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welcome to my fantasies
About 'The Americans', season 3,... 
22nd-Oct-2014 04:25 pm
the americans
... the only spoiler that sounds vaguely interesting is this:

Another relationship that will get more screen time next season is the friendship between neighbors Philip and Stan, the FBI agent tasked with stopping the Soviets. While the creators loved that relationship, "the story never drove them together," said Weisberg, but "it's finally really going to happen" in season 3.

But I've been reading about that before, and it didn't happen in season 2, I guess 'seeing is believing' and I'm not holding my breath.
22nd-Oct-2014 03:20 pm (UTC)
I am almost completely convinced that Stan is bi or that he had a gay experience while undercover. I'm basing that purely on the "lumpy bed" remark from that motel room scene in season 1. It was just such an odd thing to assume he was going to sleep in the same bed as Philip. Men don't usually do that if they are straight.
22nd-Oct-2014 04:11 pm (UTC)
I don't know what to think about the Stan, but that hotel-room-scene had a 'weird' - though not unpleasant ;) - vibe about it. Yes, it didn't feel like a very 'straight' moment to me either.

but I'm all for more Philip/Stan. It's usually more entertaining than Philip/Icequeen.
23rd-Oct-2014 06:18 am (UTC)
And the funny thing is that every scene they've ever had together has always had that strange underlying tension to it. It's like a mixture of erotic attraction and lethal competition. Of course, for us viewers the threat is obvious in that we know that Philip has the upper hand, because Stan doesn't know he is KGB. But how long can that last? What will happen when he realises? Maybe he'll be too deep in double spying to actually be able to do anything about it, without revealing himself.
23rd-Oct-2014 08:15 pm (UTC)
*** It's like a mixture of erotic attraction and lethal competition. ***

I'm glad that I'm not the only one having that feeling. :)

I certainly hope that at some point Stan starts realizing again that something is 'off' with his neighbours. In his dream he already 'saw' Martha steal those files, but he doesn't 'know' it.

I certainly hope he finds out about Clarke soon and then maybe through Clarke find out about Philip.

In fact, that is what I miss in The Americans. There are too many seperate islands, it would be fun to have some near run-ins or almost interactions between the characters, rather than all these individual persons who have nothing to do with each other.
23rd-Oct-2014 10:20 pm (UTC)
If what Joe says is true, it sounds as though S3 will run more along the lines of S1 - maybe they realised that the whole 'happy family' thing that they had going on in S2 was not the path to take them on to greater heights; Lizzie was so anti Philip/Stan buddying up *more in-house fighting please*

Maybe I just might give S3 a go after all :)
24th-Oct-2014 07:09 am (UTC)
I'm not sure about season 3 myself. There's a thing in me that says I HAVE to watch because of Matthew (and he IS good in this show) but I need something 'more' than SuperLiz and SuperPhil saving the day each week like a re-run of the A-team, to keep my interest going.

There is plenty opportunity to the characters in each other's paths. Stan finding out about Clarke's existence (doesn't mean he immediately has to know Clark is Philip), Perhaps Nina can somehow be put in the same circles as Philip/Elizabeth... Arkady could have more scenes with Gaad (YES PLLLLLLLEASE!)

But more Philip/Stan would be welcome to me the most, I think. Provided it's well-played.
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