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Fanfic: Home early

Home early

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty
Rate: Pfffft barely PG-13
Summary: It's a short one, anyone cares?
Author's note: It had a promising start, but ... went nowhere. I've finished it, letting it up to the imagination of others to figure out the rest.. :)


“Oh, look at that, my beautiful husband is home already… and cooking me a dinner. What more could I ask for?” Kevin says cheerfully upon seeing Scotty in the kitchen of their apartment. “Unless maybe… A kiss?” He doesn’t wait for an answer from Scotty, but instead, he wraps his arms around his husband to claim a kiss.

“Wow! Aren’t we cheerful?” Scotty wonders. These last few days he had barely seen Kevin, so he’s a bit surprised to see him so early in the day.
“I won my case… And it went a lot smoother and faster than I thought it would.”
“Congratulations.” Scotty smiles, ready to kiss Kevin once more, but Kevin stops him.

“No. No distractions. First dinner, then sex…” He says and Scotty smirks.
“As if you could say 'no' to me.” He pulls Kevin back in his arms.
“Are you saying that I don’t have any will-power?” Kevin teases.
“Admit it. You get weak when you’re with me.” Scotty plays along.

“I always go weak in the presence of beauty, not sure if that is limited to you alone.” Kevin tries to downplay the effect that Scotty has on him. Scotty grins.
“I’m sure it is.” He answers. He tries to pull Kevin closer once again, but Kevin easily escapes his arms.

“Ah-ah, remember what I said. First dinner, then sex.” Kevin reminds him.
“What if I go on strike? No dinner tonight.” Scotty threatens. Kevin merely laughs and points at the egg-timer.
“Dinner will be done in … 1 minute and 16 seconds…. 14… 13… 12…”

“I could be done with you in less than one minute.” Scotty says.
“I know.”  Kevin winks. “But what’s the fun in that?” As if to prove Kevin’s point, the egg-timer begins to buzz, signaling that the pasta is ready.
“Alright, dinner first…”  Scotty concedes with a regretful sigh.


“I love this dessert.” Scotty moans between 2 kisses. Kevin smiles.
“It’s low on calories as well.” Kevin lets his hands slide of Scotty’s naked leg. He can enjoy the feel of his husband body against his own. He doesn’t care that there are still dishes to do in the kitchen. All he wants right now is Scotty.

“You’re not implying that I’m getting fat, are you?” Scotty doesn’t give Kevin time to answer his question though, because while he kisses Kevin he tries to get Kevin on his back underneath him. Kevin replies to the kiss, temporarily distracting Scotty enough to turn their positions back to him being on top of Scotty.

Scotty looks up at him. His eyes seem even more blue now than they usually are. He bites his lower lip, knowing that his suggestive look will have the desired effect on Kevin. Kevin smiles, gently tugs at a strand of Scotty’s hair.
“I would never say that …. You’re too beautiful.” He says.

“I love you.” Scotty answers and he pulls Kevin down for a kiss. Kevin puts his full weight on Scotty, making Scotty moan a little.
“I love you too… Kevin’s voice are soft and loving, while he looks down on the man he loves endlessly. Scotty smiles back and rolls them over, so Kevin is pinned underneath him.


Tags: 2014, character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - short story

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