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Fanfic: Missing scene 6.09.01

MISSING SCENE 01: 6.09 I just died in your arms tonight.

About: Walker Telephone tree.
Reason for rejection: No idea.
Context: When Alex gets killed in an attempt to save Kevin, who's under attack from Michelle, no one wants to go to his funeral, leaving Kevin all alone to deal with this...


Scotty: “Chad, I can imagine how you and Jason must feel, but… it would mean a lot to Kevin if you’d go.”
Chad: “Sorry, Jason has decided that he will not go. He told me to go alone, if that is what I wanted, but… I don’t want it. Not without Jason.”
Scotty: “I respect that, Chad, but… Never mind. You’re right. It’s your choice.”


Kitty: “I’m sorry, Jason, but I won’t do it. Not after what he did to you. Or Kevin. Robert wanted him in prison and he managed to escape. And not just once. To mourn the death of that murderer would be like I don’t care what Robert thought of him. Or how hard Robert tried to stop Alex from killing again.”
Jason: “I know how you feel, Kitty, but … I can’t go. It would bring back too many bad memories. I just think that someone from the McCallister-family should go.. And I thought you might be the one….”
Kitty: “I’m not going.”


Kitty: “Jason is asking too much of me. I can’t do this…”
Justin: “I would, if I could, but I have to work and I can’t ask for yet another day off..”
Kitty: “Why would you go? Why would you care about that Alex anyway?”
Justin: “I don’t care about Alex… but I do care about Kevin…. He’s very shaken up by what happened. He could use a friend. And family. Not even Scotty will go. He’s too angry that Alex shot Michelle.”
Kitty: “That is stupid. That woman had a gun on Kevin!”
Justin: “And she would have used it, had it not been for Alex… Kevin is alive today because of Alex. And Kevin is so hurt by Alex’s death.”
It remains quiet on the other side.


Justin: “Are you sure, Sarah, that you can’t go, instead of me?”
Sarah: “I’m not going to stand at that murderer’s coffin and cry over the fact that he’s dead. I can’t even fake that I care enough.”
Justin: “But Kevin….”
Sarah: “I’m sorry for Kevin, but I think he’s crazy to destroy his own marriage with Scotty, over a loser, who doesn’t deserve that kind of attention and care.”


Nora: “I’ve been thinking about it. If you had seen Kevin’s face when I told him, I wasn’t coming to the funeral. He’s so upset. There will be no one there but him…”
Sarah: “Oh, cry me a river. The man was a sadist, a stalker, a murderer. He did a lot of harm to a lot of people. The world will be a better place without him…”
Nora remains quiet. It is not sitting well with her. The pain on Kevin’s face is still fresh in her memory.


Justin: “… I would be so grateful, Dan.”
Dan: “Hey, of course, no problem, you go to that funeral and be with Kevin. I’ll see what I can do for you… Don’t worry about it.”


Nora: “So, you are going? I’m glad to hear that. Can you pick me up? I’ve changed my mind and I want to go as well…”
Justin: “Sure, no problem.”
Nora: “Wait, I have Kitty on the other line, hold on.”
Kitty: “Mom, I … I’ve thought it over. And I think I should be there. Not for Alex. But for Kevin. And for myself. I need to see that he’s really dead… I was wondering if you perhaps interested in going with us…?”
Nora: “No. I’m going with Justin and Tyler… Perhaps you can ask Chad again… It would mean a lot to Kevin if he be there. Even if Jason doesn’t want it.”
Kitty: “Hang on. I’ll be right back….”
Nora: “Justin, Kitty is going as well…”
Justin: “Oh. Good. I got to get ready.”
Nora: “Talk to you later.”


Kitty: “….Because ‘forgiving’ is something that you feel strongly about, Jason. If you don’t say goodbye to Alex and give this final closure, it will haunt you forever.”
Jason: “Kitty… to forgive is not that easy.”
Kitty: “The man is dead. He can’t hurt you anymore. Not ever again. But Kevin is hurting. Right now! And he needs you… Maybe more than he knows..”
Jason: “Chad thought the same…”
Kitty: “If you don’t want to listen to me… Will you at least listen to him. … And I think that Robert would want you to get that closure as well.”
Jason: “That was a hard card to play, Kitty.”
Kitty: “Robert wouldn’t have wanted it any other way…”


Chad: “I’m glad you changed your mind, Jase.”
Jason: “Me too. It feels good now that it’s decided… It’s the right choice…”
Chad: “I agree.


Sarah: “Well, if everyone else is going, than so am I.”
Justin: “If you don’t want to go, you shouldn’t do it.”
Sarah: “Nah, thought it over… Even if I don’t care about Alex… There’s Kevin.”
Justin: “Yes. There’s Kevin.”



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