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Fanfic: Baby, you’re mine… 03/18

Sorry, meant to update yesterday, but I wanted Matthew Rhys's bio updated first, and by the time I was done... I was done! :) But here are two updates: 1 for yesterday, 1 for today.

Baby, you’re mine… 03/18

By Marea67
Chad, but Kevin, Scotty and Jason will pop up as well.
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Disclaimer: The usual blah-blah....
Summary: Something happens to Chad and it ‘ain’t purdy’…. Idea given to me by Darkestboy in 2012, though it didn't quite end up as I had expected. :) References made to Alex Grodin, who's the main character in Happy now? and Last Christmas, though you don't really need to have read them to follow this one.
Warning: Deals with non-consensual sex and touches upon the subject of incest, without going too much into detail, but if these are triggers for you, don't read it.



“Jase! Jase, wait!” Jason turns around.
“I’m coming with you. I’m not going to leave you alone.”
“Is Scotty okay with that?” Jason asks.

“He suggested that I’d go with you….” Kevin nods. Tears fill Jason’s eyes.
“What if something has happened to Chad? He’s always so confident that nothing can happen to him.. What if it did?” Kevin can see Jason fight his tears and he wraps an arm around Jason and holds him.

“I hope we’ll have answers soon…” He caresses Jason’s back, unaware that a photographer is quietly taking pictures of him holding Jason close. Click. “Come on. We have a plane to catch.” Kevin brushes away a tear. It looks like he’s caressing Jason’s face. Click. Jason smiles bravely at Kevin to show he’ll be fine. It looks as if they might kiss. Click.


For Shirley a new world opened. Her father's death was ruled an accident. She was suddenly 18 years old, she now owned her father’s house, became the guardian of her little brother and she made herself a small income by working in a bar as a waitress. It wasn’t much, but by adding her money and the money that her little brother earned with his paper route, there was enough.

For the first time in their lives, there was peace in the house, food on the table, no crying, no screaming, no silences… no bodies to bury behind the shed… Shirley and her brother lived comfortably and happily and to that bubble of happiness someone eventually got added. Mickey. Mickey Cooper.

Mickey started to show interest in Shirley, called her pretty and sweet. He made her feel special. And he told her that she every right to be proud of the fact that her brother was doing so well in school. First Shirley shrugged it off, but slowly she got used to Mickey being there and she started to look out for him, her face beaming, whenever he walked in.

From there on it was easy. Mickey didn’t want to have sex with her. He wanted to wait until the wedding-night and that was his proposal. They married on a Monday-morning, because it as the cheapest day to get married. There had only been her brother and a female friend of Mickey’s.

And for almost a year they seemed to have become this little family. Mickey became the father/brother/friend that her brother had never had before. He seemed like a perfect husband to Shirley. The only thing that cast a shadow over their marriage, was that despite the fact that they both wanted children, nothing happened.

Every month Shirley waited impatiently for her periods to stay away,  but they always came, and on time too. Shirley tried everything, she read every book, followed every bit of advice, but… month after month her body remained empty. As if nothing would grow there. And it hurt her and it filled with her with fear.

Was this God’s punishment for the death of her other children, the ones she had carried and lost before? She hadn’t cared for them then, but now they were becoming an obsession. Finally she couldn’t handle it anymore. She talked to her brother, told him the truth about the buried babies. It was a truth he had already guessed a long time ago.

A weight had been lifted from her. She cried bitter tears. Her brother comforted her. It was stupid of course. He was her brother, but in his arms she had found the tenderness and the care that she craved. His lips had kissed her tears away, his mouth found hers,… she was hurt and he was inexperienced. Before she realized what was going on, it was over…

They had both known that it was wrong. So wrong.Her brother packed his bags and moved to the nearest city to finish his school and to be away from Shirley, before anything else could happen between them. He left Shirley alone with Mickey, not knowing that Mickey had just submitted himself to a few doctor’s tests and that Mickey had found out that he was sterile.

While Mickey struggled with a way to tell Shirley that they would never have children, Shirley discovered that she was pregnant. Of course Shirley didn’t know what Mickey knew, and she couldn’t understand that Mickey was not amused when Shirley told him  that she was pregnant…

She had expected him to be over the moon, but … he didn’t care much. For him, it only meant one thing. Shirley had slept with someone else. He wondered who it could have been, but he would never find out. He didn’t ask her for the truth and he didn’t tell her the truth.

