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Fanfic: Baby, you’re mine… 02/18

Baby, you’re mine… 02/18

By Marea67
Chad, but Kevin, Scotty and Jason will pop up as well.
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Disclaimer: The usual blah-blah....
Summary: Something happens to Chad and it ‘ain’t purdy’…. Idea given to me by Darkestboy in 2012, though it didn't quite end up as I had expected. :) References made to Alex Grodin, who's the main character in Happy now? and Last Christmas, though you don't really need to have read them to follow this one.
Warning: Deals with non-consensual sex and touches upon the subject of incest, without going too much into detail, but if these are triggers for you, don't read it.


“Jason McCallister.” Jason picks up his phone with a calm voice. The number on this screen in an unknown one and he had even hesitated to pick up.
“Mr McCallister? My name is Mimi. I work for your husband, Chad Barry, on the set of ‘Guns at high noon’?”

Mimi sounds like a 8-year old child, but Jason has heard from Chad that Mimi is actually 42 years old and she can go from sweet to shark in less than 2 seconds.
“What can I do for you? … Is everything alright with Chad?” He can’t help but feel some panic rise in him. He almost never gets called by Chad’s film-entourage.

As  he's on his laptop anyway, he googles Chad’s name straightaway, knowing that if anything would have happened, TMZ would know more about it than Chad’s assistant.
“Well, that's what we would like to know? Have you heard from him yesterday?”
“No, last time we spoke was Tuesday-evening, he knows I give Bible-lessons on Wednesday night…”

Too much info. Why should Mimi care? Jason’s mind races as he tries to listen Mimi while browsing through the latest info on Chad at the same time.
“He left the studio last night… but hasn’t shown up this morning. We called his hotel, but he doesn’t pick up and when the manager used his key to enter, Chad was not in his room.”

Jason processes the information.
“I’m sorry, Mimi, I can’t help you. Last time we spoke he said he was tired and that he wanted to go to bed early, so he asked me not to call him, when I got home… And he asked me if he could call me tonight instead… I don’t know anything else…” Jason stammers.

“Well, my immediate hope was that maybe that had been something in the family which took precedence, but if that is not the case… I’ll have to look around a bit more.”
“Can you give me your number? I’ll call his mother and see if he has been in touch with her. And there might be someone else he might have called as well...”


“No, Jason, we were both home last night, but we had no call from Chad.” Scotty says.
“I don’t understand. I called his mother as well, but nothing… He didn’t get in touch with her either….” Scotty can hear the frustrated and worried sigh on the other side and he can see the concerned glance on Kevin’s face.

“I wish I could tell you more…” Scotty says hesitantly.
“Not your fault. I’d better call his assistant again…”
“If you need anything, let us know. We’re now worried about him too.” Scotty offers his support. Jason says his goodbye to Scotty and calls Mimi.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Mr McCallister. We’ve been to his hotel, but his car wasn’t there either… We can only assume he didn’t come back to the hotel last night…” Jason feels a bit light-headed. Was Chad cheating on him….? He’s shocked by his own thought. He knows that his concern should be ‘what if something had happened to Chad?’, but he’s not sure he prefers that one over the first.

“Now what?” He asks, unable to hide his fear from his voice…
“Would it be alright with you if we contacted the police?”

“If one word gets out, it could create a media-circus…” Is Mimi warning him to shut up? Or is she pointing out what it could mean if the police got involved? Jason can’t think clearly.
“I want to be there…” He says breathlessly. He hears how Mimi holds her breath for a second.

“I’ll arrange for accommodations for you… Naturally.” But her voice makes it clear that it isn’t all that ‘natural’ to her, but that she’s just being polite.
“Don’t fuss…. Just…. Find him. I’d rather get there and hear he’s alright…” Jason keeps his voice in control the best he can, but when she hangs up, there’s only number Jason can call back to.


Chad wakes up to a noise. He feels dirty, because he had no longer been able to control his bladder. And he’s hungry, so hungry. And thirsty. How long had he been in here?
“Oh, you’ve been a bad boy…” A voice coos. Two lamps get turned on and Chad’s eyes need a few seconds to adjust to the light.

A woman comes into his view. It’s the woman with the broke down car, he thinks... No, it's not. Maybe. It's Shirley? Chad can feel the anxiety come up again. He looks at her with fear-filled eyes. She doesn’t notice.
“I guess, it’s my fault…” The woman speaks slowly. “I should have let you go to the bathroom, but I knew it had to be done like this… It’s the only way to get all the toxicity out of your body.”

What toxicity? He’s not using any drugs or anything else… Had she drugged him?
“I know that the Good Book says that what you’re doing is against God’s will and all. They say that being gay is bad, but I don’t believe you’re bad. Just under the wrong influence.

