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short-story: There's a drop...

There’s a drop…

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17 for sexual content.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: drops…



There’s a drop of cold orange-juice slowly sliding down the glass, coming in touch with the nightstand and spreading itself. Scotty and Kevin don’t notice. It’s the glass that Scotty took out of Kevin’s hand to claim a kiss for the breakfast-in-bed he made for Kevin and Kevin is more than eager to show his gratitude. His hands are moving through Scotty’s hair as he moves his mouth against Scotty’s begging for more on this Sunday morning. 


There’s a drop of sweat and Kevin can trace it slowly traveling down Scotty’s spine. The heat is oppressive, it’s too warm outside and rain is in the air, but very far away still. Besides, Kevin’s mind is pre-occupied with the warm lips kissing his skin. He moves against Scotty, impatiently demanding more until he can no longer wait. His passion takes over. He wants Scotty. Now.  


There’s a drop of saliva that Kevin uses to make it easier for his tongue to circle around Scotty’s nipple. Scotty’s moans are most satisfying and Kevin smiles as he moves to the other, quickly eliciting more sounds. His fingers move lower down and Scotty shifts in anticipation of the touch, but when the able fingers curl around his shaft, his body still reacts with a shock. For a second he holds his breath and with a grin Kevin moves lower down. He loves it when he can do this to Scotty. 


There’s a drop of pre-cum glistening at the top of Scotty’s cock and Kevin can hardly control himself. His thumb brushes it away and Scotty bucks underneath him. He’s close. So very, very close. And Kevin knows. But Kevin has other plans. To make Scotty come like this is too easy and Scotty deserves more. He watches the face of the man he loves. With his eyes closed Scotty enjoys Kevin’s caresses and he doesn’t want Kevin to stop. But when Kevin hesitates too long, he opens his eyes. When he sees the broad smile on Kevin’s face, Scotty knows he’s willing to postpone the inevitable.


There’s a drop of lube still on the tube as Kevin throws it aside. Scotty’s eyes follow the tube and he smiles, for he knows what will follow. He will feel Kevin move inside of him. Slow at first. Then, he knows, at a certain point Kevin’s lust will take over from his care for Scotty’s feelings and then speed and strength will emerge. He will feel strong hands on his hips. He will feel every thrust to the very core of his heart. He will beg for more and Kevin will deliver, Scotty knows. He focuses his gaze on Kevin again and Kevin is ready.


There’s a drop of salty water. A single tear. Scotty is always moved by how closely Kevin lies against him afterwards and how Kevin silently seeks approval, tenderness, assurance that he did it right, that he didn’t hurt Scotty. Even after all the times they made love, there’s an insecurity in Kevin and Scotty can’t take it away. At the same time, Scotty is not sure if he wants to, because Kevin reminds him that they make love together and how good it feels not be thrown aside like some worthless object once the deed is done.


There’s a drop of rain, outside, on the window, but Kevin and Scotty don’t really notice. They are in a deep sleep. The drop in temperature only makes Scotty snuggle up closer to Kevin. In his sleep Kevin wraps his arms tightly around Scotty. A smile curls around his lips. He knows it is Scotty. Instinctively he wants to provide a warm place, safe and secure for Scotty and Scotty knows that that is what he will find when, under the thin sheet, he presses himself against Kevin.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - short story

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