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welcome to my fantasies
Fanfic: Missing scene 6.03.02 
25th-Sep-2014 10:23 pm
MISSING SCENE 02: 6.03 Bang! Bang!

About: Stanton
Reason for rejection: Didn’t add anything to the episode.
Context: Kevin has decided to kill Stanton to get revenge for Robert's death. Stanton has no idea that he has escaped death. Yet, Stanton could have been a potential danger to Kevin and his family.


Now that he’s finally alone, Stanton puts the tapes, that Kevin gave him, on the table.
“You know, senator, I wonder why that brother-in-law of yours showed up. For a moment I seriously thought he was really going to kill me…” He lets the tapes roll between his fingers.

He doesn’t doubt that Kevin gave him everything there was. He wants to protect his family, which is natural. Stanton feels the same about his own family. He looks at the quickly compiled file on Kevin Walker, but can’t find anything that would make him a real threat to Stanton, especially now that he no longer has the tapes.

“You’re a lucky man, Mr Walker. I’m letting you off the hook.” Stanton grins, letting Kevin’s file disappear in the paper-shredder. “I’m sure you’re too aware of your lovely little family to cause me grief…” And after a last look he eventually shoves the picture of Kevin, Scotty and Olivia in the shredder as well.


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