sleep, his hand still on Jason’s body.


Though Shirley tried to pick up her life after her husband’s death, like she had after her father’s death, it turned out to be more difficult than she had expected. She couldn’t forget what he has said to her about being unfit mother. The ache in her, to have a child, grew stronger. And she was all alone in her pain.

Her beloved brother didn’t want to move back in with her. He lived in a little town, not very far away and he was comfortable where he was. The nights here on the farm grew lonely. She tried getting involved with another man, but it didn’t work out. She had the farm and she took even better care of the animals than before.

She had a lot of love to give, but no one wanted her love. She tried her best to move on, alone. And then, one morning, she went into the village to get some groceries and she ran into Rosa, Mickey’s mistress. Shirley didn’t have to ask for anything. The growing belly on Rosa was all the answer she needed. Rosa was pregnant.

But not from Mickey, but from Doctor Alan. She was going to marry him soon. Shirley had looked at Rosa.
“I thought it might have been Mickey’s..” She had said carefully and slightly in shock by the news. Rosa smiled unpleasantly, not sure what Shirley knew about her and Mickey.

“Mickey’s? No. I’m pretty sure it’s Alan’s. I slept with Mickey dozens of time, over several months. Nothing. Never. One night with Alan and it was done… No, I don’t think that Mickey could have made me pregnant.” She answers nonetheless and Shirley believes her.

She finally saw that Mickey had told her the truth. He had been sterile. The child she had carried had been her brother’s like the children that she had lost before had been her father’s. She’s not good enough. She’s damaged goods. She’s evil. A bad apple. It shook her world even further.

She would never be able to tell anyone how she got back to the farm. She had been numb. Cold. Frozen. Her mind went blank. She moved on, as if on automatic pilot almost. She had fed the animals, but other than that, nothing had come from her hands. Dishes had piled up in the sink. The vacuum gathered dust and nothing got cleaned.

For nearly a week she sat in her chair, staring at the wall, stuck in a lonely place, trying to deal with what had happened to her. She couldn’t. It was too much. She ate a little, she drank a lot of coffee, but she couldn’t get herself to move on. All she could do was re-live certain events in her life over and over again in her head.

Then, one afternoon, she was flipping through the channels, not able to do much else until it was time to feed the animals again. And suddenly she had seen him…. The blond hair, the blue eyes, the kind smile, the warm voice. She had blinked as he seemed to look straight at her.

“We were meant to be together.” She heard him say. “You are the love of my life and it’s you I want to spend my life with. You are the one who can heal my broken body, my broken heart. I need you. I love you… I want a family with you… I … I love you…” Dr Philip from Tempest Bay had moaned into the camera. And Shirley had fallen in love right there and then.


A knock on the door wakes up Jason before it wakes up Kevin. He’s immediately out of bed, hoping it will the sheriff, of even better, Chad. So he can’t quite hide his disappointment when he sees it’s neither.
“Oh, hi, Scotty.”

“Hi.” Scotty answers. Jason backs away and lets Scotty in. Only then does he realize that he’s leading Scotty straight into the room where he had been sharing a bed with Scotty’s husband. He closes his eyes for a second. He doesn’t need more drama.
“Nothing happened….” He begins to say, but Scotty turns to him and places a finger on his lips.

“I know.” He nods. “But it’s kinda cute see that he tried to put up some barrier between the two of you…” He grins as he points at the rolled up blanket that lies on top of the blanket. Jason smiles as well.
“I can’t even remember that he did that… I went out like a light last night.”

“Did you have a little bit of sleep?” Scotty asks.
“Not much. In and out of sleep, more of a feeling of being semi-conscious but too tired to do something…” Jason shrugs. “I kept going over everything he and I talked about these last few times, looking for clues, trying to find some reason…”

“Maybe there isn’t one… And he’s just been kidnapped.”
“I’ve been thinking the same thing, but then…. If it’s money they want, shouldn’t there have been a ransom-demand by now? I don’t know…” They both whisper to not wake up Kevin, but Kevin gradually becomes aware that there’s someone else in the room.

He sits up and he’s surprised to see Scotty.
“Scotty!” The happy smile on his face is almost too much for Jason to handle. He now misses Chad even more than he thought possible. Kevin smiles gratefully, but then it sinks in with him that Scotty can see that he and Jason have spent the night in one bed.

“About this…” He flaps his hand about to give a broad wave at the crumpled sheets.
“I know… nothing happened…” Scotty grins. Kevin lets out a sigh of relief, glad that Scotty trusts him. “Though obviously the gossip-rags have a different opinion on this…” Scotty puts the paper on the bed, on the celebrity-page.

“Oh, no….” Jason moans. “I don’t need this.”
“Is that why you came here?” Kevin asks. Scotty shakes his head.
“I felt like I would be of more use here… I wasn’t getting anything done at the restaurant.”

“I’m …. I’m glad you’re here.” Kevin speaks with so much sincerity that it makes Jason sigh.
“If you guys don’t mind, I’m going to take a quick shower and freshen up. I want to go to the police-station after that, see if anything has happened in the meantime.”

“Sure. Fine. Leave some hot water for us…” Kevin requests.
“I think you guys better take a cold shower…” Jason winks and he quickly enters the small bathroom. But once the door is closed, his slightly mischievous smile disappears to be replaced by desperation. Where is Chad? Why hasn’t he heard from Chad or about him?




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