Three months into the pregnancy, Shirley woke up with extreme belly-ache… This time she didn’t have to hide the body. Within a day, everyone in the small town knew about it… Everyone told her how sorry they were for her that she had lost her baby… People would pray for her… They gave her advice, care and gentleness.

They told her that she could have other children and that next time would be better… But Shirley didn’t believe that. She would never have a healthy baby. She didn’t feel like she deserved it. What was even worse was that Mickey didn’t seem to care about her anymore either.

He’d stay away more often. Or he would get home drunk many times. And for Shirley the nightmares of the screaming and shouting began again… The silences that followed the arguments came back too. And Shirley felt like drowning. How could this have happened? What had happened to the kind Mickey from before? What had she done wrong?

Her brother graduated with good grades. He came back. No longer a boy, but a man this time. Her brother had big plans for his future. He got a job at the local police-station, nothing serious, but still…. Working in town meant that he heard more gossip than he would on the farm.

And that’s how he found out that Mickey was cheating on Shirley with Rosa. He couldn’t believe at first, but then, after finding out about it, he found out the rumors were true.  Angrily, he told Shirley the truth. He would forever remember the empty look on her face, as she sent him back home.

That night she confronted Mickey with what her brother had told her. And Mickey confronted her with the fact that he knew that she had to have been pregnant from someone else, because the child, she had lost, couldn’t have been his. He yelled at her that it had been a good thing that they would never have children.

He said that she would never make a good mother, that she was too uncaring and that it was good thing that the innocent child was dead. Shirley would never be able to remember the rest. The next day she called her brother and told him that Mickey had had an accident. And he was dead. And there was a lot of blood too. In the shed…

They cleaned the shed and put the body in a deep grave behind the barn. And they told everyone that Mickey had run off. Everyone pitied Shirley, but she wasn’t shocked, hurt or in pain over this. It was just life. You live, you die. And you lie about a death that was inconvenient.


“Any news?” It’s only natural that it’s the first question burning on Jason’s lips when he meets Mimi. She shakes her head.
“All we know is that he didn’t check into his hotel. We’ve checked the hospital and with police, but the victims of yesterday’s accidents have all been identified and he wasn’t among them….”

She’s not sure what to add, as it hardly provides any comforting news.
“… No car matching his showed up on the cameras around the hotel…. I can assume you haven’t had some ransom-demands..?” She asks, almost sure that Jason hadn’t. If he had, he would have to guess what had happened to Chad…

“No. Nothing…” Jason shakes his head.
“We have a room booked for you… In the same hotel, but another room, because the police has closed it off, wondering if it might turn out to be crime-sight after all and… oooh.” She puts her hand in front of her mouth, realizing that her words must sound harsh.

“I …. I can understand that… This, by the way, is Kevin Walker. He’s a friend of both Chad and me and.. he came with me for emotional and maybe judicial support. He’s a lawyer…” Jason introduces Kevin to Mimi. Mimi looks a bit caught off guard.
“I’m sorry. I hadn’t thought of that possibility. The hotel had only one room left…”

Mimi looks uncomfortable and so Kevin finds himself shrugging at her words.
“It’s okay. We’re both adults. Jason and I can handle it.” He says and Jason gives Kevin a worried after glance.
“I don’t want you to get in trouble with Scotty… that’s his husband.” Jason explains to Mimi.

Mimi seems to get even more uncomfortable.
“I’ll tell Scotty all about as soon as I can… He won’t make a problem off it.” Kevin speaks calmly and Mimi’s anxiety disappears slowly. The last thing she needs is people getting caught in a fight. Everything is already terrible, with Chad missing.


“We think we might have found his car.” Mimi says.
“His car?”
“It’s on a stretch of road… Empty.”
“Did he run out of gas?”

“We don’t know. The police is on their way….”
“Can you take me to it?” Jason asks. Mimi wants to answer that the police may not agree, but when she sees that Jason is worried sick, she decides not to speak, but instead, she makes a motion with her head for Jason and Kevin to follow her.



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