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Fanfic: Baby, you’re mine… 01/18

Baby, you’re mine… 01/18

By Marea67
Chad, but Kevin, Scotty and Jason will pop up as well.
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Disclaimer: The usual blah-blah....
Summary: Something happens to Chad and it ‘ain’t purdy’…. Idea given to me by Darkestboy in 2012, though it didn't quite end up as I had expected. :) References made to Alex Grodin, who's the main character in Happy now? and Last Christmas, though you don't really need to have read them to follow this one.
Warning: Deals with non-consensual sex and touches upon the subject of incest, without going too much into detail, but if these are triggers for you, don't read it.


Chad stops his car alongside the road and walks over to the other car. A woman looks at her car, obviously at a loss.
“Can I help you with something? Or at least call the police? Tow-truck-company?” He offers. There’s something about her chubbiness that reminds him of his own mother.

She looks at him with a flabbergasted look as if she would never have thought about the solutions he brings her.
“I… I don’t know… I … There’s something wrong with my car. It just.. it stopped. Just like that… I don’t know why.” Her voice is soft and she speaks slowly.

“Enough gas?”
“I think so.” Her blue eyes fix on Chad’s face. For a moment Chad doesn’t know what he’s hoping for. For her to no recognize him, so nothing is expected of him. And for her to do recognize him, because he’s vain enough to want to be recognized.

Her blue eyes are blank though. She obviously has no idea who he is. Or she’s too scared or worried to register.
“Do you mind if I give it a try?” Chad asks. She shakes her head. He sits down in her car and tries to turn the key. With a bit of splutter the engine starts. It works!

Chad smiles. Women and cars! He turns to get out of the car, but as he looks up at the woman, all he sees is something coming at him. It hits him hard on the side of his head and with a scream of pain, Chad falls to his side. The woman leans over him and checks his pulse in his neck. Out cold. Good.

She looks around, to make sure she’s alone, before she pulls Chad away from the front-seat and then she throws him on the back-seat, where she quickly tapes up his hands and his feet. She then puts some tape over his mouth to stop him from screaming, if and when he awakes, and, just to make sure that he’s completely disorientated, she tapes off his eyes as well.

She closes the doors in the back and she locks them. No way he can escape now. She looks at Chad’s car, walks over to it and checks his papers. Driver’s license, identity-card, bank-card. All there. There’s also a picture of Jason McCallister, Chad’s husband. She tears it up and throws it in the air and she watches it fall down like confetti.

She puts the keys, that she has taken from Chad, back in the ignition. She walks back to her own car and gets in. So far, no one has seen her. Not a car has passed. She had counted on that. She had watched this spot for a quite a while. It was perfectly on the way from the film-lot where Chad works to his hotel, not so far away.

He was the only one who actually took this small road, while others took the highway. She grins. She takes off her wig and takes ou her colored lenses. She takes some of the stuffing from her bra… She lets out her breath. She had been nervous before, but now she’s done. She has Chad Barry in her car, and that’s all that matters to her now.


“Getting to the hotel is a punishment of its own..” Chad sighs.
“I know a short-cut. Almost no one uses it anymore since they’ve opened up the new highway… It’s a desolate piece of road now, but at least you can drive…” Chad cannot quite remember who had suggested that stretch of road. But now he wishes that person hadn’t.

His head hurts. Everything is black. His wrists hurt. He can barely breathe. He’s in a car… In the backseat…. He tries to move, but he can’t. He can’t move his lips. He can’t open his eyes. The car hits another bump. His already painful head hits the side of the door. A flash of pain goes through him and Chad loses consciousness again.


Shirley had been 10 years old when she had realized that she was significantly different that the other girls in her classroom. It wasn’t like she was stupid, just a bit slow sometimes. She was smart in her own way, her mom (Lord-have-mercy-on-her-soul) would usually say.

Where the other girls in her class had been real girls, she had grown up more like a boy. She never had pretty clothes, new shoes or jewelry to wear. The other girls had their hair nicely braided. She always looked like she had just tumbled out of bed. The others girls spoke nicely… She always sounded like she was growling her words.

