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Fanfic: Missing scene 6.05.01

MISSING SCENE 01: 6.05 A fraction too much friction

About: Luc
Reason for rejection: Didn’t add anything to the episode. (Does he ever?)
Context: The reviews for the latest exhibition of Luc's paintings are very negative. Luc takes it badly.


Luc grabs his brush and begins with the first lines of his new painting. He knows he shouldn’t let it get to him, but the reviews bother him. Bland. Uninspired. Wings clipped. Fogbank. How could they say that about his work? He had worked so hard. He had put his heart and soul into them…

“Why had none of the Walkers had bothered to show up? If only Nora had been there… Or Saul… They know so many people. They could have spoken to journalists… Perhaps people would have understood.” He flings another color on the sheet. “Where was Kevin? I can understand that Scotty had to work, but Kevin… He could have been there…”

He puts his brush aside and grabs another one. A finer one. He adds diagonal lines over the other lines. Crossing lines… Cross-paths… Somehow he’s not connecting to Sarah anymore… His lines may touch the others, but his own lines of communication aren’t touching Sarah’s.

“It is all my fault. I should try harder to not be jealous, to be supportive, but I don’t understand why Sarah has to give all her time to Joe and Gabe. …” Luc tells his painting, while he picks up some black paint and a brush with a wider stroke. He zigzags the lines all over the painting, trying to connect to it somehow, but it’s not working.

He steps away from the painting and he sits down to look at it. They are right. The painting doesn’t speak to him, it doesn’t reflect him. The brighter colors have disappeared under the black, grey and brown strokes. The colors are drowning in a sea of misery… And so is he…


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