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Fanfic: Missing scene 6.04.01

MISSING SCENE 01: 6.04 If you can’t stand the heat…

About: Gabe, Paige and Cooper
Reason for rejection: Didn’t add anything to the episode.
Context: Things go terribly wrong during the hiking when the kids see Joe and Paula get involved in a terrible accident, that kills Paula.


When the doctor enters, the first thing he sees are three kids huddled together. Well, maybe not exactly kids. Paige and Gabe would be insulted if referred to in that way, but definitely not adults either.
“Hasn’t the mother been informed?” He asks the nurse.

“She’s in France. It may take a while for her to get here.” The nurse answers impatiently. “We’ve also tried to locate other family, but the kids seem to be too much in shock to answer our questions.”
“I’ll talk to them.” The doctor says. He walks up to the three and sits down with them.

“Hi…” He starts. Paige looks up.
“It may take your mother a while to get here…. Is there anyone else we can call?” He asks. There’s nothing in Paige’s eyes, no recognition, no thought. “Come on, love, I know it’s been a shock, but…”

“Grandma?” Cooper says softly, lifting his head. There’s a reaction.
“What’s her name?” The doctor asks.

“Grandma.” Cooper repeats, seemingly not able to say more. As if the little voice of his half-brother wakes him up, Gabe blinks.
“Her name is Nora Walker. Paige, give the doctor Nora’s number…” Gabe orders.

As if on automatic pilot, Paige hands the doctor her phone, after scrolling for Nora’s telephone number.
“Nora is your grandmother?” The doctor asks again. Gabe shakes his head.
“She’s their grandmother. Not mine. Not really.”

Complicated then. He clicks on the number and in a few seconds he hears a kind voice.
“Hi, Paige.”
“Nora? Nora Walker?”
“Who is this?” The voice sounds anxious all of a sudden.

“My name is doctor Green. I have here Gabe, Paige and Cooper Whedon. I understand they are your grandchildren?”
“Yes. Well… Yes..” She answers. She obviously doesn’t want to explain the 'complication'. “Are they alright? Where’s Joe? Or whatshernameagain…. Paula!”

“I’m afraid that I have to inform that you that Paula Whedon was involved in deadly fall. Joe Whedon is unconscious right now as well. The kids are fine, but … they could use a friendly face. We’ve managed to reach …. Sarah Laurent?” He reads Sarah’s name from a piece of paper.

“My daughter is in France, celebrating her honeymoon… Oh, god… I’m on my way. Can you give me the exact name of the hospital and the floor where I’m supposed to be?” As he waits for her, he sees Paige walk up to him.
“Your grandmother is coming.” He says and he sees a look relief spread over Paige’s face.


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