She was a rough child. Not unkind, just unable to feel much empathy. When the class’ pet-rabbit had been hurt after being bitten by a dog, all the kids had been in tears. But Shirley had walked up to the rabbit, gently it picked up, taken its little head in hand and… broken it’s neck.

While other the kids were still in shock and filled with horror over her action, she had merely shrugged it off.
“The rabbit was in pain…. There was no reason to let it suffer.” She had said. It might have been with the best intentions, but she didn’t make many friends that day.

And those things always happened to her. She never meant to do harm, but she was unable to understand why certain behavior was unacceptable. She did what came into her head, she said what was on her mind and she acted as she saw fit and too bad if people didn’t understand her.

It wasn’t that strange. Who should have taught her to be different? Her father was an unsuccessful farmer. Her mother a weak woman, who was often sick. There was always work to do on the farm and life was tough and money always short. Her mother tried to keep the household running, but her daddy got rid of money faster than he earned it.

And there had been the many fights. Not that she had ever seen them. She and her little brother would only hear the screams coming from the kitchen. While they were upstairs. First the loud voice of her dad. Her mother’s high-pitched voice. The crying… The silence… Somehow the silence had been the worst.

When her mom died, she was only fourteen years old. No one ever told her what had happened. All she remembers was the crying the night before… Then the silence… And the next morning her dad had told her that her mom had had an accident. And she was dead. Shirley hadn’t been shocked, hurt or in pain over this. It was just life. You live, you die.

At that moment, she had no idea how drastically her life would change. She was suddenly the woman of the house and a lot fell on her strong shoulders. Her brother was just a little kid, the age difference of 6 years, he was too little to be of help to her. With her mother no longer there as a buffer to her dad’s rage, things went from bad to worse.

She learned the reason behind her mom’s cries and she learned the reason behind the deadly silence… And she learned the reason for her growing belly.. And she learned that she couldn’t keep her baby. She carried her first one for four months and then she lost it. It got unceremoniously buried somewhere behind the shed…. So did the two others she lost…

She shrugged it off. You live, you die…. Some don’t even come to life… She had no motherly feelings whatsoever. She didn’t care one way or another. She had become too numb. The only one in the entire world she cared about was her brother. A brother who grew more and more aware of the things that happened in their house and how they were not right…

One night, he was upstairs and he heard his father come home… There was his father’s loud voice… The high-pitched screaming of his sister… The silence… He had found his sister after his father left. Her skirt around her waist … He took her to her room, put her in bed and watched her fall asleep after haven been given some painkillers.

The next day she woke up.. And her brother told her that their dad had had an accident. He had somehow walked into his own ax. And there was a lot of blood too. In the shed… And he was dead. She cleaned the shed and called the police. She was eighteenth years old. She wasn’t shocked, hurt or in pain over her father's death. It was just life. You live, you die.


Chad opens his eyes. Everything is black. Oh my god, is he blind? His eyes hurt. He looks around him, moving his head as much as he dares, but he’s in total darkness. The smell is foul, something stale, like old wet socks… He’s hungry, he’s scared, his head hurts and when he tries to move he can’t.

Slowly he begins to realize that he can’t move because his hands tied over his head. Tears begin to form. Not again… Not after his ordeal with Alex Grodin. He can’t handle this again… He blinks his tears away and he tries to control the anxiety that comes up… He has to think clearly. He tries to slow down his breathing.

Think. Think…. He looks around him again. He can see the vague contours of a door. He’s not blind! It’s just extremely dark in here. That’s a plus-point. He has his sight. He tries to move his hands, but the ties are cutting into his wrists. So, he can’t make them come off.

Next he tries to move his legs. His feet are tied as well. In all it gives him little room to move. And, man, does he need to pee. He tries to yell, but first there’s no sound, then he realizes that his mouth is taped off. He closes his eyes. He’s exhausted. He needs to sleep, he’s too tired. How long has he been out? Is someone missing him already?.....



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