Just like Mickey used to be when he was with his friends. He was not a bad man. Just his friends drank. And Mickey did bad things when he was drunk. But when he finally stopped seeing his friends, he stopped doing bad things too…. So, the only way to clean you, is to take you away from that toxic place.”

Does she think that Jason is a toxic influence on his life? That she’s somehow ‘saving’ him?
“All you need is to detox your body… And you need a good woman… And you’ll see the difference and realize that you were on the wrong path…”

Chad shakes his head. Unable to quite deal with what is going on, he doesn’t get much time to gather his thoughts. She unties his left foot and rolls him over to the left side of the bed, almost turning his arm out of its socket. She proceeds to put some clean sheets on one side the bed.

“Now, to get rid of those dirty clothes….” Much to Chad’s horror she opens up his wet jeans and takes them down, immediately taking his dirty underwear with it as well. The pulled down pants around his ankles minimizes his movements and after freeing one leg, she immediately ties him up again…

He tries to free his other foot, but she faster than him and stronger too. He cries out from behind his tape when the big strong hand grabs his ankle with such strength that he fears she will break it. He’s naked from the waist down and he feels rather vulnerable, as she focuses her attention on his flaccid cock.

“I’m going to have wash that….” She announces. She takes a wet cloth out of the small sink that Chad hadn’t noticed before, because it had been too dark. The water is cold and he gasps, but because of the tape on his mouth it sounds like a moan. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Chad shakes his head. No. It does not feel good. She washes him rather roughly and it hurts the rather sensitive skin. He winces at the harshness and apparently she notices it too because she’s suddenly a lot more tender with him.
“I’m sorry, I sometimes forget how strong I am…” She apologizes.

Chad doesn’t know what is worse, her roughness or her gentleness. She had started to clean him, but by now her hand plays with his cock and, with no way to escape, he has to let her. He tries to not react to her, but her stroking and caressing have an effect on him. He’s getting hard. And she smiles at his reaction.

“I knew you weren’t full ‘converted’… A gay man would never react to a woman this way.” She speaks as if she has just made the discovery of a life-time. “It’s beautiful… So big….” She’s mesmerized by what the stroking accomplishes. Chad squirms. He wants to get away from her, but he can’t.

Just as he thinks his predicament can’t get worse, he sees her bend forward and the next moment he feels her mouth on him. He cries out from behind the tape. He doesn’t want this. He doesn’t want this at all. But he can’t get away. Tears form in his eyes, he cries at his powerlessness, but she doesn’t notice.

She lets go of his swollen member. And just when Chad thinks it’s over, he realizes that her shifting on the bed was for another reason. She straddles his body, lifts up her dress, making Chad realize that she’s naked underneath that dress. She then lowers herself on his swollen cock. Chad’s eyes become big with terror as she begins to move.

He tries to shift, move, get away, but all he does is excite her more. She takes off her dress completely, lost in the sensation of feeling Chad deep inside her. Her tits practically hang over Chad’s face. All he can hear is the slapping of her ass against his body as she moves faster and more insistently.

He tries to ignore it, he tries to stop it, but it happens. His own body responds to hers, he catches her rhythm and begins to thrust up. He’s getting closer to his own climax. He can’t escape her. Her satisfied face smiles down on him, now that she can feel him move faster as well.

His cry is partially silenced by the tape over his mouth, but she doesn’t need to hear him, she can feel him come inside her. Much to his shock she comes as well. She collapses down on him. She’s heavy and Chad fears that he’ll run out of oxygen soon if she doesn’t move.

As if she heard his silent scream, she shifts her body away from him, but she continues to let her head rest on his chest and she makes little patterns on his belly.
“This was so good. I knew you couldn’t be gay. All you needed was a good woman.” She tickles him, making him cough behind his tape.

“You’re so beautiful… I’m going to make you very happy. I will heal you. You’ll see.” She rolls off the bed rather inelegantly and puts her dress back on. She washes away the remains of their sexual encounter from Chad’s body and dries off Chad. She throws the sheet back over his half-naked body.

“All done.” She says cheerfully. She places some food on the side table next to his bed. She proceeds to untie one hand. “You can only take off the tape off your mouth to eat. Don’t make any noise. If I hear you, I’ll come in here and punish you. Understood?” Chad nods.

“Good. It wouldn’t make a difference if you did make noise. There’s just and me in this house and no one will hear you. But I will hear it and you’ll regret it ….. Now eat.” She orders and on those words she leaves Chad alone. He can hear her walk away and he’s alone again. He feels sick and dirty and he can’t stomach the idea to eat the food that she has prepared.



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