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welcome to my fantasies
About 'The Americans', season 3,... 
22nd-Oct-2014 04:25 pm
the americans
... the only spoiler that sounds vaguely interesting is this:

Another relationship that will get more screen time next season is the friendship between neighbors Philip and Stan, the FBI agent tasked with stopping the Soviets. While the creators loved that relationship, "the story never drove them together," said Weisberg, but "it's finally really going to happen" in season 3.

But I've been reading about that before, and it didn't happen in season 2, I guess 'seeing is believing' and I'm not holding my breath.
24th-Oct-2014 07:09 am (UTC)
I'm not sure about season 3 myself. There's a thing in me that says I HAVE to watch because of Matthew (and he IS good in this show) but I need something 'more' than SuperLiz and SuperPhil saving the day each week like a re-run of the A-team, to keep my interest going.

There is plenty opportunity to the characters in each other's paths. Stan finding out about Clarke's existence (doesn't mean he immediately has to know Clark is Philip), Perhaps Nina can somehow be put in the same circles as Philip/Elizabeth... Arkady could have more scenes with Gaad (YES PLLLLLLLEASE!)

But more Philip/Stan would be welcome to me the most, I think. Provided it's well-played.
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